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Monday, August 10, 2009

My time at camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, this is gonna be a long email and I know you might get bored so I divided it into sections:




THE PEOPLE IN MY CABIN (my cabin is called Apache, btw)


Eeench. At sports camp we had to pick electives. My first choices were hiking/rock climbing and archery.

Unfortunately, the only one I wanted that I got was's how the hiking/rock climbing thing went down:

Me (M): Ummmm... (points) that one.
Counselor Guy (CG): (looks at list) It's full.
M: (face drops and shoulders slump in disappointment) Fine, this one. (points randomly.)
CG: (looks) Ok. (takes my name) You picked cheer.

So basically I'm a cheerleader now. An ARROW SPEWING cheerleader, to be exact. (I learned well. v.v)

-star jump-


(high v)


(fold one arm across chest and rest elbow on it)

("Circle your hips, girls! You reeeeaaaally need to curve!")

THAT'S VICTORY, YEAH YEAH, THAT'S VICTORY! WOOOOOOOOO! -rallies and kicks high in that air-

Next one: (the steps are too complicated to explain, I wish I brought my camera D:)

G, O, lemme here ya say GO, GO!
That's right, that's right, lemme here ya say FIGHT, FIGHT!
W, I-N, lemme here ya say WIN, WIN!
Let's do it all again! Go, Fight, Win.

Hum. I think I know why people hate cheerleaders so much. It's because the cheering is annoying and distracting. We walked around all the sports and started cheering. It was so embarrasing and they hated us. D: "Stop cheering and go get a life you stupid cheerleader!"



OK, love wise. There were only 3 guys who I thought were really cute.

One was a counselor named Dave. He was BOMB. Seriously. He wasn't just cute, not handsome, even better looking than Abercrombie and Fitch models. (I should know, I saw him shirtless at the pool. Nice abs, btw)

Next, was this guy named Wyatt. He was 14 and he worked there as a helper or something. He was ok looking, but there was just something about him after watching him from afar. (stalking him) I never spoke to him, but he looks a bit like Taylor Lautner. Stalking gets you a long way.

My counselor, Amber, says what makes you keep looking at a guy is called lust. I never thought of lust that way, but I must be full of lust, because I just couldn't stop staring at him. SO. MUCH.

I think I'm the only one that thought he was cute though. I know I'm the only one who thought he looked like Taylor Lautner (everyone's blind, that's why) and I was the last person to notice he had a unibrow. (SO? SO??? It looked good on him, damnit!!! >:O)

Hrg, I'm so girly. >.<

Last, and probably the biggest bomb of them all, was Ethan. Whenever he turned his head his hair would go swish. He was good looking and all the girls liked him, and I didn't see a reason why not to. He was charismatic, and charisma is all it takes for me.

There was this poseur punk in our cabin named Randi, who would cut herself and scream, "Um, before you ask, these cuts are from my cat" only to sob and cry later, "Why do you think I cut myself like this?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

Well, she liked him, and she was CRAZY for him. (Btw, camp is only 5 days.) She even cried and said SATAN was winning her life when he rejected her. (He said, "I don't care". I don't blame him, so many girls like him and there's like two hundred every week, they probably confess to him all the time.)

Besides, the only contact she had with him was talking to him to the pool. I'm sorry, but small chit chat in the pool for three days isn't going to get him to suddenly fall deeply in love with you.

But I'm not gonna lie, he is really hot. But anyways, then she started bitching and sticking middle fingers at him and telling all the girls that he was a bastard and stuff and screaming that she was so pissed of at him, etc. (OMG! It's only been FIVE days!!!)

I was on Ethan's side though, for the most obvious reasons. ^^ Not just because his looks and niceness and charisma and personality and the fact that his sister Mallery is really nice to me, but because I never liked Randi anyways. T_T Lots of people in my cabin thought she was cool though, because of her fake tattoo (Um, I have that) and her fake highlights (One of the girls I talked to most in my cabin was named Bianca, she had fake highlights as well) and her Hot Topic clothes (poseuuurrrrrr) and the fact that she cuts (WHAT THE HELL?) and that she wears so much makeup. (Psh, at camp? It's like saying you can't leave home without bringing your makeup, it's so shallow)

Btw, Wyatt and Ethan are brothers.

:) I'm such a lustful child, it's hard to stop staring at them. (except Dave, who is at least 20. I'm not into getting into the whole pedophile thing)

OH, and there was our waiter, Roman. He was nerdy looking, short and scrawny and skinny, with glasses and short curly hair. I simply thought he was adorable. People just don't understand. D:


I was sitting on a bench minding my own business.

Then I heard a "WATCH OUT!"

