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Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm baaack!!!

HI!! I'm back from camp. It seems I teased my brother too much (I was gonna eat lots of junk food at the canteen, I had planned) and instead of Camp Gilmore, I was sent to Sports Camp.

OK, lemme tell you this-I am NOT athletic. For all you athletes out there, you watch me and you'll cry, ok?

So, as I was waiting to be admitted in a soccer field, I saw some people play volleyball like, on the field next to us, and although I hesitated a bit whether of not to go there, I did, and the people gladly let me serve.

And, miracalously, even though I had never, ever, played volleyball in my life, I was pretty good, and I got points.

And, after being admitted into my cabins, I met one of my volleyball mates, Sierra (sorry for exposing you!) and found that she was going to be in my cabin. YAY!

A girl named Leslie was there, too. I had previously talked to her, since my mom's friend's daughter's cousin (technically, my neighbor's cousin), Kimberly, had picked up her earring/bracelet/something.

OK, so my first day started bittersweet. I was sent to camp, but it was sports camp. I had never played volleyball before, but I was good at it. There were 9 people in my cabin, and only 2 could be in one. And guess what? i was the one who had to be alone in my room.

A girl in my cabin cried because she was homesick. I was a bit worried for her. At about the end of the day, we played this huge camp involving the whole camp site. We were in two teams, one red and one yellow.

We had to get to the other side of the camp and get a flag, and run back and stick it into a hole. Plus, people were tagging each other. If you were tagged, you had to get sent into this jail until someone in your team got you out. It was awesome!

My counselor was Louis, and she was really nice. Rumors say she likes this other counselor named Ben. (that was a lie, btw)

OK, I'm feeling really lazy today, (sports camp for someone not sporty like me takes only about half a toll, now)(lie)) so i won't write anything else for now.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I realized...

After reading my first post, I realize some people might be confused with my friends, especially since there were 2 Stephanies.

Anyways, here's my guide to my life to some characters I might talk about:

Stephanie D. (the one that came to the party): One of my BFF. She's really nice and creative.

Yvette: My other BFF. Awesome, in an Yvette-ish way.

Stephanie F.: My other amiga. We sorta had a L&H realitionship, but overall we're good friends. (L&H=love and hate)

Celeste: My friend whom's hair reminds me of orange chicken. She's awesome in her Celeste-ic ways. (like, for instance, she's magical)

Lucia: Me other amiga. Again, awesome in her Lucia-ifying ways.

Ana, Teresa, Sammy, Maria, Christa and Shantel: My classmates and other amigas.

Yra: My ex-best friend. (now we're just friends, due to school seperating us with different classrooms) She's still awesome in an Yra-ish way.

Sam, Bridgette, and Eyna: Yra's best friends. Sam and me seperated when we moved, but she came back to our school in fifth grade. Bridgette is the proclaimed 'prettiest girl in our class', and Eyna is awesome in her Eyna-ish way, too. (along with her sister)

Jordan, Mutti, Vati: Jordan's my younger brother, and Mutti and Vati are what I call me parents.

Jason, Ryan, JP, Kristian Buhl, Jonathan, Allec, Herminio, Raul, Ricardo, ect.: The 'dudes' in my fifth grade class.

Benjamin: a guy at my church. I recently saw this thing that scared me once involving him. I get a little uneasy thinking about it.

Jeremy, James, Billy, Nicole, Paolo, Agnes, Trixie, Jamie, and Jonathan (a different one. you'll know which guy when i talk about the other guys): The other people at my church.

Katherine: A nice librarian at my library.

Jacky, Elizabeth, and Melissa: A group of friends at my fifth grade class. I sometimes see Jacky at my library.

Juan, Judy, Pablo, Gavino, Ramiro, Jose, and others: Guys at my library whom I usually hang out with. (not so much with Jose, Juan, or Judy. i forget their names a lot.)

anyways, this is pretty much it.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

What a liar I am...

Yup, thats what Dibsy is. A liar. Where does this all begin, you ask? THE TITLE. It says it is 'uncensored' but it very well is!

For one, I refused to say the SUPER THING, which, if future me is reading this and forgets what the SUPER THING was, it involved the ever-lasting annoying drama!!!! (lie)

(cries) IT'S SO UNFAIR!! I HATE THIS!! I HOPE FUTURE ME DOESN'T REMEMBER THIS!! (unless i got what i wanted...) AND-

Eleesa: We get it.

Ahh. I forgot to show you the probably obvious reason I was signed up for counseling. That is Eleesa, otherwise known as El, my imaginary friend who represents the stupid, obnoxious part of me.

She was born five years ago, if anybody's interested.

Nikki: No one is. (agreed)

And this is my other main imaginary friend, created two years ago, Nikki. She represents the smart, awesome side of me. (eleesa and nikki are my inner opposites. people sometimes think i'm bipolar)((did i use that word correctly? i don't think so. but people do think i am bipolar))

Lychee: Tah-dah!

