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Friday, November 6, 2009

I don't wanna push it, I don't wanna fight, but this feeling keeps me up all night

I hate hormones.

No no no-I LOVE hormones.

No...I hate it.


You know what, you know what, it just SUCKS. OK?

And that crap about how 12 year olds are too young to do anything sucks, too.

So there!

That is all.

And...and if you know the title of this song, you'll agree with me!


DON'T FIGHT IT! (Fight WHAT?!?!?)



Cuppy said...

oh, Dibsy. welcome to the wonderful world of puberty. if it's any consolation, you now have something completely intangible to blame all of your problems on...and most of the time it's ACTUALLY your hormones' fault. XD

and i hated that too!! people telling you you're not old enough to make your own decisions. pfft. load of bull twaddle, that. I'm sixteen and i still get that. 'teenagers are too young to choose what they want. they don't know their own minds.' blah blah blah. yeah right!!

but don't worry! you'll get through. and by the time you get to about fourteen you go into a lull...until you're sixteen and everything gets confusing again. XD

but hey, just enjoy the ride! much as you can...and remember to cry frequently if possibly!! maybe not in public, but if you ever feel the need to just let some stuff out, don't hold back. otherwise you end up really messed.

haha. oh, the advice people give.


Dibsy said...

"Cry frequently"? Ummm...thanks for the advice Cuppo... o.o Yeah...I get what you're saying... >.<

Jillian said...

being 12 seriously stinks. especially when u think ur in love, but everyone assures you that 12 year olds can't fall in love. i've been there.

Cursed♪♫ said...

Totally agree with Jillian.
And yes, cry often. It helps. :)
Also, live with all of it, cause you'll have to bear it all till you're sixteen.

Alexandria said...

Poor Dibsy being put in the world of puberty, just cry a lot cause I don't anymore unless I'm uber sad. But that's only cause I'm not normal

Remy Ma said...


Cuppy said...

Alexandria, you don't happen to be sixteen as well? 'cause i have that self same problem...

Emerald said...

It's going to be okay Dib.
We all go through it.
I actually had a pretty hard time getting used to the hormones myself.
So hang tight, don't let the hormones bring you down.

Cruz said...

aww *hugs*

c said...

i am 12 in a half and am at the start of this crazy hormone ride also! good luck!!!

Aly K. said...

Hm, I believe I must now look up this song soon. ^^'

I am so sorry I've been not here for so long! D: *hugglefy* I'm sorry about your hormones. :( I do agree that they suck. LYLAS, Dibs! I'm really sorry I haven't been here in a while. And don't worry, 12 sucks, but it does get better. Really, it does. *huggle again*

Leah said...

Agreed with Cuppy. Cry often, it really does help. And be prepared for a long ride on the hormone train. :P