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Saturday, July 26, 2008


I got tagged!!!


YAY!!!! By Rien!!! YAY AGAIN!!!

Anyways, here are the rules:

1. List five things that you like about yourself, or crazy things that you do or other random stuff about you that you feel like putting.-there will be no one accusing someone of bragging!!
2. Tag five other people, and leave a comment on their blog/page.

(boogies some more)

OK, here are some five random stuff 'bout me!!!

1. I like to sniff things-mostly the edges of books and chess pieces. Did you know you can tell what the book is about by smelling it? Like if it smells all plastic-ish or whatever it most probably is a new book?

2. I live to be weird at school. One time, I brought a wig and a hankerchief to school. I put the hankerchief on my face and people said I was a terrorist!

3. I'm a bit smarter than I act-I'm usually one of the smartest of my kind in my class. (no, they aren't
stupid to begin with)

4. One time, I put lotion/shampoo in my hair, to make it 'shiny'. Of course, it also get wet and sticky, with a touch of white foam.

5. One time, my friend was trying to open a ketchup pack in front of me. When she did, it shot out on my white shirt. Then everyone thought I was bleeding like someone had stabbed me, or whatever.

Here are the awesome people I tagged:

Alyce Kullen
Kels Kels
Manga Dork



Rien said...

lol. you were bleeding ketchup!

dibsy said...

Lol, and everybody stared at me like I was some zombie! XD

Bright Sponge said...

Hi, yes Dibsy, you know me!!! It's me, Bright Sponge!!! (glomps the dibster) I got la blog!

(turns to all the great people who are probably not even trying to read this)


Uh, that sounded wrong...

dibsy said...

Hello Bright Sponge!!! Actually, I think I might know you but I don't know your real name. You might be anybody.

Please don't cry.

c said...

I'm tagged! AGH!

dibsy said...

Heh, you butter believe it!!!! (does maple syrup imitation)

Savvy + Nick?! said...

lol... that thing about the ketchup reminded me of one time at my lunch table one of my friends had table clean up duty, so they got the table wet and we started sliding mine and amber's math books around. and one of them like flew off the table and hit the wall. lol

Bright Sponge said...

Lol, it would have been more funny if it hit someone. (but that person might be in the ER by now) Well, it did hit the wall, and the wall has done very bad things to me before.

Leanne said...

Thank you for not tagging me! *looks pointedly at Aly for tagging me* SOME PEOPLE take joy in tagging me.

dibsy said...

Lol, playing tag is awesome, except when you are It. ^^

Manga Dork said...

Thanks so much for tagging me!!!*hugs*
This is the first time I've been tagged!

dibsy said...

Well, that was my first time too! (huggles with manga dork) I've missed you!!!