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Friday, July 31, 2009



I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



-DANCES- HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now pics of me as a
last parting shot!!!

Warning: Please don't run away from my coked up anorexic appearance!!! :O

And no, I am not posing. I've changed my hairstyle into this, I think this looks b etter and it's hot. ^^ (The weather, I mean. Not my hair. Or maybe it is. :O) And I had trouble holding my camera lol xD

And yes people, I am flat-chested. -cry-

I actually dressed up for this. o.o I was all like, "I'm leaving my dibs for a whole month...I gotta look my best!" My best casually, of course. I wouldn't wanna wear my LBD lol xD

So I wore my favorite jacket and shirt and stuff...ev en though it's soooooo hot... >.< -checks- 78.4 degrees, but that's downstairs. :O

Gosh. These pics take so long to upload. I'm glad I only took four... >.<
Maybe it's just my laptop PMSing. I'm sure my laptop is female. :O

Hrrrrgrah! 5 more days til sports camp! Maybe it'll add some muscle to my weak body.... D:

Oh, and to those who cared, I actually finished the Battle Royale novel after about two weeks!!! I've been reading the manga all this time, but the novel was AMAZING! I still think the manga is better, though. But maybe I'm biased. xD

It still make me cry though. :'(

Like Emerald, my appearance looks different within each pic. :O

Like in the first pic up there, my face looks round and babyish. D:

No one would know that my body is possessed by a perverted 40-year-old man. :O Only Levi has figured it out lol xD

Anyways, now that I'm done blabbing randomly, I bid you guys ado for about a whole month. :O I'll really miss you guys! -hugs tightly and squeezes- Seriously, you guys that have been commenting for like almost forever, like C and Levi and Aly and Cuppy, are like, siblings to me. :'(


Edit: Lol, it sounds like I'm leaving forever. :O Oh, well, you never know. :'( I'll go on as much as I can/whenever I can!!! (Like in the five days before I leave and before my grandparents come and when we're lounging and stuff)



PS: Look how much I changed!!! xD


Ahhh...gotta love black and white. :D That's why this before pic might look better than I really look like.

PSS: Hrg. Gotta get a haircut, sooner or later. D:


Tara said...

Congratulations on getting a definition in Urban Dictionary. That's big news. :) I like the outfit you're wearing in your pictures, by the way.

Dibsy said...

Thanks, Tara. About the definition and my clothing. :D

If you must know, I'M the one that put dibby there. :O Lol xD

Emerald said...

Oh my goodness.
All of you people on blogger have amazing hair except me! :C
I gotta get an awesome haircut.
ooh I voted up on second definition!!!!
And I agree with Tara, the clothes are cool!


- Emerald

Dibsy said...

Lol, my hair was a bit oily before I took the pic so I splashed some baby powder. :O Then when I was done I took off the ponytail and went back to my old, computer-addicted self. xD Thanks about the clothes, they're my favorite. ^^

Cruz said...

*high fives* for making the big time! geez that post had me emotional, I was laughing (I think my compy's female too xD) and sad (big lump in my throat no dibs for a month :O) you have me on a rollercoaster LOL but aww cute pics ^^

Dibsy said...

-high fives back- xD It'd be better if someone else posted it and not myself though lol xD -cry- My soul will be with you! xD Thanks!

Leah said...

Great job with making it onto urban dictionary!

And you're good-byes are totally gonna make me cry! I'm going to miss you so much! *stranglehugs*

Levi said...

I thumbed it up. :o

Do I get a cookie? :D?

Dibsy said...

Thanks! xD -hugs- Ima miss youz! D:

-gives cookie to Levi- xD

Leah said...

I also gave it a thumbs up. *hugs* I still get all sad and emotional when I see this post! And, very nice outfit. I like it a lot! <3

Aly K. said...

Great job on getting your definition into Urban Dictionary! :D That is superamazingsaaucely dibby! :D I loved it, by the way, totally hilarious. 8) XD And you look really good! :D :) And I do love your clothes as well. 8) :) I shall misss yoooooooooou! D': *sniff* I hope you have a great time at Camp, and with your grandparents. :) LYLAS! *hugglefy* Talk to you when you get back. :'( God bless. :)

Emerald said...

Ha Ha.
Voted up twice. :P
Gounna vote again tomorrow. :D

Cursed♪♫ said...

Congrats!! ♥♥
I love your hair. You look sweet! :D

Dibsy said...

Leah: Thanks! xD I realized that even if I got a lot of TU it would prolly still be 2nd...OH WELL!!! xD And thanks for the compliment!
Aly: You're so dibby!!! xD Thanks! :) -huggefy- LYLAS!!!
Em: Lol that's what I do *__* (<---already voted 3 times)
Cursed: Thanks! :)

Cursed♪♫ said...


Dibsy said...

What is this alt-3 you speak of?? -tried it, didn't work :O-

Rose Mary said...

and that is awesome! it's already number one, though. good thing. i can't figure out how to vote.

Dibsy said...

you press the thumbs up ^^ and ty!

c said...

Good job! Pretty soon dibby will be the most commonly used word EVER! haha. ..maybe

anyway. you are so pretty. your hair = dibby
your hair is amazing!

Emerald said...

I wonder how long you can comment on one post....
Thinks evil thoughts...

Dibsy said...

C: It SHOULD be!!! xDDD (My next stop is Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and Webster! >:O) Thank you, all the compliments are gonna make me blush! -blushes- :D

Em: A million times... *__*

•◘•bLue-eYed souL•◘• said...

nice blog!!

Dibsy said...

Thanks, person!!! :D

Manga Dork said...

Congrats on the definition thingy!
Its sooo cool!

Love the pics loL!

I will totally miss u lol!

c said...

Eep. i think i am going to post some pictures of me now. haha. i just made a second blog again. XD

Leah said...

I miss you, Dibsy! I hope you get back here soon! (And at last check, you had 20 thumbs up on Urban Dictionary.)

Cursed♪♫ said...

Press alt+3 together(On d right hand side of the keyboard>>the num lock one)

That Guy Over There ----> said...

Hey Toby, Nice getting a definition on the net. Two Thumbz up

\ /