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Friday, January 8, 2010

Screaming and Laughing and Running...all the while a Starbucks latte in hand.

My friend and I were at our old elementary school and decided to go to the cemetary right across the street from our school. Awesomely, the cemetary is where Micheal Jackson was buried.

Anyways, we just walked around the graves and big hills and castles and stuff. Her name is Josie and she was holding a latte...actually from 7-11, but let's just say it's from Starbucks.

Josie and I aren't actually that close, we're just friends. Like, if friends were on a closeness to distance scale, we'd be a 5.

  1. Uber close-you're attached to each to each other
  2. Very close-it's like your arms are stitched to each others!
  3. Really close-it's like a permaneant hug!
  4. Close-like hand in hand close
  5. Don't talk much to each other, but would be close if they had a chance-like wrapping around your elbow close
  6. Don't see much of each other, probably shoulder to shoulder
  7. Don't speak OR see much to each other, probably arm to arm
  8. Don't EVEN speak to each other-turned away close
  9. Don't even SEE each other-like across the room close
  10. Don't even SEE or TALk to each other close, but know of each other-acquaintances, in two different rooms
And let's not even start on "friends with benefits" and to the next step, "secret affair", "bf/gf", "fiance fiance", "marred", and "old couple".

Anyways, at first we though we were there just because we were bored, and then we thought we were there to see Michael Jackson's grave. But mostly we just walked around.

Anyways, halfway into the cemetary walk we saw a castle, so we tried hiking up there, before we saw Ana and her bf Jerry, where we talked and got introduced to Jerry before I checked the time.

Anyways, I had to get back to the elementary school really quickly because I had to go pick up some kids, so I started to run down the big grassy hills, the soil sprinkled with millions of tombstones.

I ignored Josie's screaming at me to come back and smiled as I heard her footsteps pounding across the grass next to mine.

So we were just running and screaming down the hills, laughing our way down, Josie's latte going spolsh splosh splosh against her plastic cup, surrounded by dead souls.

We were practically hyperventilating when we reached the bottom.




It's kind of hard to describe the kind of awesomeness I felt. It's kind of ironic to see two girls, really ALIVE and HAPPY, surrounded by millions of dead people.

Anyways, we went jaywalking back.