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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Food. T_T An international thing everyone in the world LOVES!!!!!

Even anorexic people love food! They regret it! They want to LOVE IT, but their dream to become skinnier than they are (if possible) pushes the love of FOOD away from them! :OO

Food food FOOD! EVERYONE LOVES FOOD! WHO DOESN'T LOVE FOOD? If you don't like this, you like that. If you don't like that, you like this. FOOD. (guys i'm bored so just deal with my food rant until i suddenly change the subject -_-)

Plus, not only does it make us happy, it helps us live!!! Without food, we cannot live! We need food! We love food!

How awesome is that? How you can love AND need something. That's rare. The only things you, um, nove (need and love put together) are not material things-food, clothing, houses...and maybe a handful of others. :E)

Anyways, school is going weird. It's so...different than last year. :O

(see how the subject changed do dramatically??)

You know, I don't see the point of cursive. If you look deep down, there is no reason for it. It is totally uncalled for. I mean, really.

I'm clubpenguin. My name is Taffletoe 11. Say hi!!

You know, I wonder why our skins are usually these colors-white, black, brown, sometimes yellow, but how come there is no natural people with red skin, or blue skin? I mean, they're primary colors.

Anyways, I dislike racism. Like for instance, where are the Asians in the media? It's always the Americans. Excuse me, but I see more Spanish people and Asians than I see American. And American people aren't even English!

Anyways, my voice is weird. Whenever I have a spaz attack, well, my voice gets all loud and "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

I don't see the point of making pens. We have pencils. Why don't you just modify the simple pencil and not waste your time using a PEN? I mean, pencils are easier than pens! Make a mistake, just flip the pencil and brushbrushbrush, it's gone! Thank you, eraser.

But for pens, make a mistake, you scribble it. And then you're a mess. The only solution is to use white-out, but the problem is that what if the paper you're writing in ISN'T WHITE?



c said...

hi. sorry I haven't commented in a while. Food is da best!!!!!! mmmm...
*c's stomache growls*

PS what ever happened to the at person kels kels or something like that?

Cuppy said...

hahaha. that was really random. i agree that pens are stupid, though. i lije using pencil waaay better. i hate how some teachers say you can only use pen. that makes me veddy veddy angry!!

dibsy said...

C: *sniffles* D-don't remind m-me...I don't know what happened...she just stopped blogging...I don't know what happened...I think her parents caught her or something... (she told me she wasn't allowed to have a blog, or create an email address, which she did)
Cuppy: You go, sista! (high fivez)

DeAtH Pr!nCeSs said...

i love food too !!

griffinrider said...

i don't love food. i like food a whole lot, but i don't love it.
"Love" is a strong word, and it is so often misused. "Love" really means to feel like you have a connection with something. if you love someone, that means that you're willing to give things up for him/her. i love my family, and i love my friends, but i don't love food.

dibsy said...

DeathP: :D
Griffinrider: Sup? Was a lil spaz joke, hon. Not intended to make you think deeply. Also, I think anything that helps us live deserves love. :D

tutso said...

i dont see the point of cursive either. and my teacher doesnt like red pens:) so we check with pencils:)

dibsy said...

HURRAHZ! (hugs tutso) We have so much in common! ^^ :D

Beautifly Broken said...

ome! food! i dont like clubpenguin, its way different than it used 2 b.

dibsy said...

What do you mean?? :(