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Friday, July 4, 2008


Hellllllo.... (sits primly in old-fashioned couch) Is anyone hear British?

(tries to talk in a British accent) or you people...are. (tries not to steriotype it)

Anyways, you know what I really hate sometimes???? My height. I'm tall, and i'm really skinny. I'm like a rail, and all the fat I want to have are in all the wrong places!

Na-na-na-na.... (for all of you people hear, 'na-na-na-na' means topic change)

Anyways, I had this one freaky dream about 2 nights ago I want some of you people hear to see. Oh ja, and if you didn't read the post below, please do. I am so easily bored I look thorugh all of my posts this month. I don't care if it was long ago or just the previous one.

It's-It's what i do in my spare time.

Anyways, this is what my dream was about. For some mysterious reason, I was sent to this huge camp, and to go to the other side there was this maze. There was also a fortress around the other side of the maze, but not at the other side.

So, at first, my dream was fun, and awesome. I swam in the swimming pool, I made friends, but i was warned about these Indians.

And then, one day, we saw smoke coming out of the fortress, and when we (as in me and my warrior friends...they were all adults/teens) went nearer, we saw that the Indians had set fire to our fortress!

OK, so, my friends became like an army and we all charged down to the Indians and started fighting them.

Suddenly, I alerted to myself to warn the other campers on the other side, so I rushed, (as impossible as a maze can be) towards the other side, but this crazy Indian girl (oh, I know Indians arne't like this. Maybe they were just terrorists. But they looked liek an old-fashioned Indian) followed me.

I can't really explain this, since I forgot some details, but me and the Indian girl had a sort of love-hate relationship. We helped each other at times, but several times we chased each othe,r and most of the time i think she held a spear...?

By the time I was on the other side she had lost her spear, and I babbled in front of these adults who didn't seem to care one bit about what was happening.

I forgot something, but I was trying to escape from the Indian girl by going into the maze, where I saw a shovel.

She was chasing me around, and I think she maybe gained back her spear, because I was running like I had never ran before. It felt like I was...floating.

And then I whipped around with the shovel and smacked her on the head with it. Since my dreams are PG-rated, all you could hear was a 'clang' and she fell to the ground, but there was no blood and stuff.

Anyways, the sky was really red, so I guess i was pretty much in the heat of the moment when I whacked her on the head with it again.

I felt guilty when I turned away, but then she started laughing like a maniac and I knew she hadn't felt a thing.

I think she was a cyborg. Think about it-no blood, and a clanging noise when i hit her. I mean, what the...?

So, she kept chasing me again, and then, POOF!, I awoke.

to tell you the truth, that dream was pretty fun. But it wasn't my style.

I really do prefer dreaming of adventures, but more light-hearted ones. Ones full of not only fighting and adventure, but some funny stuff, too. Like the movie Get smart.

Like one time, I once dreamt of kidnapping this total spoiled brat so she could join the FBI, (her information was very valuable. we needed her on the computers, i think) and we had to bribe her with a jar of M&M's.

Anyways, this is all for now!



Anonymous said...

Hi Dibsy!

Haha I read your "Ugh" blog. Sorry I haven't written back. I've been stressed cause of me going vacation. I'm going ot my mom and dad's house. And I'm soooo not ready. Well anyways...we were supposed to leave yesterday (July was yours by the way?) but we missed our flippen plane. You'll read a blog about that soon btw. So I'm getting ready to leave again and hopefully not miss my plane.

-Princess Lieny

P.S My parents do not have internet(I know how primative huh) so I will be updating on my blackberry...which might not happen too much! =[

dibsy said...

Oh... that's OK if you don't update much! I'll still try looking at your blog, though... You're going on vacation? Lucky. T.T July 4th was a little boring...both my parents had to go to work so...yeah. Hope you don't miss your plane!

wannabewriter said...

lol! that dream was funny... I could totally picture the clanging of the shovel on the head!

question: your seriously only 11? you don't write like an 11 year old! I woulda guessed you were my age, maybe a year older! wow... ur so cool dibs!

dibsy said...

Yes, yes, I'm 11. I'm a real bookworm, so yeah. Thanks for the praise, though. ^^

wannabewriter said...

same :D


dibsy said...

Na, na na, na, na. you SO deserve a virtual cookie. :D

wannabewriter said...

yummy :D can it be a snickerdoodle? they are DA BEST!!

dibsy said...

Oh, SURE!!