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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Lots of things have happened.

And by a lot, I mean a cupcake load of A LOT.

Like, my School Spelling Bee. I was second place. >.< (I lost on 'aquiescent'...grrr! >:O)

So much I don't know where to begin. :/ So I won't, even though I can just look through my emails and copy & paste everything that has happened in my life.

I'm lazy. xD I'm a procrastinator.

Guys, email me, it's a lot quicker. And I go on more often there. :]


SO... :/

Middle school is alright. It could be better, but I guess it's ok. Sure, I might be a B Student, but this is my schedule:

  • Advanced World History
  • Intro to Advanced Algebra
  • Advanced P.E.
  • Biology
  • Advanced English
So I guess my B's are ok. And I'm in six clubs. Isn't it understandable?

Anyways, I can't really say much without worrying if anyone I don't want to read this.

I think I'm going to become an asexual. Love is overrated. Not all girls love love. I've been single my whole life and have been doing fine. (ish) I don't NEED love.

Love is old. Overrated. You don't NEED it. Or at least, I don't need it.

Or want it. Whatever. It's complicated, and for what? A hug? A kiss?

I don't need it.

Anyways, besides my empty love life, my life has been going...blah. Life is dull.

I've never been to Forever 21. H&M. Can't. It's not that I'm so busy, but my parents.

I live far away from my school. In the hills. Places I want to go-to the mall with my friends, watch a movie with a bud-I've never done that.

Last year, my dad told me to wait until 13. Apparently I'm going to be kidnapped in a movie theatre.

This year, my parents' schedules are packed. Even if I was 13, I can't go anywhere. I need a ride. They're not home.

So this is why most of my life consists of me bored at home, doing absolutely nothing at all.

We go to parties to people I don't know. While they're partying and chatting with their friends I'm bored and alone.

Or we go to my little brother's best friend's house. I hate going there, but they tell me that I'm selfish.

I can't tell my parents to quit their jobs so I can hang out with my friends. I just wanted to be...trusted a little bit, you know?

It's just not fair.

But I've never been to a friend from my school's house unless we absolutely HAVE to, or it's a party. Never just to hang out.

If my parents don't know them, they won't let me.

I hate Santa Claus. I want to know that someone will still care about me enough to give me a present, not caring if I was bad or not.

But I'll try to be good, because this year, I want something-a social life.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

If there's anything I really should be thankful for, is that I have you guys as my friends!!!!

I'm soooowwwwy I haven't been on lately. :(

Lots of things have happened.

Maybe I'll tell you next post!!!!

Have you forgotten about meeeeh? D:

Also, if you can, email me! It's much easier for me than to log on to Blogger. ^^"


Friday, November 6, 2009

I don't wanna push it, I don't wanna fight, but this feeling keeps me up all night

I hate hormones.

No no no-I LOVE hormones.

No...I hate it.


You know what, you know what, it just SUCKS. OK?

And that crap about how 12 year olds are too young to do anything sucks, too.

So there!

That is all.

And...and if you know the title of this song, you'll agree with me!


DON'T FIGHT IT! (Fight WHAT?!?!?)