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Wednesday, September 3, 2008 was...errrmmmm...

Naming no names, my teacher is Mr. V. His hair is weird.

I'm in the same class as errr... (thinks up of fake names) Lucy, and, uhhh...Shanti. T_T But Yve is in the other class! (cries) And so is Jake, Carlo, Terra, Serena, Stephenie, Bebe, and many, many more.

Awww...skip it. I will use their real names. Ahem. (but you are not permitted to stalk them!)

I'm in the same class as Lucia, and Shantel. Hurrah! But Yvette(bff), Jason, Carlos, Celeste, Stephanie F. (not stephanie d., my bff), Gigi and other awesome peoples.

Oh the bright side, Carl and Jan are here (smarty people like me-yay!) and so is Jonathan and Kristian.

I am seated next to a boy named Levi. And guess what?

We have the same last name!!! Hurrah!!

If this is confuzzling you and you have known me for a vair, vair long time, then all I have to say is,

Too bad.

I told you most of my buddies on like in the beginning of this bloggy, and I don't think anyone read it.

However, if you met me in the middle, or just recently, then you are off the hook. Ta-da, here are the people I hang with. (although i don't hang with jason) (i wonder if anyone i know is reading this? oh...

Richard is with me too. Hurrah. Kimberely and Noemi, also. D: Although I like all my little buddies, how come almost all of my hang-a-lot buds are in the other class??

Rich, Kim, and Nemi are awesome people, and so are a lotta others. But I don't hang or talk to them...A LOT.

How come all the people I hang with like a lot, (other than lucia and shantel) are in the other class? Why?


But I guess I'll deal. Now they'll be my hang-a-lot friends.

(hugs everyone)

I like all of them, but I seriously think that we were all put in these two seperate classes by random.

It was the second day today. We had PE.


I'll talk more later.

Ciao, darlings!!!


Cuppy said...

hahaha. just wait until high school when you have to go to several different classrooms. it's so hard to get to know people at first 'cause it's all so jumbled. but at least you're not in a totally new school D:

dibsy said...

Yeah, I hope I stay. ^^

Skippy said...

P.E is quite pointless. I rather crack open a book, then get a massive ball thrown directing at me...cough cough...dodgeball. The dumbest sport ever invented, a man probably thought it was going to be fun. Sadistic whack-an-a half.

I'm sorry you hardly get any classes with your friends, and I'm sorry you teacher has weird hair...that must be very distracting.

dibsy said...

I think he's wearing a wig. -_- Also, I'm in sixth grade and am still going to elemantary school. -_- So the first class I go to, I am stuck with. For a long, long, long, long time.

c said...

haha. a wig. thats funny.

dibsy said...

Erky? (ok in dibsyland speak, coughcough its so hard being the founder)

Manga Dork said...

That sucks. PE is okay.
I have a teacher that says okay alot but none with a wig.
Im in 7th and it is Flippin HARD!

Leanne said...

Awww. *huggles Dibsy*

dibsy said...

Manga Dork: Oh nonono! I don't do hard! I do easy-as-pie! Nooooo! >:<
Leanne: Hello, Leane. It is so rare to see you here.