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Monday, July 27, 2009

AIYEEEE! MY TOE!!! MY MASSACRED TOE!!! (Including nut-busting action-literally! xD)

:( I was playing dodgeball and some stupid git smashed my toe, and I knew it hurt but I didn't do anything about it because I thought, "Whatever..." and then I looked down to see half my toenail was ripped off. D: Blood was oozing out and whatever remained of my toenail stuck onto the dried blood. o.o

Anyways, I know my toe isn't gonna be seen in public anytime soon. If I get an ingrown toenail because of the circular cut it was ripped off of, I am suing that git!!! >:(

In other news, click here if you're a guy. Warning: If you aren't all that into violence and killing in movies, this link is NOT for you. >.<

Done? Ok.

That's all interesting I have to say.



Levi said...

Eww. Sounds painful. And gross.

Levi said...

Oh, and because of you, Dibsy, I am no longer able to use a toothbrush without having dirty thoughts.




Tara said...

Ouch! That sounds painful. I hope your toe feels better soon.

c said...

This year i was carrying my laptop and it slipped and fell on my toe. There was a little purple bruise on it but it grew out and now its not there anymore. The people who gave pedicures would just put extra layers so you couldn't see the bruise though. But ow! That sounds much worse.

I clicked on the link even though I am not into violence and that kind of thing and i am not a boy. i don't think that guy will be able to have kids! the way she stabbed him! OUCH!!! but it was kind of funny because the blood was so red.

Dibsy said...

Levi: It is. D: And hehehe, you're welcome? xDDDDDDDDDDD
Tara: It is... D: Thanks...
C: There are no extra layers for my toe anymore. There is nothing left. D:

Hehe, of course he won't be able to have babies. He died. xD

c said...

oh i meant extra layers of nail-polish for my toe to cover the bruise because when you get a pedicure they paint your toes.

and i know he died XD but did that girl shoot the other girl??

heh heh its 1:21 in the morning where i live. i think i should go to bed cuz i have camp really early. xP

Emerald said...

Ok that gave me some really bad mental images just now.
That sounds horrible!
Hope your okay Dibsy!
-Sending healing thoughts-

- Emerald

Rose Mary said...

I hurt my toe like that one time at my grandma's. and I hurt my pinkie toe earlier. The skin got ripped off the top. it almost looks like it's wearing a weird red hat or something.

Dibsy said...

C: Ohhhh... ^^ And yes, the other girl did shoot the other girl. D:
Emerald: -receives healing thoughts-
Thanks Em! :D
Rose: D: Ouch... >.<

Leah said...

Oh. Your poor toe! *hug*

By the way: What goes through your mind? How do you find videos like that? O.O

Anonymous said...

yay! i saw your post on confessions of a bystander! seriously, I think you should be a professional comedian. i mean this stuff is just funny!

Emerald said...

Ooh, I nearly did the same thing to my toe not even six hours ago.
There's this protective kids gate protecting the kids from going up the stairs, and I went just a little too fast.
I always seem to be doing that. :/

Aly K. said...

Ouch. D: *huggle* I hope you get better soon. Sorry I haven't been able to talk to you in a while! D: Nice to see your blog again. :) Colorado was great. LYLAS! :D

Dibsy said...

Emerald: We're more alike than I knew... D: