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Monday, September 15, 2008

Sleepy Hallow, Follow...ME!!!

(copyed that quote from some book)

Hi guys...I'm sorry Princess Lieny, I deleted the Subscibe thing, I was waiting for the Followers to allow me to use it. (it wouldn't let me! wah! D:)

But kudos to Princess Lieny for being my first subscriber! (hugs lieny)

But anyways, I have this Followers thing now. (look at da right side!) Please be a follower!!!

'Cause, well...I just like...yeah.

Please be a follower...yada yah...

OK, I'm still on my never-ending quest to prove to vLo that I look like her! But I can't find any good pics with my current hair!


Oh, actually I did, but it featured my brother and a John McCain cardboard standee, and since I prefer Obama, I'm not putting it up here. (plus i don't know how to crop)

Oh, I have one...when I was little. Like, maybe eight or nine. It's the best piccy. (snifflez)

OK, vLo, be th judge of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and anyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and I don't know how. Nice.

HOW DO I PUT PICS ON THIS BLOGGER THINGY?!(i used to, now i forgot! wah!)
You know you love me,


Anonymous said...

no problem hun...
feeling kinda annoyed,depressed, irrevelent, and unvalidated right now so i dont really feel like blogging. thanks for the hug *hugg back*

i'll update soon and you'll figure out whats goin on with me!
love you!

dibsy said...

Ok...I feel your pain, friend... (hugz)

vLo [i'm purely not crazy] said...

Umm... for the crop problem... do you have windows or apple computer? if you have window I may help but computer doesnt work. and the thing with uploading pics is um... the thing with the picture... yeah you just press that then press browse then you find the picture...
hope im not confusing you... :)

dibsy said...

I know...I have a folder with pictures...but...I FORGOT HOW TO USE THEM, and they won't let me whenever I do it!!! :(

Anonymous said...

and yes i do have milk...

-pullz out a jug of milk-

Anonymous said...

sorry got the adress wrong its

dibsy said...

Yum milk. *drinks some egg nog* Are egg nog and and milk the same thing? I_I?

Blaire said...

Yeah, it already tells who A is in the 4th book. but there's a new A! anyway, im on the 2nd GG book 2!! i luv Nate! I luv Blair and Serena about the same... V and D r ok.... idk about Jenny

dibsy said...

A NEW A?!?!?! :OO!!! OMG! w000t!