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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Lots of things have happened.

And by a lot, I mean a cupcake load of A LOT.

Like, my School Spelling Bee. I was second place. >.< (I lost on 'aquiescent'...grrr! >:O)

So much I don't know where to begin. :/ So I won't, even though I can just look through my emails and copy & paste everything that has happened in my life.

I'm lazy. xD I'm a procrastinator.

Guys, email me, it's a lot quicker. And I go on more often there. :]



Remy Ma said...

Bye Bye

Lydia said...

lol I think you just might have beaten me for laziest blogger!!

Only messing! Love ya really.

btw. Spelling bees? those things actually exsit? pffftt! lol

Cuppy said...

hurray!! second place!!!!! That's the single coolest thing I've heard all day!!

and in response to your previous post, don't worry about zeddo ove life. I've been single all my days too and I'm sixteen. But don't write off love, either!! It is a good thing! and falling in love is one of the best experiences, no matter what you fall in love with, a religion, a person, an animal, a place...doesn't matter!!!

Oh yeah, and if you wanna go over to people's houses, just get a bicycle. Or a skateboard or somehting. Cars are overrated anyways. nasty gas-guzzling pieces of....yeah.

But, loads and loads and tons and cupcake dishes full of Love to you!!!!!

Leah said...

Go second place! (You totally would have beat me. I'm terrible in spelling bee's. xP) And I will be emailing you soon. :)

Aly K. said...

Aw, ai'ight, I shall email you.

Remy Ma said...

O' Sorry Dibsy, my comment was a random comment. What I meant to say was ... umm. I dunno but I know I have to say sumthing

Cruz said...

woohoo second place xD

weird word lol xD

Emerald said...

Hey Dib.
Hope we can talk soon...

Dibsy said...

Hi hi hi hi hiiiiii everyone! -sobs- The dib has missed you greatly! :D

And Emereld, I replied! :D

Nixx said...

blogger's dying.


Dibsy said...

a slow, painful place. :(

usclabdog said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
c said...

congratulations!! thats awesome about the spelling bee!! its ok. at least you posted at all. i forget and get lazy and procrastinate.

blogger is not dying!! it is just in the dark ages. :P

Emerald said...

Spiling bes are awesme!
...Wen yuo know how to spell the wrod...


I can't type fro stih. :(

Rose Mary said...

it's dying.
that or it's some pretty serious dark ages.
We'll have to act fast if we want to bring it back, any ideas?