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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Confused, confused, and confused

The several emotions going on currently in my life.

Confused: I'm running for secretary at my school. At lot of people are going to vote for me anyways just because I'm their friend. But here's the problem:


I want the job that has less stuff to do-that would be vice president, but that's for only fifth graders. T_T That leaves president or secratary, and obviously it has got to be secratary, and my best friend, Yvette is funning for president, along with my also long time friend, Jason. (guess what? he's also a SMART ASIAN DUDE!!!)

That leaves representatives. Listen, people, this is my last year before I graduate forever from elemantary school, and reprasentative is not enough for me. I NEED to leave with a ka-BAM.

So, i'm settling for secratary.

Next reason-I have major stage fright, and I need to do a speech in front of all the little voter people (fourth graders to sixth graders) and this is...well...

You get the point. I know, I know, you may be thinking, 'Why the heck are you even trying to go for secratary?' Well, all I have to say is,


So, um, CONTEST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need help. I don't kno what the heck a secratary does. Does anyone know? (this is not the contest, but i give a shout out to who tells me)

OK, the CONTEST!!!

Can you guys do like, a fake speech thing? I'm not gonna copy your speech, but can you just write down a speech if you're going to try being a school secratary?

I mean, I need to appeal to not only sixth graders, but fourth and fifth graders too. Can any of you please help me write a speech? (please post it on this blog post)

Thanks a lot!!!!!!! Thanks so much you guys, I totally owe all of you people!!!!! (when it's the day before I go do the speech, i'll post the speech here so you guys can all see, and i'll see if you guys like it)


gogodibsy :D said...

I am serious with this, people. I am totally aiming FTW (for the win) Please help me with a good speech! (that will actually get me some votes!) :) Thank you!

Cuppy said...

Well, first of all, a secretary is the person that wries down stuff that needs to be written down (things that happen during top secret meetings for example :P)they also help to collect info. on peoples you need info. on(businesses, phone#s, names, dates, etc.) I dunno what you might wanna do for a speech, though. I'm not so good with thw riting of speeches myself, so...But I know you'll get a good one!

gogodibsy :D said... post I'll say kudos to you! :) up for giving my speech ideas?

c said...

you can't seriously believe that i got my belly button pierced!!!

I barely got away with getting my ears pierced!!

yes i am 11!!! (almost 11 and a half!!)

my bellybutton is NOT pierced.

gogodibsy :D said...

TT_TT Darnit.


jckandy said...

Hey, Dib. Guess what? Last year I ran for secretary and I won!!! You should get a speech that's not too long (people will get bored) and not too short. I tried to make mine a little bit funny in places. Secretary is a big responsibility though, at least in my SRC. I really like it though. No offense, but if I post my speech on here, will you copy it??? Not cool, Dibsy. Not cool.

gogodibsy :D said...

I won't copy it, Jckandy, I'm not like that. >:< I'm just looking for a few ideas to brainstorm with, that's all. I need a base.

Can you still help me?

Neon Duck said...

HEy, thought I'd pop in, see the comments on nerdocity for my advise and for stage fright...I don't know, I don't really get stage fright, try looonnng cleanssing deep breathing, that should work, espicially if you start hyperventalating....

gogodibsy :D said...

That's nto how work. I turn really red and sweaty and my eyes go really wide, and I become a klutz...

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

heya!! i click piks of my drawings cause i dont have a scaner n then i put them up on my blog !!

gogodibsy :D said...

Ok!!1 :D

Alyce Kullen said...

Ouch... Well, write a speech. Practice. I know you can do this, dibs. You can do it! ^^'

gogodibsy :D said...

I am unsuccussfel! I NEED HELP! D: