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Monday, June 29, 2009



Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thees liar says he ees a liar. Ees he a liar??

I had nothing to say so I just said that because I am strange and couldn't think for something more interesting. :X

I don't really have much to say. I could do more quizzes and post them on here, but I did that last post, and I don't want it to seem as if I ran out of material. Because believe it or not, dibbiness does too have a limit, like all good, tasty things.

I guess I'll just have to talk about my life, which isn't that dibby, but semi-interesting, none-the-less.

Because I am a nerd and trying to be a red mythological bird which I am *supposedly* pronouncing incorrectly (Phoenix-is that pronounced foh-nixx or is it pronounced fee-nix??) I'm just decided to increase my chance of getting into an Ivy League school, even though I'm 12 and people say I shouldn't worry about my future.

Anyways, I got a book at my library (Latin for Dummies, if you must know. They have those yellow books for dummies everywhere. Other than my goal to have my own Wikipedia page, I also want to have my own Dibby for Dummies book. :P) and am trying to individually learn it on my own.

I'm trying to make room for it at night because people say you remember most of what you study at night. But my hair's falling out, so I'm trying to break that habit of sleeping so late in the night.

Hum. Reading back, I AM pretty boring without my usual spazzes...



Five random things about me:

1. I once joined karate (last year) for the very first time. I had to fight little 6 year olds. I hope BILLY should know that I went easy on him because I didn't wanna look like I was a CHILD ABUSER!!! >:(

2. For most of my fifth grade, my head was covered around my face with a pirate hankerchief from Knotts Berry Farm. (Like what those Indian people do to their faces, except I had two-one blindfolding my eyes and one binding my mouth.)

3. When I was a small, small child (which isn't really that far) I used to make up random words and say they were Spanish. Like, 'huhblehblehbleh' means car. :D I still do this, btw. (Except in Japanese, in which my Latino/El Salvadoran/Hispanic amigo/amigas cannot understand.)

4. Rasvan pupu söi kilpikonnia päivälliselle. <---Finnish. Just went to Google Translate just to say that. xD (I said, "The fat bunny ate turtles for dinner." Instead it says, "Grease bunny ate turtles for dinner.")

5.Quite recently, I've grown a fear of my nice smelling room.

That's all I have to say for now. xD

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Playing with Blog Things...

Bored outta my mind. =.= My parents don't generally let me out with my friends, so I'm alone, too. Bleh.

So basically, I decided to go to blogthings and take some quizzes there, and paste the results here because the only other option is to clean my room, which I am NOT going to do. ^^

Quiz: What will your famous last words be?

Your Last Words:
"So, you're a cannibal."

Hehe, hehe, hehe... o.o Well, I guess that sort of sucks. I'm going to be eaten. I know I'm delicious, being a dib and all, but... ^^

Hehe. NEXT QUIZ!!!

Quiz: What Internet Slang Are You?

You Are LOL
The internet is always cracking you up. You could waste the day away finding things to laugh at.
You're usually the first one to find a new funny video, picture, or website.

You're always up for wasting time online, even if (especially if) you're at work.
You also tend to spend a lot of time chatting, especially with people who make you laugh out loud.

Hehe. I guess that's true. (enough) xD

Quiz: Are you Sweet or Salty?

You Are a Sweet Person
When it comes to snacks, you're more likely to grab some candy than heat up a pizza.

There's a good chance you're female (women prefer sweet snacks)...
Or at least, you prefer to be in the company of women.

Your tastes are simple and predictable. You are young at heart.
You tend to crave food you can just grab and eat.

Pretty much...I hate cooking... >:( I just get what I want and leave...

Ooooh. Nice story thing. Hehe.


The process takes about 9 months. If it takes any longer, it becomes very

The process is exciting at the very beginning and at the end, but gets
monotonous and tiring in the middle.

No matter how much you read or talk to so-called experts, you’re never
really prepared for what happens.

It’ll always cost more than you thought.

People are always giving you advice, but aren’t willing to actually help

People always wanna know how big it’s gonna be.

When things aren’t going perfectly, there’s sometimes vomiting, morning
sickness, and sleepless nights.

In the middle of the process you swear that you never wanna do this ever

If you do drugs during the nine months, it’ll come out funny looking.

Neither proofs nor sonograms show you what it’ll really look like.

Even though you think you know what it’ll look like, you’re quite
anxious to see it when it actually comes out.

No matter how calm you normally are, you yell out for painkillers near
the end of the process.

The process requires some rather funny-looking tools (i.e. croppers,

When it finally does come out, everyone congratulates you and wants to
see it.

Once it comes out, it’s yours to keep. You cannot send it back

After the next one comes out, people think the new one is cute, and don’t
really pay any attention to the older one anymore.

After you’ve done it more than three times or so, people start telling
you that you must be crazy.

Doot doot doo...

Anyways, that's about it.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


Bleh. I changed my mind about explaining. I'm too lazy. And besides, I don't want to relive all those tears and regret, and such. :(

But anyways, I'm in a random mood after going back to my older posts, just for a trip down memory lane!!!

Oh, and I forgot to wear my shoes at school. ^.^" LUCKILY my friend had an extra pair of shoes!!! w00t!!! But she's like 3 sizes smaller, so it wasn't very comfortable... :(

Oh, and there was some sort of plumbing problem in our upstairs bathroom, so whatever bodily functions you did to the toilet went back into the toilet under us from the vent above the first floor. ^^" (Falling pee, to sum it up. From the sky. It was like yellow raining havoc, or something.)

Oh, and for grad, I tried putting on fake nails, but I put too much and cut my long beautiful nails and ended up ruining them. :(

Oh, and we had a field trip to Knotts Berry Farm, and I went to my first ever rollar coaster!!! *__* I don't know what I was afraid of, it was so great!!!

Also, I won 3 awards!!! Top Banana award, (like valedictorian, except you get a stuffed monkey also!!!) Academic of the Year Award, and this other one which I forgot!!!

Annnnd, the teachers had to serve us breakfast!!! :D Pancakes and sausage and orange juice!!! The only thing that would have made it better was if they were in maid costumes!!!

We had to go to a concert, too. The House of Blues. I was sleepy, so I didn't applaud, so I got in trouble for not showing my appreciation. >.<

We also had a volleyball match against the teachers, which we unfortunately lost. :(

Then the whole six grade went to the park, which is one of those wet parks where you can get wet in!!! It was fun, and my teacher's parents came with !!! :) We also had pizza and popsicles, but my pizza flew off because of the wind. :( -and we couldn't have seconds, so i was pizzaless-

Oh, and then,

I GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It felt great and sad at the same time. I've been at my school for 7 years, and I'm moving away. :( I'm going to miss them and I hope they'll keep in touch. (Myyyyyyspaaaaaace!!!)

I wish I could have relived it, though. I cried more than I laughed, and I still haven't tied the knots in most of my problems there. Instead of the dress I showed C, I wore this white dress like Marilyn Monroe. Hehe. NOW I know what I'm gonna be for Graduation. I have a blond wig.

Anyways, school is great, I'll miss it, grad was depressing, but I won't forget it, either. :(


Grad. Goodbyes. Tears. Hugs. Sadnizz. :(

More later!