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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have decided to give myself a piccy!! Aw, you don't know what I'm talking about. Well, TOO BAD!!! NYANYANYA!!!

Also, um, I, uh, give the award of having the most comments in some weird random post to Nathaniel-the Charismatic Stallion or whatever for having more than 150 comments!!! All revolving about...STUFF!!!!

That's it. (BOO! random person throws tomato at Dibsy)


(waves stick in the air)

I pledge alleigance or whatever to the pointy things!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

...Ahem. This is extreme buisiness. (law and order music goes on in the background)

OK, as you know, a lot of people on Blogger have known and seen the name of I, Dibsy. And as you know, many, MANY people have commented.

This, as all good things have, a bad side.

Because, as an act of kindness and of an attempt of making friends, I comment on ALL of their blogs.

And if you're like me, you will search to the very first or so post EVER and start from there EVERY TIME you arrive on blogger.

This, may or may not consist of 5 to 60 minutes. So I do not update in 5 to 60 minutes.

And I swear, my fingers are DEAD.


It is ok though, I shall live for the love of friendship. (barney music turns on)

And as I might need a little help in this, would anybody like to be a member of this blog? Because I see this particular one is probably one of the most popular, and I see that it has the most indivual bloggers on it.

So, any takers? I'll take up to 5-two administrators and three non-admins...?

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I got tagged!!!


YAY!!!! By Rien!!! YAY AGAIN!!!

Anyways, here are the rules:

1. List five things that you like about yourself, or crazy things that you do or other random stuff about you that you feel like putting.-there will be no one accusing someone of bragging!!
2. Tag five other people, and leave a comment on their blog/page.

(boogies some more)

OK, here are some five random stuff 'bout me!!!

1. I like to sniff things-mostly the edges of books and chess pieces. Did you know you can tell what the book is about by smelling it? Like if it smells all plastic-ish or whatever it most probably is a new book?

2. I live to be weird at school. One time, I brought a wig and a hankerchief to school. I put the hankerchief on my face and people said I was a terrorist!

3. I'm a bit smarter than I act-I'm usually one of the smartest of my kind in my class. (no, they aren't
stupid to begin with)

4. One time, I put lotion/shampoo in my hair, to make it 'shiny'. Of course, it also get wet and sticky, with a touch of white foam.

5. One time, my friend was trying to open a ketchup pack in front of me. When she did, it shot out on my white shirt. Then everyone thought I was bleeding like someone had stabbed me, or whatever.

Here are the awesome people I tagged:

Alyce Kullen
Kels Kels
Manga Dork


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


HEYHEYHEYHEYHEY!!! I know I said this in the 'Here comes the DIB!' but I'm getting tired of the name Dibsy. Any suggestions for a new and an appropiate screen name, please?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Yuppy this is me!

Yes, people, this is me, little ol' Dibsy!!! ^^
Yes, I felt so bored that I just decided to put a pic of me on the internet...
I had a haircut a few days ago, and this pic was taken about a month or too...? I used to have longer hair... T_T"
But really, I don't like getting my picture taken...
Anyways, I have lots of other pics on the internet-go look for them yourself, if you know my real name!!! ^^
Or is Dibsy my real name? Well, now you'll never know. Woo....

Friday, July 18, 2008


My picture box thing broke...again. So, as you should know, I got a blog award from Manga Dork, Bubbly KwincHie, and Kels Kels <3!!! And because of some really, really stupid reason, my picture box tihng ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to put on the blog logo so I could nominate people, too!!!

So, I'm going old-school. Here is the link to the blog logo:

You see this pineapple face???!!!! I can post ANY pic-EXCEPT the blog logo!! Do people just want me to suffer??????????????????????????????
Anyways, whatev. (calms down)
Anyways, ignore the pineapple head and the girl with food face fetish.
OK, here are the rules: (for the blog award, I mean. not the food face making.)
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated.
Here are the aweosme people I picked:
Vickers-her quotes are SO funny and she taught me how to post pics, which is why you saw the fruit face above.
Kels Kels <3-her writing is amazing and she is my very first person who has ever become the member of any of my blogs.
Manga Dork-I LOVE reading all of her posts and I really, really like her blog template!
Alyce Kullen-Only because she has a permaneant place in my heart to be my FIRST EVER commenter!!!
Nyodude-his parody fandub of Higurashi is da bomb!!! (can i even post dudes here?)
Nathaniel-he's really funny and nice-and his blog is totally awesome!!!
Tara-I love all of her fashion finds and she is really, really nice!!!
And....ummmm...yup. That's it. Bye!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have like an UBER cool plan!!! And once you see it, you will see how UBERLY awesome it is!!!
...Never mind. It's dumb and corny, and might make this place more like myspace. T_T (sighs)
Ugh, I hate the fact that my picture inserter thingy crashed!!! DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO WORK THIS THING????!!!!
Anyways, I'm a bit bored-instead of Yra's house I stayed at Crystal's house (my neighbor. she's one year younger than me) and I taught them how to play this game whom's name i don't know how to spell.
Then I watched Batman 4. Ivy is cool, but she is ugly. No offense. I highly expect someone to say, "None taken."
Anyways, here is la question:
"How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?"
And no, the answer is not 'a lot'.
Anyways, CIAO!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OK, for real-random pics-you heard me, pics! As in plural!!

