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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm stealing Levi's questionnaire. I feel so BAD. xD

Ahehehe...I'm stealing Levi's music questionnaire cuz I don't really have anything else to do. Dx

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song name down

OK, I admit, I don't have an iTunes or anything and my mp3 has no shuffle. Oh well. I just compiled a list of songs and started crossing them out to do this.

If someone says "Is this Okay?" You say:
-Hero by Skillet
Ummm...what they did must have been pretty good...

How would you describe yourself?
-The Last Night by Skillet
Huh? I guess the lyrics in the song are pretty much me...

What do you like in a guy/girl?
-Say Goodbye by Skillet
I like saying goodbye? "Everytime you're gone I miss you. Maybe we should be apart more often." I guess, maybe...

How do you feel today?
-Going Under by Evanescensce
I am pretty sleepy...if that's what they mean...

What's your life purpose?
-Crush by David Archuleta
Ummm...that's nice to know... >.<

What do your friends think of you?
-The Best Damn Thing by Avril Lavinge

What do your parents think of you?
-Sharada by Skye Sweetnam
I suppose they think i'm special. I better be. xD

What do you often think about?
-Am I not Pretty Enough? by somebody who's name I forgot
Damn. It's right.

What do you think about the person you like?
-Don't Trust Me by 3oh!3
And it's right AGAIN!!!

What is your life's story?
-That's What You Get by Paramore
What, is my life's purpose to get petty revenge? -shrugs- Ok. ^^

What do you want to be when you grow up?
-Pressure by Paramore
Apparently I want to be Donald Trump. That's right.

What will you dance to at your wedding?
-Misery Business by Paramore
That's a sure fire way to know that my marriage isn't gonna last.

What will they play at your funeral?
-Kiss me thru the phone by Soujia Boy
Exqueeze me? Even if instead of a phone someone was kissing me through my coffin-I don't want any necrophillians sucking on my dead, rotting, mouth.

What is your biggest fear?
-Hot n Cold by Katy Perry
What? I'm afraid of the weather? I can't be afraid of moody people because I AM a moody person...

What is your biggest secret?
-If You Seek Amy (F.U.C.K. Me) by Britney Spears
I'm lacking sexually? comment.

What is your future going to be like?
-Blame it on the Alcohol-Jamie Fox
-glares at alcohol before throwing something at it- THIS IS YOUR FAULT!!!

What do you see in the person you like?
-Gives You Hell by someone I forgot
This is SO right. xD

What will the song be for you and your spouse?
-Thriller-Michael Jackson
It should be a thrill... (AND YES I DO LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON)

Will you get far in life?
-L.A. Trix by Ashton Roft
Oh crap. >.<

Will you get married?
-Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings
The good-Yes I am getting married. The bad-who's Juliet? o.o?

What is your best friend's theme song?
-Mad by Ne-yo
This is so true. OK, I have a lot of best friends. But one of them I completely messed up. I'M SORRY YVETTE. :'(

What was high school like?
-Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas
Hell yes. xD

How can you get ahead in life?
-Touch my Body by Mariah Carey
NO! I'm...I'm...A STRIPPER?!?!

What is the best thing about your friends?
-Right Now by Akon
I guess that's true...

What is in store for this weekend?
-Just Dance by Lady Gaga
YAY! -dances-

To describe your grandparents?
-Lovegame-Lady Gaga comment. xD

How is your life going?
-Womanizer by Britney Spears
I sure hope I'M not the womanizer...

How does the world see you?
-Birthday Sex by Jeremih
Crap. First is Blame it on the Alcohol. Then it's Touch My Body. Now it's Birthday Sex. WHAT WILL BECOME OF MY LIFE???

Will you have a happy life?
-You're a Jerk-New Boyz
WTF!!! >.< lol

Do people secretly lust after you?
-Fire Burning-Sean Kingston
I take this as a yes... xD

How can I make myself happy?
-I Know You Want Me by Pitbull
I guess I'm pretty promiscuos for my age. xD

What should you do with your life?
-Heartless by Kanya West
T.T My results are sucking big time, hehe...?

Will you ever have children?
-Rockstar by Prima J
I hope that's a no. o.o

What song would you strip to?
-Crushcrushcrush by Paramore

If a man in a van offered you candy, what would you do?
-Sexy Naughty Bitchy by someone I forgot

What does your mum think of you?
-Walk Away by someone who I don't know and forgot

What is your deep dark secret?
-I'm Gonna Kill Her by some French person who I forgot
Ahahahahahaha. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sooo right...even though it's not that deep. xD

What is your mortal enemy's theme song?
-Everybody's Fool by Evanscensce
Good. *___* >:D

What's your personality like?
-I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry
So unfair. ;_;

What's your motto?
-In The End by Linkin Park
Soooooooooooo true. One day when you die people will forget you, and one day you will rot, and in the end you will be nothing. (<---my words, not Linkin Park's)

What do you think about often?
-Bad Boy-Cascada
Maybe true, maybe not... xP

What do you want right now?
-Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night or something by somebody
I sure hope it doesn't mean what I think it means...

Hahaha. That was fun. xD


c said...

hahaha. these are just so funny! and kinda of inappropriate (but thats even funnier!)

i have to steal this!

Dibsy said...

Hurray! Everyone's stealing Levi's xD

Levi said...

I'm seeing you through a whole other light now, Dibsy. Those results were very... surprising. O.o

But still hilarious. XD

And steal away. :P

Dibsy said...

Lol Levi, I hope not. xD Nyaaa and bleh for my originality!!!

c said...

woo. finally done! it took me long enough. but my robbing of the questionnaire is complete.

Dibsy said...

hehe. xD -goes off to check- w00t!

cory's other acc said...


Cruz said...

LMAO that was funny... Birthday Sex =O *hugglz everyone*

Dibsy said...

uh...PIES!!! xD


Rose Mary said...

hahaha! that was hilarious! but what are you listening to? why do you even have those songs, seriously?

Dibsy said...

hehe i have those songs because i like them xD (<---weirdy who likes rap and isn't offended by the lyrics)

Cursed♪♫ said...

Okay....This is really cool :D
What's up with you? It's been ages!!!

Tara said...

Hi Dibsy! I haven't talked to you in forever! How have you been?

Your song results were pretty funny. I like some of those songs too.

Dibsy said...

Thanks Cursed!!! xD I'm fine, you?

TARA!!! Both of you are right, I haven't talked to you in *forever*... >.<

Anonymous said...

Funnee! I'm so stealing your this!

Dibsy said...

Lol you're not alone! xD

Cursed♪♫ said...

Thanks a ton for visiting !!! :)
I'm fine too!!!

Shafi said...

hi ..... this is very funny. Can i tag this one? :)

Dibsy said...

Cursed: You're welcome! :D
Shafi: Thanks!!! Sure!!!

Aly K. said...

Awkward results. D: *hugglefy* Lol. :)

Dibsy said...

ALY!!! :O -hug-