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Monday, February 2, 2009

i lost.

i lost on the district spelling bee. i spelled 'faux' wrong. it turns out it's pronounced 'foe'. i spelled 'foire.

i'm so depressed now. i broke down on live television and in front of the school board. everyone keeps saying that i tried my best and it was ok, but IT IS NOT OK. I DIDN'T DO GOOD ENOUGH. I AM A FAILURE AND I WAS STUPID TO STUDY HOURS AND HOURS RELENTLESSLY ON SOMETHING SO...UGH!!!

Can you believe this?! I was the only one who got the hard ones! I got words like ingratiate, motif, kaleidescope!!! Everyone else got easy words like impecunious and illegible!!!

And the last two were so dumb. When it's the last day, if person A gets it wrong, person B gets the same word. if she spells it wrong, they start all over.

We spent like twenty minutes doing it over and over again. They got the easiest words-repertoire, ect... Neither of them even spelled cantaloupe right!!! I got so hard words and those people got $$$ and tv. and newspaper pictures, and guess what?

I can spell cantaloupe!!! I saw the other contestants... THEY COULDN'T SPELL FAUX. I saw their faces!!! Stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I stepped out I felt like running in front of the cars and just dying. I hate myself, that stupid bee, and those contestants that will let us down. If they couldn't spell cantaloupe, they're not gonna make it in the regional finals.

I'm so sad and I'm full of rage. I've spent hours and hours of studying.






Can you spell these words??!! I think not. And that champion probably can't, either!!!


ApocalypsE said...

Guess you over-prepared:-) So happy you were to win the school contest, Don't let things like this put you down :-)

dibsy said...

It's harder than that... :(

c said...

=D i can't even spell my name. and its only 1 letter!
you should be very proud of yourself dibsy. cuz i'm proud of you :)

Cruz said...

yeah Dibs you're younger than MOST of us and spell a whole hell of a lot better than us lol... awww I feel for you but you should be proud you made it as far as you did was an accomplishment alone... we all lubs you!!! *bakes a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies the size of frisbees with smileys on them* just for joo! *hugglz* Cruzy

Nixx said...

jeez. well, don't take it too hard. i bet none of us cfan spell as well as u. if it makes u feel better, i accidentally spelled "can" wrong in that last sentence...


dibsy said...

still. i lost to some fifth grader and unlike you guys, i've been studying hours and hours at a time each day...

i got in sixth place. you have to be in fifth place or higher to get a prize.

Cuppy said...

Well, look at it this way, if you'd gotten fifth or higher, your head would have been soooo swollen you would be able to get out of bed. :) so at least this way you don't have a big ego inflated head!!!

and we love you anyways!!! no matter what place you got in a spelling bee!!!! *bakes another batch of cookies that aren't QUITE as big and no doubt tasty as Cruz's 'cause she probably cooks AMAZING cookies...but they're still yummy and mine have little heart sprinkle things on them and lots of food coloring.*...:D *hugglifies* We wuv you!!!

dibsy said...

(bites on one)

That's okay, I guess. I got the next best thing! :D

jckandy said...

I was in a spelling bee once, but it wasn't on TV, and the words weren't that hard. But I understand the feeling of scary. Wanna know something funny? I happened to win (by a fluke) and in the basket I received was the movie "Dirty Dancing"'s that for school appropriate??!?!!?

dibsy said...

lol jckandy... XD