Hallo!!!!! You heard it-pics-as in the plural!!! Not pic, but pics!!!


Anyways, I went to Yra's house again. Watched White Chicks. Lol-ed the whole thing.

Anyways, my bro became la drama king and boo-hoo-ed a while 'cause he wanted to watch a different ep on the tv. (we were watching something about the aztecs at first)

Anyways, here is the pics-as in plural!!!
Ugh, my picture inserter thingy crashed again. Boo!!!

Just some random pics...

Hallo, this is ME trying to make A POST by ADDING RANDOM PICS!!! (let's hope it'll work...)

ATTENTION: That watermelon face is MOST DEFINITELY not me.


Aw...snap. No more pics. TT_TT Does anyone know what does little pics are called, with usually a cute pic or something on it and some saying?

You know, like, um, from manga dork, 'OMG I turned into a piece of toast'? I want to find a pic like that.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Blogger deleted my post three times!!! :(

Saturday, July 12, 2008


As you might remember, I got nominated 2 blog awards!!! But that changed.


I was nominated by Kels Kels <3, Manga Dork, and Bubbly KwincHie!!!!!!!!!!


But sadly, as you can see, I desperately need help putting on the logo!!! There is something so extremely wrong!!!

But, here are the rules, if you did not read the before quote:

The rules for this award:

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.

2. Link the person you received your award from.

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated.


Friday, July 11, 2008

I got a blog award by Manga Dork and BubbLy KwincHie!! (I think)

I GOT A BLOG AWARD!! (I think) By not one person, but TWO!!! Thank you guys so much, BubbLy KwincHie and Manga Dork!!! It's the first time I ever got a blog award and I'm so happy because of it!!! Here are the rules-

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.

2. Link the person you received your award from.

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated.

Anyways, following these rules, I shall do the same thing!!!

These are my fave 7 blogs-
Ummm...I'm having some technical difficulties...
How do you post the logo?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I was eating a lone hamburger when...

I was eating a lone cheeseburger when
I met a baby girl named Ben.
She told me that she was magical
And told me she thought I was radical
And let me have 3 wishes to-oday!

First I wished for a cheeseburger that day!!!
Yes, I wished for a cheeseburger that day!!
Only cause she ate my burger did she think I wa-as radical
And told me that she was magical
So I wished for a cheeseburger that day!!!

For number 2 I asked for juju
Since I wanted to be like Ben-
But instead she only told me it was for men!!!

So for number 2 I asked to be a boy!!!
But when Ben made me a boy I turned out to be a goy,
so I turned back to a girl once again!!

For number 3 I wanted cows
Lots and lots and lots of cows-
I wished for lots and lots of cows today!!

Now I can have lots of burgers,
But I wanted a cheeseburger,
But now I can have hamburgers,
And Ben...

Left. And then I was left with lots and lots of cows. :(

My attempt...

I was on Microsoft and I tried making a cartoon, and it turned out to be...really, really, cheap-looking. T_T

Here it is:

Oh snap, I can't even put it in here... T.T How do you post pics from Microsoft?

Another post full of grossness...

HALLO!!! If anyone remembers from "Ugh... (PLUS REAL-LIFE STORY ABOUT A DISASTER INVOLVING A GLOSSY SUBSTANCE!!)" I promised you guys I would post any gross event that ever happened to you!!! (really blutn and angry since this was the second time she wrote this-the first got an 'error')

Anyways, I got...3 results I would share with you!!!

OK, first up, we have Manga Dork telling us a gross story involving... (doesn't want to ruin it) SOMETHING!!!