And I saw a ball coming at me.

Before I realized what happened, it smacked me in the head and threw me back across the bleachers (There are downparts to being so skinny and light) scraping my elbow and banging my head. (Not to mention the ball, which hit me in the face.

But anyways, I cried. D: Then everyone crowded over me and stuff... :'( Boo hoo...


There were 8 people in my cabin-me, Randi, Bianca, Sammy, Jennifer, Chahi, Jessenia, and Cheyenne.

Bianca was nice, I hung out with her the most.

Sammy was motherly. Sometimes too motherly. Sometimes annoying and naggy and a fun killer. Nonetheless, she was nice and that's all what really matters.

Jennifer was eccentric. She catched lizards around the camp and had one at her house. People thought she was creepy. She once admitted that she had no friends at her school. She was extremely nice and cheerful and I don't she deserved that. She already came to our camp, Camp Gilmore, 4 times this year.

Chahi was ghetto. She could be a bitch and she wasn't afraid to be. She basically lived up to the black stereotype, all ghetto and oh-no-you-dinnit. She argued and rebelled. But she was funny so I didn't mind having her in my cabin. :)

Jessenia was preppy. She had a boyfriend. She was overall nice and she got a boyfriend at camp, which made her the center of attention to all the girls. "They be talkin bout me, me" I think she got the attention get to her head a little bit though, because she tried her hardest to keep it that way.

She knew that a girl liked the guy she was dating and she tried her best to make her jealous. Hum.

Cheyenne was also like Chahi, though she was a bit nicer and more open. She was more graphic though lol. xD (grinding the wall, etc)

Amber was our counselor, she was nice. She wasn't that funny though, so she was a bit boring. -cry-

Anyways that basically sums up mostly everything.


PS: I'm leaving-again-soon! MY grandparents are coming this Thursday, we're leaving to Santa Barbara on Monday!!!


Leah said...

That's sounds awesome! And cheerleaders really are annoying. I should know, I was one! xPPPPP

Poor you! I hope your face is okay.

Tsk tsk... all those men... tsk...

Aw! I thought we had you back! But... you need to see your grandparents...

Anyway, ILYLAS! Hope you have fun. :)

Aly K. said...

That sounds super epic. I'm sorry about your face. D:

Ooh, hawt guys... *drool* But truly, I'm satisfied with my boyfriend. ^^'''''' Anyvayz, sounds like mostly fun! Sounds like some of the girls needed to be straightened out a litte... o.< Well, I'm glad you had a good time. :) And have a good time with your grandparents! :D ^^

LYLAS and God bless. :)

Dibsy said...

Leah: ...yeah you're right lol. :o My face is okay, I held my tears of pain back. >.< Yes, sniff...all those men... D: ILYLAS TOO!!!
Aly: It was, Aly, it was. v.v Of course, you should be... :D And I will!

Tara said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about the ball hitting you in your face. Hope you feel better now.

It sounds like you had fun other than that though. It also sounds like you made some new friends (and met some cute guys!), which is always cool. :)

Have fun with your grandparents!

That Guy Over There ----> said...

Dibsy , Alright i told yo brudder when he came to my house that comment me. cuz i think i fixed my commenting thing

Dibsy said...

Tara: Yeah, I pretty much did have fun. :D I wanna go baaaack!!! >.<
Jeremy: Hmmm. Lemme try.

That Guy Over There ----> said...

Thank ya Dibsy for commenting me I need to thank you x 100 ................


Dibsy said...

You owe me Jeremy!!! I want a dollar from you, you little midget. >:(

Levi said...

I need to go to a summer camp. x.x

Dibsy said...

Oh, but you're at school sucks D:

That Guy Over There ----> said...


Dibsy said... And you still owe me. Pay up!

That Guy Over There ----> said...

Um Toby Why Am the only one that voted after you put up that poll

Dibsy said...

Because I just posted it like ten minutes ago :o

Anonymous said...

wait... is this a story? because on your poll says it's a story but then it looks like it's your own personal blog.

Oh! And lust... Yeah, I totally agree with you on that.

Dibsy said...

huh? oh, it's for my other blog, repaired pages...i have written four stories and i don't know which to post up... :o

Anonymous said...

oh i'm not leaving... that was a week ago, dibs...

Dibsy said...

...OH. :o -smacks forehead- D'OH.

Cuppy said...

DIBSY!!!!!!! gahhh I have MISSED you!!!!!!!! it sounds like you had a lot of fun!!!!

hahaha. I totally know what you mean with the guys. It's fun to watch them out of the corner of your eye...or outright stare...XD

Dibsy said...

----> outright stares lol xD

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