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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The birds are shining, and the sun is singing... oh wait lol.

In other news,

I WON THE SCHOOL SPELLING BEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I'LL BE ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yay I'm so happy!!!!!!! I own the school spelling bee!!!!!!!!!!

LOL, you know how if contestant number 2 spells one wrong (when it's the last 2 left) the other person (me) gets to try spelling the same word??

It was savant. When the teacher said it it sounded weird. It was like he was saying 'sabbath'. -.-

Since if I spelled it wrong it would mean the hours and hours (no joke) of studying were for nothing, (because being second place doesn't get you a wig, cell phone, or a chance to be on tv) so I was all like,


"Yes. Savant."


"Yes. The word is savant."

"Savant? Saaaaaaaavant? Savaaaaaaant? Sssssssssssaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnttttttt??"

"YES, THE WORD IS SAVANT." (<--you can tell Mr. V my teacher is getting annoyed)

"Ok. Sssssaaaaaaavvvvaaaaannnnnnttttt. S-A-V-A-N-T."


(almost the whole sixth grade whoops)


"WAIT! One more word!!!"

(place silences)


I smile, asked for definition and sentence, (since you can never be too sure) and spelled, "S-U-R-V-E-I-L-L-A-N-C-E."




It was more like a real spelling bee. If you get it wrong they press this button that goes, 'DING'.

There was this one time where I almost got a heart attack.


"Dimuntion? D-I-...D...wait I'm going to start over, ok?"

whisperwhisper, whisperwhisper.



(imaginary rain cloud goes over the sixth grade-"Aww...") ((by this time I was the only sixth grader))

Then Mrs. Hanada (the principal) interrupts as I'm walking down to my class, "She said the same things over again, she was starting over, she was correct."

Diminution was a word I hated. The past two days I've been studying nonstop. I haven't even went out to recess. Earlier that lunch Shantel (close friend) and me practiced.

Diminution was one of the very few words I misspelled. She had to repeat it like 8 times for me to get it. Dim-in-u-tion. ("Dim, light. In, out. U, as in you must not lose. Tion, as we will shun you.")

I'm really happy but lots of the fourth graders made fun of me. Like last year, I was slowly freaking out inside(I was in the Bee last year too), so I was praying like three to nine times a round. They made fun of me 'cause of it.

WELL, fourth graders, I'm a sixth grader, which means I'm SMARTER than you, AND you're not in the spelling bee, so, YOU ARE STUPID!!!! (no offense to the kinder, more intelligent fourth graders, whom i can name are smarter than some sixth graders in my class)

But I wasn't the only one that prayed. =) People like Noemi, Lucia, Shantel were praying for me. XDXDXD

When I came back to my class, I couldn't breath. Everyone was treating me like I won the Oscars or something. I was gonna give Shantel her sweater back (I borrowed it for good luck) and then like half the class hugged me.

It was like being tackled in football, except instead of sweaty muddy guys they were friendly helpful people that I really, really loved. Mostly females, you know, since it is very awkward if you are a male and hug a female. (whom you don't like in 'that' way. T-T)

Also, if anyone has been counting, (i.e.-no one) this is the 100th post on this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I was waiting for the bee to be over to post thish!!! :)


Well, my adrenaline just died now.

OK, so the 100th post wasn't a big whoop to most of you.

So let's celebrate on the 101th post, the post after this one!!! Any ideas?? Hmmm?? Any ideas to celebrate???




C said...

Woah! You're such a good speller! Congratulations on winning!!!

Cuppy said...

SQUEEEEE!!!!! OMIGOSHIES i totally could not win a spelling bee. you're sooooo SMART!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYZZZ!!!!!! i actually suck at verbal spelling. soo bad. i sorta stutter if I'm under too much pressure sooo...XD CONGRATULATIOONS!!!!

Aurora said...

YAY! Congratz!! I would never last in a spelling bee, I may know a lot of words but spelling them is like trying to reach to the moon for me xD Lol. so CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!! AND Yay! for the 100th post thing! I think we should do something like... um... er... SOMETHING! somethin exciting :o.. xD! well I can't really think right now cause I got the hicups D:. Talk to ya later!!!,

Aurora :3

Nixx said...

congratulations,dibsy! i was in a geography bee a last year, but i only came in second. o well. and, according to ur blog archive thingy, this is only ur 85th post....

by the way, dont know what it's called). I actually tried pressing the alt and F4 keys....i cant beleive i fell for that...i feel so...stupid. haha , i dont feel toooo stupid...


dibsy said...

C: THank you so much!!! For everything!! And the trophy!! It was shiny!!! (hugs)
Cuppy: Thanks, lol.
Aurora: Thank you all so much!! (tears up and cries) Stand on your head! It me...
Nixx: I would never even pass the first round in a geography bee... XD Nonono this is my 100TH post! I've been counting on my Dashboard, it says 100TH POST! :O (because it counts my drafts, oopsy daisies lol) Thanks for pressing my icon. I was hoping someone would do it. XP

Tara said...

Congratulations on winning the spelling bee! That must have been really exciting for you. Congratulations on the 100th post too (that's more than my blog has!). Oh, and I nominated you for the fabulous blog award so you have another reason to be happy! :)

Cursed♪♫ said...

hey!! congrats !!!!

Cruz said...

*starts victory dancing*

dibsy said...

Tara: (hugs) You are sooo nice thank you so much!! :)
Juhi: Heeey Juhi!! :D
Cruz: (victory dances also)

griffinrider said...

CONGRATS! and what's savant? was that the word? i don't remember.

i'm so excited for you!

Rien said...

Congratulations!! (that's such a long word, why is it so long?)

dibsy said...

griffy: yeah it was! :3 savant:
A person of learning; one who is versed in literature or science. XD
rien: thanks! and...i don't know!! XD

Nixx said...

woot. im bored. and feeling random. and tired. hooray. hodge podge calvin and hobbes. Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin and Hobbes. Do you like waffles? Yeah, we like waffles!
Jeez. kaboom. yay. uh oh, there i go again. just rambling on. oh well. i dreamed that some of my friends were trying to kill me. one of them stabbed me in the ribs, and wen i woke up, my ribs hurt. so, beware friends. they cant be trusted. well...sometimes they can...


dibsy said...

lol nixx dat was random... O.o

Anonymous said...

Congrats! When I was in sixth grade we didn't have on except in fifth and I like sucked. lol. anyhow, I don't see why diminution isn't spelled the way it's supposed to sound like.

i feel like rambling. oh wells. :)

dibsy said...

heeey vlo! i've missed you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! what's up? anyhow.... i followed ur blog! :)

dibsy said...

orly? thx!