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Friday, September 19, 2008

Lover Test-O.M.G.

^^ Hohohohohohohohohoho! At school, we had to these thinking map projects, and when we were done, we were allowed to go on the internet and play. ^^

Well, it turns out, that many of us decided to go to play-??? 0.0 ???-Love Tester, which is like a love compatibility ad thingy. Ohohohoho, something's spicy is going on!

(chats in gossipgirl lingo) You know you love me,

^^? Anyways, I paired up Jonathan with a hamburger. It turns out that their relationship is compatible to 55%. Hmm. And Jonathan and me are working to only 45%. Hmm.

This tells me something. And then, Jonathan and Buhl worked 85%. And Buhl is a GUY. 0.0

AND then, Lucia and Jonathan (another jonathan, i mean. a seventh grade one) was only 75%. 0.0 And me and Jason was 100% while me and JP are 70%.

Me and Jan are 50%, which is no surprise. Me and James are 100%, and me and CARL (of all dudes) was 75%, while Carl and Jonathan were 85%.




I know something spicy is going on. And my suspicions say that the boys are hanging WAAAAY too much together. Oh snap.

I know these names you probably don't know. So I am going to tell you some things about them, so you will know. I am Asian. Remember that. (filipino)

Jonathan is this dude. It used to be a common joke that he was gay. We all know he's not. He's a funny guy. I think he's from El Salvador or something. I dunno.

Hamburger is this burger you can get from most fast-food resturants. In this case, however, it is from McDonalds. (by the way, mcdonalds and burger king are only 20% compatible)

Buhl is this other funny dude. I don't say his first name as much as I say his last name. Hmm. Wonder why. He's a funny dude. He's also kinda creepy. But he's funny. So it doesn't matter. (i think he's half filipino...?) He recently got a haircut. I don't like it.

Lucia is one of the people that are in my little circle of best friends. HUZZAH!

Other Jonathan: Seventh grade dude. He's cool. also Jerson's brother. Jerson is also cool. It must run in the family.

Jan is this smart asian dude. He carries dictionaries. He's a science whiz. If have no clue what a big, hard-to-spell word is, come to this dude. Or if you have a very low science grade. He will help. I have known him for a looooong time. I consider him my friend. He probably considers me as a frienemy. (i think he finds me annoying)

James is also this smart Asian dude. Unlike Jan, he does not carry dictionaries. Unlike Jan, I think it is safe to say we consider each other friends. ^^

Carl is, once again, ANOTHER SMART ASIAN DUDE. I don't him enough yet, but I think we're kinda friends...?

Now, you have stepped your feet into my shoes. Welcome to my world.


You know you love me,


c said...

Wow you have a lot of smart asian boys in your class! =p Thats cool that you have a diverse grade. My bff is Asian! w00t!!!! My other bff is blonde! my other bff is African American! I am half Irish and half Scottish. Boring old me. I am the whitest person you'll ever meet cuz I can't rap!!

*c attempts to rap but gets booed off of the stage*


JK!!! (but i still can't rap!)

dibsy said...

Yo yo yo
What up mah dawgs
I put the shizzle in da fizzle
I put da wah in da wallz

OH YEAH. There are also lots of filipino people in the other sixth grade class. w00t!

DeAtH Pr!nCeSs said...

Heya! Glad that you like my writing !! Aww...sad story...i mean in my poem it's nothing like the guy has ditched the girl. it's just that he's changed ! Lol...keep blogging and keep viewing my blog !!

dibsy said...

Ohhh... :O Hehe, sure I will!

Alyce Kullen said...

Intriguing article of interestingness in this post, GoGoDibs. 8) Gah. D: Smart Asian guys... *nooffensetotehpplzatmyschoolandEXCUSETHISRACISTCOMMENT* we lack those highly in our school.

*sigh* *hugglez*

Manga Dork said...

You have a lot of smart asian boys in your school....we have no smart boys at my school:(

vLo [i'm purely not crazy] said...

Wow you have a lot of asian people at your school! lol :)

dibsy said...

Aly: XD HALLO! (hugglez)
MangaDork: I like your new piccy! :)
Vlo: w00t! And there's more of them!

DeAtH Pr!nCeSs said...

WaZ Up?!

vLo [i'm purely not crazy] said...

well, hmm. i didn't make the post but yeah, aud[my dear] is jb and jb is aud[my dear] me and my amigas share that blog. :)

dibsy said...

vLo: Oh...tell her I said hi! :D

Alyce Kullen said...

HALLO! *hugglefyness* ^^ So, wassup?

gogodibsy :D said...

The sky, my asian amiga, the sky.