"One day I was riding in my dads truck and was thirsty and I saw a can and I took a huge drink of it and I told mom it was really spicy and my dad looked back and it turned out not to be pop it wa sactually my dads spit!!(He chews tobacco)From then on I always ask if it is okay to drink something in my dads truck!!"

This was exactly what she said. -_- I aditted some typos, though, but otherwise this is exactly her experience.

Well, now we know what tobacco spit tastes like!!! If any of you people like chili or anything else really spicy, then TOBACCO SPIT IS FOR YOU!!!

(gets hit in the head by the other dib) DON'T ENCOURAGE DRUGS!!!

Anyways, dude, how much spit did your dad well, spit?

Anyways, we have 2 entries by wannabewriter!!!


"Well, this was when I was like, really little. Like, two/three years old. Ok, this is actually really funny, but kind of embarrassing on my part. I'll tell you anyways, just cuz it's funny. Alright, so since I was so little, my older sister and I would take baths together. She was only a year older than me. (Well, she still is only a year older than me)

"Anyways, I would take baths with her, and one day, I'm not sure why- I don't remember this stuff too clearly, I just sorta... let my bowels loose. My sister screamed and stood up in the bath. She was totally freaked out cuz there were a bunch of little turds floating in the tub!

"She was grossed, out, but apparently I didn't think too much of it. so ya, I think its pretty funny, but that's probably only because my sister was the victim. If it would have been the other way around, well, let's just spare the details. "

LOL!!! (giggles) We have another story by her, that thankfully doesn't involve a bathtub... BUT BARF!!! (still giggling)

"Ok. We were at Hershey Park (for those of you who don't know, it's located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It's an amusement park totally dedicated to Hershey's chocolate! ITS AMAZING!!!) and we were going on all of these rides. Me and my sisters decided to go on the swings (a classic), but we didn't know what would happen.

"The ride had started and my parents were watching us go in circles. I'm guessing maybe someone on the ride with us had a little bit too much to eat... cuz they kinda barfed all over. It hit my parents and the couple standing next to them, but the other couple got most of it. They were covered, while my parents got flecks here and there.

'It was on my Mom's shirt, and my dad's face (including his mouth XP)! It was absolutely disgusting! But other than that... Hershey Park was really fun. "

I seriously feel bad for your parents, wannabewriter... (btw, she changed her user name. now it's kelsey, i think.)

Anyways, if anyone else has a gross story they would want to share, please, feel free with, well, sharing them. ^^

Gu' bye!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I had another weird dream...

About fire. I'm not a fan of fire-I mean, it's pretty and all, but I wonder why I kept dreaming about it.

Anyways, some of my dream may be lies, since I may have forgotten some and have had to improvised.

So for some weird reason, me and a randomly selected group of my friends were stuck in this little room. (T.T Okay...)

Then, for some weird reason, this chef guy gave us this plate with a lid on top. I think we were having a contest on who could cook this thing the fastest...?

Well, we opened the lid and guess what we had to cook-A GUN. Yes, we're going to cook some nice revovler. Delicious. (not)

Anyways, since we had no idea how to cook a gun (who does?) we set fire to it. And some really dumb person put it on our closet. And guess what? Someone had put all of our clothes in it.

OK, so our room was on fire. I don't know if we tried going through the door, but being how dumb we were to put a fiery gun on our closet, that was no surprise.

So, we were practically dying and we started making little speeches similiar to a soap opera. And then suddenly, someone started tying this bedsheet and then threw it out the window.

Nice. So, I did not die in this dream. Extra nice.

Monday, July 7, 2008

NO!!!!!!!! YOU CAN'T TOUCH THAT WALL!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!

Yes, believe it or not, there are some people that are obsessed with walls. T.T As soon as my friend, James (a friend of mine from my church) went up the stairs in someone's house and had his itty bitty fingers graze the wall, some lady started yelling at him-


And she was serious. No smile, no giggle, just a REALLY angry face. So, I tried my best not to touch any of her walls the whole time I was there-which is NOT easy.

Anyways, since many people have commented on this blog, I will post a plate of cookies for all of my reviewers to share:

I know you can't eat this, so you will have to imagine eating it. It's called...VIRTUAL EATING!!!
Anyways, CIAO!!!
PS: I call the M&M one!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Deja Vu In the Pool

Ummm... I was at YMCA Swimming, since i suck at swimming. -_- I was level Frog. And, dun-da-nuh-NUH!! Surprise, surprise!

I was the odlest and tallest, AGAIN. But then again, I flunked this class 3 times all ready, so whatever.... but then I found out I was demoted!!!!!! I was a Guppy Fish!! (pouts)

After that, i went to the party, and again, i was the oldest. But there WAS an 11 year old, just like me, but even then I was older than her.

