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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I was eating a lone hamburger when...

I was eating a lone cheeseburger when
I met a baby girl named Ben.
She told me that she was magical
And told me she thought I was radical
And let me have 3 wishes to-oday!

First I wished for a cheeseburger that day!!!
Yes, I wished for a cheeseburger that day!!
Only cause she ate my burger did she think I wa-as radical
And told me that she was magical
So I wished for a cheeseburger that day!!!

For number 2 I asked for juju
Since I wanted to be like Ben-
But instead she only told me it was for men!!!

So for number 2 I asked to be a boy!!!
But when Ben made me a boy I turned out to be a goy,
so I turned back to a girl once again!!

For number 3 I wanted cows
Lots and lots and lots of cows-
I wished for lots and lots of cows today!!

Now I can have lots of burgers,
But I wanted a cheeseburger,
But now I can have hamburgers,
And Ben...

Left. And then I was left with lots and lots of cows. :(



I like cheeseburgers :P

dibsy said...

Why, thank you...
You see, i have never eaten any kind of burger, and when I took a bite of a cheeseburger I...found what I was missing in my life. Lol.

c said...

i posted the pic finally. of the signature of Jennifer Garner's

dibsy said...

Oh, really??? I'm coming!!!

Manga Dork said...

Well is Ben a boy or a girl?
To bad about the cows.

dibsy said...

Oh, Ben is a girl. (why?)
I'll never know.

Anonymous said...

Um...very fascinating. Certainly lots of cow and cheeseburger related talent put into that....
Raducal! ^_^