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Monday, September 8, 2008

PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel so happy, I could pee!!!!!!! I have 2000+ profile views, I SO got the power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (dances)
Sooooo, I will SPECIAL renovations to Dibsyland, since this bloggy is so popular already. Let's celebrate!!!
OK!!! (sits in water dunking chair) Here's something fun.
Pick anyone from blogger. You can even use yourself. You can use me, for practice. (cause its fun)
Here's the deal-think of 25 things that would annoy that person. List them down!!! ^D^
You can either comment your list on this post, or alert me so I can see it on your blog.
Think of 25 things that would annoy that person. Be creative, have fun, be sarcastic, be snappy, be mean, WHATEVER. IT'S THE 2000th!!!
Do whatever. Pick a name from a hat, and have fun!
\NOTE: This is not mandatory, if you just want to comment, just do it. I don't care.
(random person hits dunking chair target, and dibsy gets soaked) LET'S BULLY DA AUTHOR!!!
^^ :D


Manga Dork said...

Hey I am really sorry about not commenting on your blog in a long time.I hope you'll forgive me.:(
Also happy 2000th!
I am going to use scrappy Girl (My mom)from 4 seasons Farm.
1 eating with your mouth open
2 chewing gum loudly
3 Lil Wayne
4 John Mayer
5 Wearing pants below the waist
6 Guzzling
7 My lil cousin
8 Breathing hard
9 Dogs breathing
10 not doing what she tells you
11Fingernail scratching something
12 whining
13 going inside and out repeatedly
14 Flys
15 My aunt
16 My uncle
17 my boy cousin
18 me
19 Nthing good on tv
20 Cs on areport card
21 Sisters crying
22 sisters waking her up
23 Not finding the song she wants on th radio
24 people who call when she getinng ready to go out and still talk
25 lack of food whenshe wants a snack
PS Im going to try to make up on all your posts

Cuppy said...

OMG!!!!! Good news for you!!!!! woot woot!!!!! *throws a huely party and invites everyone in the world* YAYZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!! :D

dibsy said...

Manga Dork: S'ok. ^^ Lolz, your mom is annoyed by John Mayor.
Cuppy: woot woot woot!!! (boogies with cupcup)

Skippy said...

Don't let the power of two thousand profile views go to your head Didsy. It could cause damage it you mental health. LOL, j/k

Twenty things that's a lot, of course I know that many but still...

1 saying "like" a lot
2 screaming at the sight of your own reflection
3 challenging a stranger to a heated war of thumb wrestling
4 blaring Britney Spears music too loud
5 checking yourself out a little to much
6 throwing paper clips at someone
7 licking people
8 pillow fights
9 know it alls
10 boring movies
11 acting like a total spaz...wait that's kinda fun
12 balloons popping
13 clowns
14 wasted pie
15 Victoria secret models
16 sesame street haters
17 fan-boys
18 mean valley girls
19 over tanned people
20 and people who sneeze on you...gross

dibsy said...

Lolz Skippy...don't worry, my mental head can't hold more mentality. ;P

Ok, 20 things that annoy me...

1-someone says dibsy, and when i ask what they eat the dibs ice cream
2-my brother biting me (he's not human i swear...)
3-my bro pulling my hair
4-my bro
5-knowing what to say but not saying it outloud but saying it outloud in your head
6-when someone mentions my acne
7-know it alls
8-annoying peoples
9-my bro
10-sneezing ppl that won't stop sneezin on ME...
11-the fact that 20 is pretty long (i should've made it 10...)
13-smart-aleck little kids that think they're smarter than mental six me.
14-my bro
15-that bloating feeling in your stomach when you feel full
16-my braces
17-mispelling my name (hello its DIBSY! skippy i saw that! my name is not didsy! lol j/k)
18-mispelling myname...differently! (dibsey...)
19-Rubix cubes (they should be used in mission impossible)
20-my bro


Skippy said...

I'm sooooo sorry for miss spelling of your name, Dibsy...see I can spell it right! I guess I was typing a little to fast.

and what do you mean, the other one?

Weirdo vLo said...


can someone tell me what I just rote? i'm extremely blond.... as you can tell! :) and wats w/ the long lists that don't make any sense to me? :)

dibsy said...

Skippy: Lolz, I mean a double whammy. ;P It's not possible to type my name wrong twice. -_-
Weirdo Vlo: Hullo, are you Asian or blonde? Lolz. Da long lists are things that annoy someone, me, you, anyone. ^^

Weirdo vLo said...

oh i get it!! :) I was skimming through and I kinda noticed so heres my 20 things

1. someone yelling at me to wake up
2. colored water
3. cheese flavored chips (you know... the sour taste when you finish eating it)
4. dramatic tv shows that says, my life sucks when clearly it does not
5. gossip girl
6. people who cus the synonym of s-e-x way too often (and it's the 'f' word)
7.britney spears news
8. paprazzi (why can't they get there own life?)
9. perverted people
10. flys
11. dolls (there staring eyes frightens me too)
12. cell phones that ring stupid tones
13. pens (without white out)
14. how you can high on white out
15. spiders that you find suddenly crawling on you and you don't want to kill so you flick it off
16. the same jokes
17. people who pretend their smart
18. loud music when there is complete silence.
19. the smelly and fugly perfume all the preppy girls wear
20. people who try to hack my computer

dibsy said...

...i like gossip girl... (walks away and cries) Its sad some of that applies to me...Oh well. ;P

Weirdo vLo said...

oh but that's ok. It changes sometimes. like for gossip girl, the only thing that annoys me is that they seeming say the same thing over and over again. like they keep dating and breaking up. you know that kinda shizz. and sometimes, i like what annoys me. as you can see, annoyance is a like and dislike 4 me. hope you'll forgive an me. :(. and forgot to mention... you're really good at making stories! wish i can make a story like yours.

dibsy said...

...what do you mean? ^^ The Once Upon a Time one, the one with 3 words only? Either way, thanks, I bet you're even better!

Weirdo vLo said...

ozmics story... Its good but like why arent you making any more of it???

DeAtH Pr!nCeSs said...

Heya !! Just came across your blog..its nice !! Keep Blogging !

Ada Potata said...

Hey now! I was not taking a picture of a dying bug, I was taking a picture of a bug making new life! It had a big tummy. Ha.

dibsy said...

Weirdo Vlo: Thanks! ^^ Sadly though...I'm gonna delete it for another story. :C Sorry...
death pr!ness: Thanks! I'll be sure to check yours soon! ^^
AdaP: -________- Lolz. When you have a baby, be sure to have someone take lots of pictures. :P

DeAtH Pr!nCeSs said...

heya ! im indian and I'll turn 14 in dec. n I'm in the 9th grade !

dibsy said...

^^ I'm filipino, eleven, and am in sixth grade! w00t!