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Thursday, May 28, 2009





Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm leavin', never comin back again.

Well, not really. But I am.

As you all know, I am moving away to a new house in the mountains.

And as you guys hopefully know, my computer will probably be gone, dead, and useless for...about a month?

Well, I just wanted to say this, cuz I'm moving in less than 2 weeks.

And I don't want to be forgotten from Blogger world like Cory was cuz he was missing for 2 weeks.

Well, byee...




Saturday, May 16, 2009


I feel as if my teeth will fall off. Ugghhhh. >.<

Just went to the dentist, it was fine, until my dentist cut off the ends, accidentally ripping off a bracket.


ALSO, in other news, my eye is better. w00t.

Anyways, I would have continued my dream, but like all dreams I have, I forget it after like 3 days. And it sorta has been 3 days. ;P

Anyways, I watched Benjamin Button and Taken.

I didn't like Taken personally, the characters weren't very good.

Benjamin Button sorta dragged on, but it was ok. =)


ALY! I am not sadomasochistic! ^^" I think I'm just having friend troubles, that's all... o.o



I finished ttyl and ttfn by Lauren Myracle. I have yet to read l8r, gr8r, though. =X

It's sorta cool. I do that sorta thing with my friends. (in emails, though, not IM)

Anyways, that's all I have to say.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Sharada, sha-rah

Once upon a time there was a girl
You wouldn't really call her typical
Had her own definition of cool
She lived in her own world.................
She had her own style, her own rules
She played along like it was usual
Nobody really even knew her name
To her life was one big game


Guys, I just made a HUGE discovery. The reason my posts aren't colorful or italicized or bold or anything was cuz of those little tabs at the top of the posting box. I had it in EDIT HTML and not COMPOSE the whole time. OHHHHH.

She's got her head up in the clouds

Sharada, Sharada
Don't know when she'll come down
Sharada, Sharada
She can't get to bed
Sharada, Sharada
She's got this song stuck in her head
(her head, her head, song stuck in her head)

Anyways, I am temporarily BLIND. In class I tried spraying my mouth with my mouth spray. I shook it and shook it cuz it was being stupid by not spraying, and it sprayed into my EYES!!!

AGH!!! It was like pepperspray. I know how sexual offenders must feel in the hands of a prepared woman now. MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!! ;_;

And then I was all like, "AGH! MY EYES!!!" And the person next to me was just laughing!!! =( I was in pain!!! (Fortunately, she grabbed it and accidentally blinded herself, too. Hehe.)

Dreaming all day

That's all she did
Ever since she was a little kid
All the teacher's thought that she was slow
She was just dreaming about her show
And when they told her she's delirious
She didn't care
She's just oblivious
She likes to make everyone curious
One day she's gonna be famous

OH, and guess what??? CST's ARE OvER!!! -dances uncontrollably-

Anyways, I'm starting to wonder why I'm even putting lyrics here. They don't even have anything to do with what I'm saying. Hmm.

Grrr. The rest of the song is the chorus. -runs off for new song- -comes back- FOUND ONE!!!

You think that I go home at night

Take off my clothes, turn out the lights
But I burn letters that I write
To you, to make you love me

Anyways, that's all I really wanted to talk about. But since we started a new song, we should at least finish it.

Yeah, I drive naked through the park

And run the stop sign in the dark
Stand in the street, yell out my heart
To make, to make you love me

oH! I had a dream!!! It was like a kill-each-other-off dream. Like everyone in the six grade had to kill each other. It was so AWESOME. =D

Oh noez! Does thinking that dreaming about my friends being killed suggest that I am possibly sadomasochistic??

NO! NO, I SAY! NO!!!

But anyways, it's sort of serious, so I'd appreciate if you'd read it.

But I told it to my friends, and apparently I should write about it.

But I can't, because part of it was taken from some books. (cuz i had read a lot of books that day and my mind was on reading)

Anyways, I'll tell you about my dream, and you know what? I'll throw in some names of my friends, even though I know none of them matter to you. (and they have myspaces. so they don't care.)