And this is my other imaginary friend, Lychee, who speaks in broken english. She represents the hyper, crazy side of me. (YAY!) She was born two years ago also, but is the youngest. nikki is the second oldest))

Touru: h-hi...

And last, but obviously not least (thats el) is Touru. She was originally a guy, but got a gender transplant and turned into a girl! She represents the shy, quiet side of me.

Anyways, even though I know this should be in the **-DibsyLand-** section (my other blog if you didn't know), I just have to say that I'm going to camp this Wednesday.

Anyways, if you're going to comment, don't get angry with me not commenting until it is next Wednesday.

But don't worry, I always go straight to the computer.

Anyways, this one isn't really about my personal life... nothing really happens in summer... maybe I'll make another real article after camp...

Anyways, I'm taking requests. Does anyone want me to make a blog for them? (dumb question, but who cares?) You know, work together on the blog as a duet? (please?)

Anyways, I just wanted to say to my only current commentors, (sp?) thank you, and as my utmost gratitude represents, (with nikki as my guide) we say to people who aren't them,




Thursday, June 19, 2008


Today was the last day of school...

I'm gonna miss my friends that are gonna move...

I wish we just were automatically smart by nature and that the only purpose of school was to hang out. (sigh)

Anyways, after our half day at school, I went to the park like a foot away from our school (not, really. it's connected to it, and the only thing seperating it from our school is a gate) with a box o' donuts.

And, due to the hot day and the cinnamon donut (that looked like a cinnamon role...maybe it was.) some of my classmates that are usually in the park went,

"What is this? (looks at cinnimon donut/bun) Chicken?"

How can you mistake circular cinnamon bread(CCB) for chicken, anyways?


(it really did look like chicken at that point)

Anyways, the reason I went to the park was because I had a Last Day of School party with my friends-Stephanie, Stephanie, Yvette, Celeste, Lucia, Jonathan, Gigi, and Jerson, along with Shiloh. (sorry if I just exposed you guys, if you guys are readng this)

Unfortunately, Stephanie (the second one) Jonathan, Gigi, Jerson and doggy didn't come. (sadness wave)

Anyways, push your remote back in time to the CCB and the chicken mistake thing.

I was the first one in the party, and my classmates were here. I confessed my SUPER-THING to one of my friends (don't ask) and she told Lucia (who came second with Celeste), who told Stephanie (who came third). (the one that came)

Soooo, I hung out with the original party people, and even played a game of War Tag. It reminds me of football, in a way.

And then my classmates came, and I had a bunchies of fun.

After that we got wet with buckets of water(literally) and sprinklers at the park.

I even found out secret techniques to find out when the water will dunk us! "When that sprinkler stops after the two piano rings, the buckets will tip over."

After that, we abused the slide with our wet butts and I think I almost flipped over! Stephanie went so slow. (why? and for some reason, everything seemed to silence when she fell)

Anyways, after that we ate donuts (which was about when Yvette left, the fourth one) where we just chatted together while listening to Low by T-Pain. Very peaceful. Very, very peaceful.

Then I got bored and started walking back and forth with them and my classmates(even got some chewing gum), and played another round of war tag with them. I left the cell phone with my friends and told them to tell me if it rang.

After that, I decided to get wet again before,(or was it after?) a lady asked if she could buy a donut off of her. I looked at my friends, (my original party pals)(whom I returned to) and aksed if I should have done it. They nodded and the lady told me that the little boy sitting across form us wanted a donut. After telling her that we only had the cinnamon chicken bun/donut thing left, she left and I didn't get any richer at all. :(

I decided to get wet AGAIN and then I went back to my friends and we hung out more. (Celeste is magical! She can guess almost any card I pick out from a deck! So is her sister! (I think that's her sister...?) Her family is magical!))

Then, we played a round of this towel game (which is not only fun but made my face a little sore (the towel almost sliced my face off when I tried to slide under it)) and when I came back I was surprised to find out my mom called!

So, I ended up getting in trouble and I was rushed out of my damp clothes into the very clothes I am typing with at this instant.

Then, I went to karate class. It was my first class in my whole life, and I'm a white belt. I turned 11 only but a few months ago, and I was embarrased to see SIX YEAR OLDS there (i was not only the oldest, but the tallest as well) and it was very clear that they could probably kick my butt.

Very embarrasing, especially since a bunch kept staring at me, and I knew that they probably thought, "What is this orangutan here for?" or "I am superior. You are NOT."

Anyways, after that I hung out in the library where I finally had peace to myself. (played in the computer and emailed Stephanie. Very fun. i'll miss her very much, along with Celeste and everyone else)

And then I went to Costco where I ate pizza and gained a large stick of churro. YAY!

And now I am here, righting this.