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Thursday, October 23, 2008

A random post with questions that will probably never be answered EVER.

Oh yeah, I'm back baby!!!

You know, I would like to think about this small stereotype-if a girl is mean to a boy, that means she likes him. So what about a girl that's nice to a boy?

I think that a girl thats nice to a guy only wants to be friends with the boy, if she's mean to the boy, means that she likes him, if she flat out ignores him, is either too shy and likes him or doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Why?

I knoooow, the all knowing DIB knows all.

I wonder why a laptop gets hot on the bottom when you use it for a long time. People call this "overheating". But when I hear the world overheating, I instantly think of burnt barbeque on a grill. Why?

My friend asked me how to make ketchup. I was all like, "Well DUH, you squeeze the tomato." But then I realize that when I squeeze a tomato only that juice thing comes out. How DO you make ketchup???

My friend's mom doesn't believe in mountains. Why??

I've read in Neon Duck's blog once a quote:

"Brochures always lie, remember that and you'll go a long way."

Which is true. They always lie. LIARS.

I wonder what the inside of my eye socket would look like. I mean, everybody always shows the rolling eye when it falls off, but there's hardly ANy detail of the inside of the eye socket. Hmm. Why?

I remember a quote I once read in a Barnes and Noble refridgerator magnet:

"Do not take the path that lies in front of you, but make a new one and leave a trail."

I want to be as gaudy as can be in the time I have left before I graduate from elementary school permaneantly.

Anyways, here is a random poem,

I'm sitting
I'm sitting
I've been waiting really long
My mouse is twitching,
I'm rocking back and forth

I'm getting very scared
It's going to end really soon
What if I don't make it??

At last the screen flashed into view
I sobbed at the sight
It's totally unfair
This totally was not right

It wasn't my fault
It wasn't my doing
It's all it's fault
that I didn't make it

My only last words are,


:P Not really, but still.

Here's a random fact-if you draw a line with a ball point pen an ant will follow it.

Anyways, I would like to present you all with the RIQ!!!


OK, raise your hands if you want to take the RIQ test!!!

If so, you must requie patience!!! :D

First question:

My waterbottle is talking to me. It's telling me to bring a fork and a plate of cheese to my doctor. What is your waterbottle saying?

a) Nothing. I'm NOT crazy like YOU.

b) I dunno. I don't speak waterbottle-ese, but I know it's saying something.

c) Umm...It's telling me to follow you.

d) It's telling me to go to the nearest fire department with a pen and a pencil, and ask one of the Dalmations to sign my autograph.

That's all for now!!! :D If you would like to participate in this to see your RIQ, comment comment comment with your answer!!! A, B, C, or D!!! :D



little lozer xxx(cute little lozer) said...

that poem is sooo cool ! i have no idea what type of flower it is ?

I like the title too your blog is (i cant spell so i will sound it out ) u-nic !?

any way post back !!!

dibsy said...

I don't know what a u-nic is. -_-

Sure I will! :D

little lozer xxx(cute little lozer) said...

yea it is fron Romeo and julliet !!

what are you doing for halloween ?!!!

dibsy said...

Ima dress up as a japanese girl! XD

Skippy said...

This is really random...even for you!

dibsy said...

Why thank you! XD

jckandy said...

(jckandy's friend)

OMG!!! That was like sooo intense, i like, had an aneurysm!(which by the way i didn't no how to spell until jckandy told me lol) it was freakoutin awesome!!

(jckandy here again)
the water's telling me...crap...I left the stove on. Hopefully I have a house to get home to. Ack.


dibsy said...

OHMI! XD What iz thees aneurysm thing you speak of?! XD

Rien said...

OMG love your poem!

p.s. I answered "d"

dibsy said...

Huzza! First person to answer! Currently, your RIQ is 200! But I will ask more questions, and it may lower your score! XD

c said...

the poem is awesome!!

dibsy said...

I knooow, right? XD

Coady said...