Actually, I'll just tell you the killings in my class. Cuz the other side, (the other class) is evil even when they're not killing each other off in my mind. And besides, it's too much.

I am extraordinary, if you'd ever get to know me

I am extraordinary, I am just your ordinary
Average every day sane psycho
Average every day sane psycho

You may not believe in me
But I believe in you
So I still take the trash out
Does that make me too normal for you?

Lalalala. I have returned!!! You haven't noticed, but I left two stanzas because I was off trying to compromise a list of my classmates. Because yeah, I dreamt of them dying. But they are at least 33 of us.

Or 36. But I only remembered 33.

Oh well.

Anyways, so we were all in our classroom, right? Even my teacher, Mr. V., was sitting in a small desk. There was this Japanese guy who was telling us the rules, because apparently this was a game.

It was all a big game for entertainment, or something. The winner just got this gold trophy, and all we had to do was kill each other in a certain amount of time.

Considering my classmates, I wouldn't put it past them to kill each over over something like that.

I was sitting in my desk boredly, tapping my pencil (even though we didn't need pencils) on my desk, cuz we all know how these things go.

And then the guy started calling out your names, and when your name was called, you had to go out with a bag (and inside the bag was a weapon) and leave the building, and that's where the game begins.

Well, I'll skip the boring part to the part where I had already found a hiding place with my ex-bff.

Apparently I had even more morals and sympathy in my dreams than I actually do, (because I hardly ever have sympathy, only empathy.) cuz I, for some reason, promised my self righteous semi-friend that I would "protect her".

So, I found a place in this big wooden deck. It was somewhere at night, the game began at midnight. In my friend's bag, she got a butter knife. Which, as you can see, will get you killed pretty easily, which is why my dream-only sympathy forced me to "protect her".

My weapon wasn't that much better, because I had a small dagger. Well, my friend just sat in one of the chairs (too casual for her own good, I say), boredly watching the darkness get, um, even darker as the night continued.

Well, somehow, some other person made it into the deck, and it was a girl named Sammy. She had some huge machete or something. (It could have been a stupidly gigantic butter knife, though.)

Apparently she came to us just to negotiate and ask where some of her closer friends were, but (her's when the unrealistic, overprotective me comes in) I tackled her, falling over the deck, my dagger plunging into her stomach. We landed, and I sit up and stare and look at her in fright, cuz she was practically spewing out blood.

And, the weirdly sympathetic (but totally irrational) dream me kissed her softly on the cheek, and then grabbed her machete slash huge butter knife and ran back up the deck.

(My dream was totally into the details, man. I remember EVERYTHING. o.o)

Well, for some reason, my friend was still sitting, looking at me boredly, her eyebrows raised, like I was some immature freak, or something.

Well, we were like that for a while, and then one of my best friends arrived up the deck, her name is Yra. I spread my arms out to hug her and say, "Hey! What's up?"

Well, she backed away from me, cuz I was covered in Sammy's blood and stuff, and then she said something I forgot, (cuz you don't really remember this stuff in dreams).

Well basically, she was scared of me. She had a knife, too. One of those big ones.

Then she says something I forget again, and then she lunges at me with her dagger, stabbing me momentarily lightly on my forearm. I scream and try pushing her away crying, (screaming, SORRY, or something along those lines) and then she accidentally falls off the stairs, and while she's falling, I hear a crack, and before I know it, she's dead, too.

And then, at the horror, of both Sammy and Yra, I scream and fall to my knees, and then you know what? My ungrateful friend who was watching walks up and murmurs, "I'm leaving."

"Why?" I ask. And then she says something about my being immature and picking fights with everybody. And then she leaves.


(see how creepy this was getting? o.o)

Ok, so there's this guy named Adrian, right? Well, he had like, a breakdown, and was chasing everybody with his crossbow. Well, he didn't exactly know how to use it, so he was just lumbering along with confusion in this forest.

