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Friday, January 16, 2009

Soss wetch hatch? (also PS: Cursed please don't post anything right now because I am planning something REALLY big so plz don't do anything just yet!)

Soss wetch hatch means What's Up? in Polish!! I am sounding out because I have no idea how to spell!!!

Anyways as I said in the above world Cursed (or as I prefer Cursed Box Box-Juhy) please don't post just yet right now okaaaay? Thaaaaaaanks!!!

w00tw00t! A-MAZING FRIDAY!!!

I am gonna compete in the school spelling bee! Yeah! And if I win I get to go to the district and represent my school and be on live television! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!

Oh noez but I've been practicing and failing on a lot of words!!! :O Noez!!! No no nooo!!!!

In other news...


If you do not understand this then obviously it does not involve you!!! (LOL jk but it's true)

I am so bored nowadays......

I am a child genius. I am a child genius. (sits down and meditates) I am a child genius. I am a child genius. I am an unfairly misunderstood child genius. GAH!

Does anyone here watch CSI?? I watch it, and my favorite CSI is CSI: New York!!! XD Has anyone noticed that Horatio in CSI: Miami acts really weird? It's like he can only see in the corner of his eye. He's always looking sideways and wearing glasses. Hehehehehe.

CSI: Las Vegas is really good but I don't like the lighting and I find it kind of boring. Miami has all these bright lights, unintentional funny boss, and currently has no dead Warrick. The dead people in Las Vegas look really good, though. Really realistic.

You know, in a way CSI teaches criminals the mistakes they make... I've been watching it and found out the perfecto way to kill someone. OR DO I?!?! LOL I thought of posting it here know...what if a future killer comes on?? =O

Woo! I currently have nothing to talk about.

I'm in "eek" mode. Just watched...(guess???) CSI!!! It was an episode where these brides were fighting over a dress...OR WERE THEY?!?! :O

I should come back to my HENZ. (happily energetic niceness zone) I must meditate.

GUH. There are so many EGGs in my school. GOSH EGGs ARE SO ANNOYING.

EGG-extreme girly girl



I'm having fun with acronyms. Ooh, ooh, there are lots of PB&J's in my school, too. Oh, that's not an acronym.

A PB&J is someone who is boring and plain. Not uncommon. Not uncommon at all.

I have an undeniable urge to come to Cory's blog and call him Cooc. But I'm sleepy. (snores)

Anyways, I'm probably gonna post another post sometime later today, so buh-bye fellas!!!


Cuppy said...

lol. hahaa acronyms are awsome (AAA) XD (Xylophone dome) hahahahaha.

HUZZAH!!!!!!!!...I dunno what for...perhaps for polish and other languages? Hmmmm....AN HANGGLIDERS!!!!!!! YAYZZ!!!

dibsy said...

wats a xylophone dome?? oh noez!!! DXDXDX YAY HANGLIDERS!!!

Tara said...

Good luck with the spelling bee! :)

dibsy said...

thanks tara!!! :)

Cuppy said...

I dunno what a xylophone Dome is. those were just the first two words i thought of for an acronym of XD....XD

dibsy said...

ohhhh lol. XD

but then what of DX? dome xylophone??

Cursed♪♫ said...

its JUHI dibsy !!!!!

dibsy said...

heeeyaaaa cursed!!! XDXDXD

Kamal said...

U seem to be fun.
And yup all the best on ur spelling Bee competition.
Since IT ate my brain I am not able to comment more. ;)

deko and posh said...


We would love to have you! Please send us an email with your information.

Your Age & Birthday
Your Location
What Topic do you want to write about.

dekoposh, Inc. Team

dibsy said...

Thanks Kamal. :) I actually thought this post was a bit of a flop, it wasn't that random... ^^

Uhh...sure, Deko and Posh! :)

Nixx said...

Itz ay gud ding eye amm knot inn da speeling bea beecuz eye kant speel varie whell. Eye kno dat eye hav nutt cummended laitly, butt itz nutt meye fahlt. Eye hav nutt hadt tyme too du itt. Sury, Dupsy!

(adt leest eye kan spellt meye oun naym, wrighte?

C said...

What are you planning!!??? Spelling Bees are awesome!!

dibsy said...

It took my 5 minutes to read your message, Nixx! DX

I'm planning to study study study, and if I win I can get a wig! :D

griffinrider said...

well, wigs are nice. dream big!

dibsy said...

i know, right! you too! :)

Manga Dork said...

Good Luck on the Spelling Bee!!

dibsy said...

i won!! XD