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Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh guys...

School is coming soon, and The Utmost Uncensored Life of Dibsy will finally be about Dibsy's life.

So from now on, this blog will be about my life and all that boring stuff.

Since my life is such a blah sometimes, you guys can go to Here comes the DIB!! and **-DibsyLand-** because those from now on, will be the random fun bloggies.

Anyways, cu guys there!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Once upon a time..........

Ok, here is the random story that can be divided by three! (-_-)

(Sorry guys who participated, but I am only publishing the three word parts and nothing else. Sorry.)


dibsy said...
Once upon a

Bright Sponge said...
Oprah Winfrey there

jckandy said...
was a duck

Skippy said...
that was mad

dibsy said...
because he was

Princess Lieny said...
losing his precious

Cuppy said...
signal lights that

dibsy said...
could not stop

Anonymous said...
telling him to

Princess Lieny said...
turn right at

dibsy said...
Mcdonalds Bikini Bottom

Rien said...
and eat a

dibsy said...
polished war shoe.

Princess Lieny said...
He thought and

c said...
kissed an ugly

dibsy said...
Flapjack cardboard standee

Princess Lieny said...
which grew eyes

dibsy said...
and made a

Skippy said...
waffle for mother

dibsy said...
made with love

Princess Lieny said...
and mother took

dibsy said...
the waffle and

jckandy said...
put syrup on

dibsy said...
and refused to

c said...
take a bath

Princess Lieny said...
if there wasn't

mynameis... said...
such thing as

dibsy said...
his signal lights

c said...
But when he

Anonymous said...
Saw Chuck Norris

Princess Lieny said...
he freaked out

Alyce Kullen said...
...and threw a...

Skippy said...
toy at Penny

dibsy said...
who immiediantly reacted

Cuppy said...
with ninja reflexes

dibsy said...
and accidentally hit

Princess Lieny said...
duck in the

dibsy said...
"Ooooh! That's gotta-"

Cuppy said...
hurt like a

dibsy said...
whole dang lot!

The end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahem. Thank you people for participating in one of the most random stories of the universe. Thank you.

Also, Tuesday will be the start of school. :D So don't be surprised if you hear less blogginess from yours truly. :)

Soooo, whatever you have to say or whatever, say it now or forever be silenced!!! (-_-...?)


With Y,
Dibsyland inhabiter, Dibsy

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another challenge!!!

The three word competition!!! Here's how it goes:

You don't have to tell me who want to participate-commenting means you're participating, so if you don't want don't comment!!!

I will comment first. You see, you can only say three words in one comment. Once someone responds, you can continue.

Here's an example of the three word game:

dibsy said...
Once upon a
bright sponge said...
piece of egg
dibsy said...
nog there was
caty said...
a banana that
saryna said...
could sing named

...And so on and so forth. ^^

I will begin this train by saying 'Once upon a' in the beginning of the comment page, and whoever can say the next three words.

Also, you can not say anything like this:

dibsy said...

Chuck Norris cried

dibsy said...

"Baby penguin nugget!"

...No. You cannot comment twice in a row. Once a person responds, you can go again. ^^

Good enough.

Let's see what happens!!!

(also, no bad language or whatever. >.<>

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Random Challenge!!!

This post will be long!!! The challenge is that you must read all of it without dropping dead out of boredom!!! w00t!!!

OK...uhm....random flashback!!! On the very first post of Dibsyland, nobody bothered to comment. T_T So it will be here, where people usually comment.

Now please...enjoy this random flashback!!!

Hi... This is Dibsy, genius. (if you didn't know) If you did know, then,

HI THERE!!!! We're rainbows of colors and colors of rainbows...Anyways, being the amazingly awesome people you people are, how many people here like shish kabobs?


SHISH KABOBS! YES, I SAID SHISH KABOBS!! It's a tongue twister!!! Shish kabob, Shi kabah Sh kabah, shish kabob!!

Why? (I can just hear you ask, 'Why are we talking about shish kabobs?')

The answer: We all love food.


Ah...I see my crowd is either dead or sleeping...Dibsy must do something to wake the poor crowd up...

Sushi, anyone?


Yes, the amazing insight of Dibsy!!!

Anyways...I had this dream. O.O

A scaaary dream. A dream so scary, it is no longer a dream. It is a nightmare. (random person screams bloody murder)

It all started one day...a day so ordinary, that you wouldn't even call it a day, you would call it a long moment of BLAH.

