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Friday, July 4, 2008


I feel so left behind... I hate it when commenters comment on me just once and then leave forever... although it's a few comments, not one.


Anyways, summer is going to be a large part of this year, unlike all the other years!! Eveyr year, I just laid around, being a bum!


Well, you get my point. T.T Tch. Darn writers bloc.

Anyways, I just remembered a small portion of my life that I would like share... (-_- Do I sound like a teacher?) about lip gloss, and how my breath actually smelled good for once. (do you really want to hear this?)

One day when I was veyr little, the time when Yra and me were best friends and in the same class, we had this girl named Leslie, who was an E.G.G. (Extreme Girly Girl)

So one day I brought this two sided bubblegum Hello Kitty lipgloss, and she asked me to borrow it. So I gave it to her.

After lunch break (i think) I came to her while we were back in class for my lip gloss, and I was ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED to see her.

Leslie had overly done it, not like any other E.G.G. could. So, this makes her her an E.E.E.G.G.! (Extra Extra Extreme Girly Girl)!!!

Her lips looked bloated with my lip glossiness, and looked like, two times its size. Noticing how much the overcoat looked like lipstick, I hissed quickly to her, "Take it off!"

"What?" She looked overly shocked. Guess she didn't check the mirror.

"The lip gloss! Now! Before the teacher sees! We're not allowed to wear makeup at school, remember???"

Taking the hint, she rubbed her fingers on her lips, while Yra turned to me and aske,d "What happened?"

I explained to her the utmost disaster and she said, "Oh no! You shouldn't give Leslie anything!"

OK, so Leslie had wiped off the lipgloss already, right? So, I quickly demanded, "Where's my lip gloss?"

She handed it to me, and this is probably the grossest part to all of you E.G.G.'s and E.E.E.G.G.'s out there.

One of the lip gloss sides were stuck. Leslie had smooshed it all around(it was the lip gloss stick par.t you know, it was like a glue stick) , and the cap couldn't go in. (Leslie kept apologizing to me, btw) I looked around. No trash cans in sight. The classroom was near us, and for sure the teacher would catch us.

In a pure moment of desperation, I grabbed a chunk of lip gloss into my mouth. "We have to eat it!"

Of course, both my friends hesitated, but being so totally awesome (yra is more awesome cause she didn't ruin my lip gloss!) they joined me, and in the end, our mouths were sticky and covered in lip gloss goop, and a bitter taste was stuck in our mouths.

Lip gloss may smell good, but it tastes NASTY, by the way. Speaking of smell, I thinkour breaths started smelling pretty good.

Still nasty experience, though. T.T

Does anyone else have a nasty story they want to share? If so, comment on this post ONLY, and I'll try posting it on this blog, along with including your user name!

(I need descriptive details, though, if you can. I still love posting nasty stuff, though.)


Alyce Kullen said...

Oh my gosh. Lipgloss eating. XD Your friends must really love you to do that, lol. *jk* ^^ Sounds like quite an epical experience. Poor E.E.E.G.G. xD I really do like your blog, Dibs. I hope to see more son. :) Sorry it took me so long to comment again! vv,,

Great blog, Dibsy! God Bless!


dibsy said...

It's okay, Alyce Kullen. ^^ I will have a forever soft spot for you since you were my first commenter EVER. thansk, though. But sadly, Leslie moved away, and I think Yra has long forgotten that 'epical experience.' Thanks for coming back, though. I feel really... (sniffs) HAPPY!! (glomps)

wannabewriter said...

Well.. there is this one thing that happened more to me than to my parents...

ok. We were at Hershey Park (for those of you who don't know, it's located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It's an amusement park totally dedicated to Hershey's chocolate! ITS AMAZING!!!) and we were going on all of these rides. Me and my sisters decided to go on the swings (a classic), but we didn't know what would happen.

The ride had started and my parents were watching us go in circles. I'm guessing maybe someone on the ride with us had a little bit too much to eat... cuz they kinda barfed all over. It hit my parents and the couple standing next to them, but the other couple got most of it. They were covered, while my parents got flecks here and there. It was on my Mom's shirt, and my dad's face (including his mouth XP)! It was absolutely disgusting! But other than that... Hershey Park was really fun.

Just to let you know... if you post this, I'm not sure anyone will want to read it :D

dibsy said...

Ooh...I'll try posting that, sometime!! (oh, barf in your mouth...oh, ewww...

Manga Dork said...

Okay this is relly nasty.
One day I was riding in my dads truck and was thirsty and I saw a can and I took a huge drink of it and I told mm it was really spicy and my dad lokked back and it turned out not to be pop it wa sactually my dads spit!!(He chews tobacco)From then on I always ask if it is okay to drink something in my dads truck!!

wannabewriter said...

eww that's gross! my dad doesn't chew tobacco... it's still gross though. Dibs, I got another gross story for ya! Here goes...

Well, this was when I was like, really little. Like, two/three years old. Ok, this is actually really funny, but kind of embarrassing on my part. I'll tell you anyways, just cuz it's funny.

Alright, so since I was so little, my older sister and I would take baths together. She was only a year older than me. (Well, she still is only a year older than me) Anyways, I would take baths with her, and one day, I'm not sure why- I don't remember this stuff too clearly, I just sorta... let my bowels loose. My sister screamed and stood up in the bath. She was totally freaked out cuz there were a bunch of little turds floating in the tub! She was grossed, out, but apparently I didn't think too much of it.

so ya, I think its pretty funny, but that's probably only because my sister was the victim. If it would have been the other way around, well, let's just spare the details.

yours truly <3

dibsy said...

Lol...I feel you two... (pats backs of both mangadork and Kels) Next time I need to eat some lipgloss I am so involving you two...

wannabewriter said...

sounds good to me. BRING ON THE LIPGLOSS!!

dibsy said...

YEEEAAAHHH!!! Strawberry, or watermelon??? (turns to manga dork) How about you?


watermelon for moi!! please :P

dibsy said...

Oh, but I wanted strawberry... Oh well. Strawberry watermelon is pretty awesome anyways!!!