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Tuesday, March 31, 2009



I say bleh because I have no pranks to pull. I can't say I'm a dude or leaving blogger, so I seriously don't know what to do.

Oh, I know.


Look over there. Yup, there. Up in the sky. What do you see?

You don't see nutin, that's what. Or do you? Errrggg...maybe.

Anyways, I'm moving at the end of May. So maybe I'll not be able to go on blogger for like, a month until I get settled in.

Nyehehe. I'm not pulling a Dibsy and saying I'm kidding this time, because this time it's true. I'll be around as much as I can, though. I answer via email, also.

Now, scroll down.



Almost there...

Here. Uh huh. Sup.

Happy April Fool's everybody. I love you all!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

You're awesome

You know you are.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bye. I'm leaving. Never comin' back again.

Yes, people, I am officially quitting blogger. I'm never coming back again.

I realized that my schedule is too busy to actually stay on blogger, so I have concluded my leave.

Ima miss you all. Seriously. I will.

Anyways, goodbye!!! Forever...

Hehehe. I know this trick kinda getting old, but I love doing this. I'm bored.

My Mexican dancing thing is today. It's gonna be on TV and going to have free food.




Saturday, March 21, 2009

I award thee... (meaning all of you) READ THIS!

The Awesome Award!!! I am to award you people with the AWESOME AWARD!!!

Well, this will be hard to decide, as you all have, inside of you, equal awesomeness. Some are just deeper than the others.


Well, only the ones that commented in the last post. Because, you know, lots of people comment here. Some just don't stay around.


In order of comments:

CURSED ... for being a great poem writer!!!

VLO ... for being a totally out-going and rad person!!!

LEVI ... for being really funny but still having some sort of sanity!!!

LEAH ... for advising me in my personal predicament!!!

LEXI ... for sharing my interest in Invader Zim!!! (GO GIR!)

CRUZ ... for her always interesting and funny posts and her ability to make everything fun!!!

NIXX ... for being witty in his own Nixx way!!!

JCKANDY ... for supporting literature as much as I do!!!

COADY ... for returning!!! (because for a long time I thought he forgot all about blogger, but coming back makes me tear up with pride!!!)

ROSE MARY ... for introducing me to I took so much for you!!!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Guys, I just wanted to tell you this, but Dibsy is a guy.

Yes, all this time I have fooled all of you into thinking I was a girl, while in fact all this time I was a guy. I am a healthy boy with healthy boy needs and thoughts.


Everyone, I am male. I'm not even twelve. I'm fourteen. This was all a vast experiment to see how a male, such as I, would pull off acting like a female for about a whole year online.


I am a GIRL, v.v. And I AM 12. I just felt like saying that would trigger something.

Hurray!!!! If you're still reading this, that means you have just achieved my goal! (hands out big cookies the size of your head)


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


HUZZAH! I got an application for a student government class!!! I have an interview next week! ^^ Happiness!!! Joy! Elation!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, I tested my literature skills anf found out what level I am-12.2. :O That means I am reading at twelth grade level in it's second month!!! OMG!!! I'm smarter than a senior by, uh, TWO MONTHS!!!

I'm happy today, but there's a possibility I didn't get in Math Field Day. My friend says he get mail saying he got in. I don't believe him, because he makes jokes like that a lot. But I'm still not sure, because he didn't say anything about lying.

And SUPER THANG responded to my email. AT LAST!!! (jumps for joy)

If you don't know who SUPER THANG is, then too bad. I wrote about S.T. like on my first posts here and barely anybody read them. :(


You can RAPE a chicken!!!

Like, ah mah gawd. Seriously. Who does this? I told it to my teacher and he was all like, 'A chicken? Why would you do that to a chicken?'

But I can't answer that, because people just do. As disturbing as it is, people have been charged for animal abuse via chicken rape.

How do you do that to a CHICKEN? And WHY?

There is a phobia called Phallophobia, which is the fear, of, ahem, men's ding dongs. (their keys, simply put)

You know, I really wanna be a little kid again.

So I made a song all about it!!!1 :D

Here it is!!! (inspired by If I were a boy by Beyonce)

If I were a kid
Even just for a day
I'd wake up in the morning
And put on random clothing
And roll in the mud all day

And be chased by boys
My cootie sign in the air
And never be called childish
Cuz they were all like it there

If I were a kid
Just a little munchkin
I'd scream and laugh and cry
Without time passing by


As you guys know, there's a poll to the right of my blog as of now. Well, currently, you guys seem to be wanting games and competitions.