I was on Youtube reading comments. And then, (dun dun DUN!!!) I read SPAM. It went something like this:

DON'T READ THIS! blahblahblah, she died in an alleyway and nobody could here her, yaddayadda yah, and if you don't post this in something something somethingsomething times, the same will happen to you in your sleep.

And then...I went to sleep. O.O!!!

It was morning in my dream. I seemed to be awake, and the only way I knew it was a dream was because my vision was that scratchy blurry kind you only see in dreams.

I was on my bed, lying there like I always do. I always lie in bed for like an hour before finally deciding to get out of bed. very suddenly...a hand shot out from my bed and covered my mouth. I tried to scream, but no one heard me...

I was panicking. I could see my brother just a few feet away, sleeping. As hard as I tried to scream, no one could hear me. I practically screamed my lungs out, but the hand was too big, too callous, too thick.

Another hand grabbed my wrist. I started to panic even more, if possible. I felt the sharp edge of a knife on my wrist and I screamed as loud as I could. No sound.

The hand was about to swipe my wrist with the knife when poof.

The end!!! (does happy dance) And ever since then, I never read spam. ^^

Anyways...uhhhh...pplease enjoy this clip from Live Free or Die Hard!!!

No, it's not Spongebob!!! Ignore the little floatie thingy saying The Spongebob Movie!!! Is it Live Free or die Hard!!!
Anyways, yesterday me, my dad and my brother were playing tennis.
My dad was in the basketball court and me and Jordan were cleaning up. There was this elastic thingy and I threw it at the ground.
My brother was all, "You suck." He grabbed it, got closer to me, and was all, "This is how you do it."
And then he hit my shoulder with it!!!
I was all, "Omigosh it huuuurts!!!" I swear, I know how it feels to be hit with a belt.
If my bro was eighteen I would report him for child abuse!!! But then I would be 23 years old. T_T
Hey hey hey!!! I'm now braind dead. Bye. I know it isn't long but TOO BAD!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Confessions of a club penguin fanatic.

Yep, I Y Club penguin...and Buildabearville. T_T

Anyways, this is a random post. So random, in fact, the only thing random about it, is this post. And when the only thing random about a post is the random post, then you will have to conclude that...

The writer is stupid.

So...I know this blog is a liar. I mean, it's called The Utmost Uncensored Life of Dibsy. (shakes head) I rarely ever write aobut my life here.

But, I promise, (american flag in background and national anthem) that when school starts, this will be a lot more of my life. As you can see, my life is SO uneventful in summer. And when something eventful happens, I forget. Or get too lazy.

You know, I feel like ranting today. I will.

You know, i like food. Junk food. But then again, who doesn't? I like cookies.

I want people to know I like cookies. You know i do. If you've been with my long enough you would know that i like M&M cookies, particularly.

But that clearly is not enough for someone as dibby as me. Hmm...

Well, I can't just go around, skipping around, singing, "I like cookies, I like cookies, I like cookies" I know.

But I guess i will. I just did, internet wise. I'll give myself a cookie to shut myself up now.

Anyways, I would like to confess something so evil that I had done today at clubpenguin.


I walked toward a penguin. I also did this in Buildabearville. I walked toward a penguin/girl. "GIMME YOUR MONEY/grabs wallet!"

-_- The end.

Then they started chasing my around for their wallet. Hahahahahahahhahahahahhaa!!!

Anyways, review and i'll give you a cookie!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In which I muse about myself, my purple spray, hobbies, and my self ritual

I know very, very well that...being only eleven I am immature, and sometimes I am annoying. T_T


You know, I got purple hairspray!!! For the first day of school, I plan on spiking a ponytail and hairspraying that part purple. But that might end up in a disaster, 'specially 'cause I have UBER bad aim.


You know, I found a newfound obsession other than anime-TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND. I don't watch tv much except for that and Spongebob, and other than that I am stuck using the computer.

TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND ROCKS!!! w00t, Duncan and Courtney BELONG TOGETHER!!! comment. Other than Courtney and Duncan, I don't care much about the other characters except for the ones who got them voted off.

(smashes keyboard in a manic manner) HAR...OLD...


I finished the first book of Harry Potter. If I thought it was good before i read it, I would have finished the series by the time I was nine.

But I never bothered. ('It bores me!') Now I find it interesting. (Harry and Hermione shipper, btw)

Still, I would have preferred it to a 101% if it was written in the style of Cirque Du Freak.


Every day, I grab a pen and draw a stick figure on my left hand. (i'm right handed) I write 'THIS' on my four fingers.

