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Monday, December 22, 2008

Ohhh myyyyyy gooooossssshhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (screams and bangs on keyboard) UBLASHKAMUSHAWAKALAKA!!!!!!!! FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i'm gonna be the next angry german kid choronicle-angry asian kid!) AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


OMG, I woke up this morning because there was like a fire alarm in my house because my dad was cooking spam!!! (i was supposed to cook it...) But, FLARG! I was having the deepest sleep I've ever had in YEARS! OMIGOSH!

SO, I went out, eyes STILL closed, and walked over to the my dad's bedroom and slept on it there. (which felt really nice because his bed is better than mine)

AND THEN I woke up again because I had to eat breakfast... So I ate it quietly, and then I decided to sleep again, but my dad wanted me to sleep in my brother's bed instead, so I went there but I couldn't sleep.

AND NOOOOOW I have like a killer headache and I have the sniffles and jelly legs and I NEED MY SLEEP!!




Excuse me...(rubs headache) Gosh I feel as if I was drunk and I got a hangover...omg I think mah head is about to explode!!! OH NOEZ! I just sneezed! I feel as if my stomach is burning in acid! My arm is itchy! (stops to scratch it)

NOEZ!!! I'm the kind of person to never get colds, but when I do it's like, 'x.x'!!!

I need members for this blog, Cursed box box might be the only one working on it soon and she hasn't even introduced herself yet...




*::♫♪♥'.victoria.'♥♪♫::* said...

OMG i hate it when ur in a deep sleep and suddenly you wake up! sorry u feel so bad. :P

Agent Dibsy said...

lol thanks. XD (continues to bang head with keyboard)

C said...

Live! Dibsy you must live!

Cuppy said...

aww!! being pulled violently out of sleep is no fun at all!!!!! But, youmust stay alive!! you shall recover!!!! *casts a crazy spell over Dibsy so she lives forever...we hope* There, that should be good...unless it backfires and kills everyone, but i don't think that's gonna happen. XD

Agent Dibsy said...

hahahahaaaaa im awake now i drank oj. XD (but my back still feels like it's gonna break off, and my eyes feel like they're gonna fall off along with my fingers, but anything for my internet fwends. XD)