Write the rest of the song!!! I'll post up all your lyrics on here in the next post!!!! :D


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm a Sad Little Muffin.

Yes, I am a Sad Little Muffin.

A squishy soggy sad little muffin.

A squishy soggy dirty little muffin.

Muffins deserve love. I love cupcakes more than muffins because cupcakes are just muffins with make up on!!! Stop with the 'muffins are only ugly cupcakes'!

Muffins are BEAUTIFUL! They are part of NATURE!!! By nature, I mean BREAD! And you know what? Bread is BEAUTIFUL! (wait! bread is not part of nature! :O)

I'm lying about cutting myself with a post it note on the internet.

If a chronic liar tells you he's a liar do you believe him?

Muffins are beautiful. (ok ok i'll stop with the muffins)

But, you know, I'm just sensitive about my muffins. They aren't getting the love that they deserve, and that's what makes me sad.

Thus resulting in me being a Sad Little Muffin.

You know what? I'm going to start a petition. A petition for more muffin love and more cupcake hate!


You know, I once had a dream where I was being chased by a stampede of angry cupcakes, who were trying to kill/eat me.

Which proves that cupcakes are not as awesome as muffins.

Hehe, I feel random.

My life isn't going anywhere.

It's building it's own place.

But building takes a long time.

It can take days,




I don't want to follow my own path but I want to leave a trail of my own.

I sort of got that quote from a refridgerator magnet.

I'm going to start making my daily review of my day to you more detailed, like a book.

Because someday my life will be interesting enough to be told to the world.

I could call it, My Trail from Adoloscence to Adulthood or something.

But that would be boring. I could give it some cool title, like Post'It's gave me Papercuts or something and say it's fiction. That way people will read it.

But first I'll have to get a paper cut by a post it.

Which leads to me lying about it. Hip hip hooray!

Should I seek a therapist? (Or, as my friend Carl would refer to as, the rapist) Haha, get it, therapist, the rapist? Ahahahaha...

I want a fudge cookie.

Oh yeah, to all those that care, I finally got myself a blonde wig!!! Now I have two wigs, which makes me very happy! (i have a red one)

I'll wear it to school. I wonder what my peers will say.

If Nixx and Aly remember, I showed people a filipino chocolate bar.

Lol I actually wanted one of those Filipinos. (Does that sound weird?) I wanted to eat one, I mean. (does that sound even MORE weird?)

When I was a little kid I made a book. (like when I was in first grade) I was actually pretty hip (or so i thought) into the world of high school and all those stereotypes and stuff, so here's a mini summary:

There was these two chicks. One was a nice, sensible girl. The other was, ahem, "a mean girl", so she was snobby and snotty and what not.

Of course, there were two dudes. One, was Miss Nice's love interest.

And so on was a perfect love story, with Mr. Love Interest and Miss Nice looking like they were proceeding with a happily ever after thing going on.

Then, of course, "the mean girl" destroys everything with rumors and stuff, for no reason whatsoever, but Mr. Love Interest saves the day and him and Miss Nice have a happily ever after.

And then there was a dance, and Miss Meany had no date so she started asking anyone and no one said yes, and so she got depressed.

Then some dude I named Splash finally said yes and they go out to the dance and it is completely ruined because Splash actually hates her and is the brother of Mr. Love Interest and is in love with Miss Nice.

So he practically tortures and humiliates her throughout the whole date, like getting the whole punch bowl and dumping the whole thing on her and ripping off like half of her dress and smearing it with cake and, since she's exposed, has to walk around with dripping cake all day.

Since I never was a fan of happily ever after's, Splash doesn't apologize and then Miss Nice and Splash have it all going on, (Mr. Love Interest forgotten) and Miss Meany becomes depressed and all because for the rest of her life she became a social reject and everyone hated and avoided her.

The End

Yeah. That's how my mind worked like seven or six years ago. Of course, my plots are much better thought out and all, but I sort of liked my story. I drew pictures and dialogue and made a potentially good book with colored construction paper. I even made my teacher read it out to the class.

Unfortunately, first grade minds then weren't as processed as thoroughly as mine were, so they were bored and did not like my story. Which I thought very sad, because I liked it very much.

I was such a good girl back then. I remembered one time when the class was in havoc (in like 2nd grade), and so I went up to the front of the class and started singing, "I love you. You love me. We're a happy family. With a great big hug-" (proceeds to hug and walk around) "And a kiss from me to you, won't you say you love me too?"

Everyone's a critic. ("EW! Get away from me, you buck-toothed butthead!")