Ahem, THIS

Bob, or buddy, or Jo, or whatever person I want.
Bob says

Then, with my left hand, I draw a messed up stick figure that looked like it was mauled to death on my right hand.

Clap for Bob.
(claps hands wildly)
(looks at messed up stick figure on right hand)
Awww...Bob died.

I modify it, though. you won't get it until you see it for real.


You know, I know the cause is because of fast metabolism, but still, I don't think it is fair that some people can't eat a lot and stay skinny, while some get real fat.

I am one of the people who can eat a lot and stay skinny. Even so, I am just glad. If my metabolism was slower, I would be the size of a walrus right now.


HEHEHEHEHEHEHE, have you died of boredom yet? Well, I guess you're not, if you're reading this.

Siiigh... (snaps fingers)

(poof of cotton candy explodes on your face) You are now BLINDED by extreme cotton candy-ness.


Sunday, August 3, 2008


I have contests for all of you!!! Whoever wins the first award, the SMART award, gets this pic to show off!!!

The insciption on the trophy says, 'SMART!' ^^

OK, here's the contest that is actually kinda lame!!!

Lame, but you will be smart if you can figure it out!!!

Here are the clues to my name if you want to participate:

1. My name starts with 'T'.
2. It has four letters.
3. Spelling counts.

Ok, here is the bigger, and probably cooler award!!! The coolest blog award!!! Whoever wins gets this pic to show off to in their blog!!!

w00t, you know you want it!!! There is a runner-up, too!!!

The less shinier, less awesome award! (but still shiny and awesome!!!

And the third runner up for this award,

It says, 'I Y your blog!!' And the last contest, and probably one of the hardest, the most comments in one post award!!! (currently, Nathaniel's obviously in the lead, with his 257 comments and growing comments, so better start hurrying!!!)

Of course, since 257 is already pretty dang hard, there are four runner-ups in this one!!!

1st place:
Lame, lame, above contest had better trophy pics, WHATEVER. (the star is the trophy)

2nd place: Yes yes, I realize that these are just random pics of trophies with no insciption on them saying anything. Well, just say it. i'm too lazy to put the award thing. (you get the mike thingy)

3rd place: Yeah, yeah, third prize looks pretty darn nice. Well then, whatev, if you're third prize, good for you.

4th prize:

The cheapest looking award, but at least you get one.

5th award: Bragging rights. Couldn't find anymore trophies. Just say, I win fifth prize, and get your own picture.

Ok, if you want to participate for contest number one, here are the rules:

1. Tell me that you are going to partipate in this particular contest in my blog post

2. Up to 20 name submissions for one person per comment and under. (i don't want a hundred guesses) No duplicating answers with somebody else's.

3. Spelling counts. If you get my name right with pronounciation and not spelling, it's still wrong.

4. All submissions must be in THIS blog post, ONLY. Do NOT post your submissions in your blog.

Quite simple, I guess.

Now, for the second contest, the coolest blog award!!

1. Tell me that you are going to participate in this particular contest in THIS BLOG POST.

2. Blogs will be rated by:

  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Posts, templates are ok, but ABSOLUTELY NO changing the template after you finish this sentenc.e There, you finished it. No more changing templates 'cause I don't wanna be the blame if it deletes/messes up your whole blog.
  • It must be open for all. No needs for invites, and must be open for anonymous users as well.

3. If anyone DOES not want to participate in any contests, they are allowed to be a judge in this contest. I will accept up to three, please, I need help because this will be the hardest to judge.

4. Must NOT have ANY mature content in it.

5. Member blogs are allowed. Anyone with a blog or sharing a blog is allowed to participate in any of these contests.

Here are the rules for the third contest:

1. As always, tell me that you are going to partipate in this blog contest in this blog post.

2. No cheating. No duplicating comments, although deleted comments that still say 'deleted comment' are allowed.

3. Spam is not allowed. Spam will not be counted, and it does not apply to the rule above. you must delete it and erase it-it does not count.

NOTE: All these contests are just for fun, and this pictures are not mine.

And, most of all, HAVE FUN!!!

PS: Please, I seriously need a helper/helpers for contest number two. Does anyone want to be a judge?

PSS: The deadline is whenever I care for it to be. I will announce the deadline later.

PSSS: Blogger destroyed this post LIKE A LOT. So the quality of this post kinda sucks.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

My favorite song

Yesterday, I listened to the songI kissed a Girl. It's pretty good.