Tch. anyways, this is all for now.


Friday, July 4, 2008


Hellllllo.... (sits primly in old-fashioned couch) Is anyone hear British?

(tries to talk in a British accent) or you people...are. (tries not to steriotype it)

Anyways, you know what I really hate sometimes???? My height. I'm tall, and i'm really skinny. I'm like a rail, and all the fat I want to have are in all the wrong places!

Na-na-na-na.... (for all of you people hear, 'na-na-na-na' means topic change)

Anyways, I had this one freaky dream about 2 nights ago I want some of you people hear to see. Oh ja, and if you didn't read the post below, please do. I am so easily bored I look thorugh all of my posts this month. I don't care if it was long ago or just the previous one.

It's-It's what i do in my spare time.

Anyways, this is what my dream was about. For some mysterious reason, I was sent to this huge camp, and to go to the other side there was this maze. There was also a fortress around the other side of the maze, but not at the other side.

So, at first, my dream was fun, and awesome. I swam in the swimming pool, I made friends, but i was warned about these Indians.

And then, one day, we saw smoke coming out of the fortress, and when we (as in me and my warrior friends...they were all adults/teens) went nearer, we saw that the Indians had set fire to our fortress!

OK, so, my friends became like an army and we all charged down to the Indians and started fighting them.

Suddenly, I alerted to myself to warn the other campers on the other side, so I rushed, (as impossible as a maze can be) towards the other side, but this crazy Indian girl (oh, I know Indians arne't like this. Maybe they were just terrorists. But they looked liek an old-fashioned Indian) followed me.

I can't really explain this, since I forgot some details, but me and the Indian girl had a sort of love-hate relationship. We helped each other at times, but several times we chased each othe,r and most of the time i think she held a spear...?

By the time I was on the other side she had lost her spear, and I babbled in front of these adults who didn't seem to care one bit about what was happening.

I forgot something, but I was trying to escape from the Indian girl by going into the maze, where I saw a shovel.

She was chasing me around, and I think she maybe gained back her spear, because I was running like I had never ran before. It felt like I was...floating.

And then I whipped around with the shovel and smacked her on the head with it. Since my dreams are PG-rated, all you could hear was a 'clang' and she fell to the ground, but there was no blood and stuff.

Anyways, the sky was really red, so I guess i was pretty much in the heat of the moment when I whacked her on the head with it again.

I felt guilty when I turned away, but then she started laughing like a maniac and I knew she hadn't felt a thing.

I think she was a cyborg. Think about it-no blood, and a clanging noise when i hit her. I mean, what the...?

So, she kept chasing me again, and then, POOF!, I awoke.

to tell you the truth, that dream was pretty fun. But it wasn't my style.

I really do prefer dreaming of adventures, but more light-hearted ones. Ones full of not only fighting and adventure, but some funny stuff, too. Like the movie Get smart.

Like one time, I once dreamt of kidnapping this total spoiled brat so she could join the FBI, (her information was very valuable. we needed her on the computers, i think) and we had to bribe her with a jar of M&M's.

Anyways, this is all for now!



I feel so left behind... I hate it when commenters comment on me just once and then leave forever... although it's a few comments, not one.


Anyways, summer is going to be a large part of this year, unlike all the other years!! Eveyr year, I just laid around, being a bum!


Well, you get my point. T.T Tch. Darn writers bloc.

Anyways, I just remembered a small portion of my life that I would like share... (-_- Do I sound like a teacher?) about lip gloss, and how my breath actually smelled good for once. (do you really want to hear this?)

One day when I was veyr little, the time when Yra and me were best friends and in the same class, we had this girl named Leslie, who was an E.G.G. (Extreme Girly Girl)

So one day I brought this two sided bubblegum Hello Kitty lipgloss, and she asked me to borrow it. So I gave it to her.

After lunch break (i think) I came to her while we were back in class for my lip gloss, and I was ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED to see her.

Leslie had overly done it, not like any other E.G.G. could. So, this makes her her an E.E.E.G.G.! (Extra Extra Extreme Girly Girl)!!!

Her lips looked bloated with my lip glossiness, and looked like, two times its size. Noticing how much the overcoat looked like lipstick, I hissed quickly to her, "Take it off!"

"What?" She looked overly shocked. Guess she didn't check the mirror.

"The lip gloss! Now! Before the teacher sees! We're not allowed to wear makeup at school, remember???"