Well, here's my friend, Eyna. She has a dagger similiar to mine.

Then there's another one of my friends, Alyssa. She has a revolver.

Well, here was Eyna, just standing, and then here comes Alyssa who shoots. She misses, and was slow enough for Eyna to get a head start at running.

Well, sooner of later, one of Alyysa's bullets catch her in the leg, and she falls. Alyssa tackles her, and they're both on the ground.

Finally, Eyna stops struggling, and holds her dagger to Alyssa's face, while Alyssa holds a gun to her forehead. Well, somehow, Eyna was able to swipe at her neck first, cuz Alyssa dropped near her. Eyna collects her revolver.

Well, as she bends down, here comes Adrian with his crossbow. Well, since he doesn't know how to use it, he smacks her in the head with it from behind. And since Eyna already had her leg shot, she died of blood loss.


OK, the next two I'm gonna censor the names into Aaron and Sarah and Ken. OK?

Well, everyone knows Aaron was madly in love with Sarah. So, first thing they come out, he grabs her hand, even before he opens his bag.

Well, Sarah used to like Ken. So he followed.

Well, Aaron leads Sarah to a cliff, cuz he wants to do double suicide with her. Well, like all sane gals, she's all like, "What? Excuse me? No."

Well, Ken comes to the rescue and pokes Aaron with his weapon. (a stick. ppl can get lame weapons, too.)

And predicatably, they both start fighting, and Sarah tries breaking them up, and then they all fall off the cliff accidentally.


Well, here comes Crystal and Lucia, who are searching for alliances so no one would have to kill themselves. Well, they saw them fall, and it made them lose hope. Crystal jumps off the cliff too, cuz she wanted to be with Sarah, her bff.

Lucia just stares at the cliff in horror, and then runs away, but not before grabbed Aaron's bag, which he didn't bring with him when he fell.

She opens in, but ends up in disappointment. A wrench. She shrugs though, because she had to return to Jacquelin and Eli, who were hiding out under a bridge, and Jacquelin threw her bag at the japanese man when they gave it to her.

She comes back to find that Fidel, Herminio, and Eric are there, too.

She gives the fork to Jacquelin. Fidel reaches into his bag, to find a whole package of food.

Eli, who, somehow, someway, knows how to cook, gets up and starts cooking under the bridge, while everyone else is talking.

Lucia has grenades. Eli has a double barrel shot gun. Herminio has a hanger. Eric has molotov cocktails.

When Eli is done, Lucia asks where Gaby is. Gaby is another friend of theirs. All of them say they don't know, except Herminio and Eli.

Because unknowest to them, Eli saw Herminio kill Gaby by stabbing him with a pen. (Herminio draws a lot)

Eli gives the food (soup) to all of them, and as soon as Lucia finishes, blood spews out of her mouth, and before everyone knows it, she dies.

Everyone stands up, in fear. Suddenly, Jacquelin screams, "WHO DID THIS?" and stabs Eli in the leg. "You cooked it and killed her!"


Due to the fact that I have 33 (36?) classmates, and only 10 have died so far, I'll continue it in the next post.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Viva Battle Royale!!!

Battle Royale is AWESOME!!! But the movie sorta sucks, and the manga was sorta sold to fanservice. :X The novel is sooooo good!!!!

Anyways, I know I haven't been very active lately, but that's cuz I'm become a member of other things, like poupee. =)

Oh, it's also cuz I'm passive and not as many people are blogging, either. :(

I really, really miss the good ol' days... >.< What makes me sad is that the good ol' days and today aren't really that far apart... =(


I'm graduating this year, moving, too. Not going to the same school as all my friends. Going away. I've known them all for about 7 years. =(

They're not the only ones I'm gonna be missing.


PS: ALSO, since I'm gonna move away to my new house that is far away from all my friends, I might not be on blogger or anywhere for a while. :X