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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Randomness from the dark hole in my skull :D

Little Miss was her name. Little Miss was little.

Little Miss was pretty. Petite, golden locks, blue eyes, and feminine curves.

Little Miss was talented. Little Miss could sing and dance and play sports and had straight A's.

Nobody liked Little Miss. Little Miss was too perfect.

Little Miss was probably snobby.

Little Miss probably thought she was better than everyone.

Little Miss was probably spoiled and rich.

Little Miss probably slept with your boyfriend.

Little Miss probably slept with your teacher.

Little Miss has no friends.

Little Miss was on her early morning jog.

Men grabbed Little Miss.

Men offered Little Miss money for a night.

Little Miss screamed no.

People heard Little Miss.

Nobody liked Little Miss.

The men took Little Miss.

The men did not pay Little Miss.

Nobody liked Little Miss.

Little Miss went to school.

The men attended Little Miss' school.

They told everyone that Little Miss begged them.

That Little Miss wanted it.

That Little Miss craved it.

Nobody liked Little Miss.

Little Miss graduated.

Little Miss applied for a job.

Nobody liked Little Miss.

Little Miss was too much of a slut.

Little Miss was too pretty to be smart.

Little Miss was too normal.

Little Miss cried all the way home.

Men grabbed Little Miss.

Nobody liked Little Miss.

She was too perfect.


Rose Mary said...

depressing, much?

Dibsy said...

I was in a dark mood. O.O And I feel for the Little Miss's in the world. :D

Dibsy said...

And you are right, Rose Mary. xD

Emerald said...

I sympathize Little Miss...
No one ever really knew what she was going through... just guessed...
I get that a lot at school... >:(

Dibsy said...

You? :O

Emerald said...

Yeah, strange as it may seem, even though I turned my life around and started helping them !
Funny how that works, isn't it? ^u^

Dibsy said...

You're such I saint. :P


Remy Ma said...

Umm sorry to interupt but wat is this post about

Dibsy said...

it's a poem

you're too innocent and small :D don't dwell on it ^o^

Emerald said...

What? I'm suddenly a saint? XD?

Dibsy said...

You were born one. :D

Emerald said...

Okayyyy? XD

Nixx said...

awesome. really. really awesome. seriously. seriously really awesome.


c said...

That was so sad! Little Miss should pack up her things and get out of that crazy place!! poor little miss

Leah said...

Poor Little Miss. I think she should move and try to start life over.

Cuppy said...

Poor little Miss. and poor Emerald!!!!

and by the way, that's not's poetically written paragraphs and phrases. I'm a little touchy on the subject of things poetically written. poetry has meter and rhyme and free verse isn't technically poetry.

Of course, that's only my opinion and you can feel free to counter it. XD

Dibsy said...

-bows to all- I've missed you guys! :D

Um. Ok Cupcuppo. :D The idiot in my head cannot tell the difference between poetry and prose. Lol xD

Aly K. said...

Wow. That was a really good poem. (Sorry it took forever to reply this and that I never go on Blogger anymore. :( ) That was just really good. And I agree with Leah-chan.

Dibsy said...


Dibsy said...