Taking the hint, she rubbed her fingers on her lips, while Yra turned to me and aske,d "What happened?"

I explained to her the utmost disaster and she said, "Oh no! You shouldn't give Leslie anything!"

OK, so Leslie had wiped off the lipgloss already, right? So, I quickly demanded, "Where's my lip gloss?"

She handed it to me, and this is probably the grossest part to all of you E.G.G.'s and E.E.E.G.G.'s out there.

One of the lip gloss sides were stuck. Leslie had smooshed it all around(it was the lip gloss stick par.t you know, it was like a glue stick) , and the cap couldn't go in. (Leslie kept apologizing to me, btw) I looked around. No trash cans in sight. The classroom was near us, and for sure the teacher would catch us.

In a pure moment of desperation, I grabbed a chunk of lip gloss into my mouth. "We have to eat it!"

Of course, both my friends hesitated, but being so totally awesome (yra is more awesome cause she didn't ruin my lip gloss!) they joined me, and in the end, our mouths were sticky and covered in lip gloss goop, and a bitter taste was stuck in our mouths.

Lip gloss may smell good, but it tastes NASTY, by the way. Speaking of smell, I thinkour breaths started smelling pretty good.

Still nasty experience, though. T.T

Does anyone else have a nasty story they want to share? If so, comment on this post ONLY, and I'll try posting it on this blog, along with including your user name!

(I need descriptive details, though, if you can. I still love posting nasty stuff, though.)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

OH NO...

Karate class... Oh, SNAP!!!

OK, listen-(leans in in a whispery voice) I'm 11 years old and i'm a white belt. My class is full of six year olds. Catch my drift? Six year olds can kick my butt. TT_TT

Anyways, nobody commented on this on this other blog of mine, I guess it's all A-OK to put it here again...?

OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH?! WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE ALLOWING THE PB&J'S TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!(for those of you who don't know, PB&J's means uninteresting or plain in dibsy language. see how much dibsyland will expand across our nation?)




(rises back from her grave)

HIIIIIII!!! OK, I calmed down. Seriously guys, what are you people going to do about the PB&J's? THE HORROR-THE HUMANITY, THE-(gets knocked out cold)

((runner-up jumps in, but is uglier than the real one)HELLO!! This is Dipsy, the runner-up! If you didn't know, the only reason this is called Dibsy is cause Dibsy won the Dissy Idol, which was the contest for the new person for this blog! I was the runner up. Dissy is the original. She retired cause she is old and ugly.

(Dissy throws cane at Dipsy, Dipsy faints cause she is a dip, he runner up's runner up jumps in)

Hiya! This is Ditzy! I'm the runner up's runner up! I'm absolutely determined to stay!(Dibsy wakes up, karate chops Ditzy, Ditzy goes unconcious)

And here you have it, the one and only Dibsy! Oh, the horror and shame of the PB&J's.

Look what it has made-Dipsy and Ditzy are on the ground! OH NO!Now, this was a demonstration of what a PB&J can do to you. (what does it even have to do with this?)

(points at audience) Do YOU want this to become you? You never know, maybe someone close to you could get struck by the sad sickness of a PB&J.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I got braces...

Tch. Actually, I got only half of it. (???) It's only in my upper teeth, and it ACHES!!! (holds cheeks) It hurts so MUUUUCH!!!!

I went to the dentist, and-

Eleesa: She's scared of dentists.

(smacks Eleesa in the head) SHUT UP!! I'm not scared of THE dentist, they're nice to me, and-

Eleesa: But you're still scared of them.

(smacks eleesa on the head again) THEY'RE AT MY CHURCH, YOU KNOW!! THEIR SON IS ONE OF MY BROTHER'S FRIENDS!!!!

Eleesa: (rolls eyes) Pssh...

OKay, let's get this over with. I'm scared of the dentists when they are dentist-ing, (which, for the people that can't take a joke, means, 'dentists doing their thing') but not when they are not dentisting!

Eleesa: (rolls eyes again) (I wish her eyes would just roll off her head, btw)

Anyways, this is all for now. Any of the readers here, I'm sorry if this is sort of like spamming, but please, please read my other blog, Of Mallets and Malice (a story). Please, I beg of you. Please, read and comment it.

It took me a while to read, and i'm sorry for being really ungrateful, (especially to you, Alyce Kullen...) but I really want more people to comment it. If you know more people on blogger, ask them to comment!! It's an experiment, and I'm just trying to see if it'll work.

Anyways, CIAO!!