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Monday, December 29, 2008


I, the Bookworm, have decided to name the differences between similiar types of books! (i'm bored guys)

Romance novels and chick-lits are TOTALLY different!!!

Chick-Lits are more romantic comedy then Romance Novels, which is why they are classified as the counterpart of chick flicks. They have less to do with family, and have more comical events than suspenseful ones.

Romance novels are more serious, and has more romance than chick-lits. They have more to do with family and a bit less with friends, and there are more epic events than funny ones. Romance novels point more toward a more mature audience than a chick-lits, and may have more mature scenes and/or harder language.

The differences between a mystery book and a crime/horror book.

A mystery book is about the detective and the clues and evidence he or she gets to find out who the suspect is. It focuses more on the crime scene and the victim than the suspect itself.

A crime/horror book focuses a lot more on the suspect and follows more on it's life and to the climax, which is the crime, usually murder. This is in which the detective is the bad guy, and it focuses on a lot more on the motive.

I know more, but my boredom interest just ran out. Buh-bye.


Princess Lieny said...

well thank you for clearing that up for me hun! <3

Yes im 19 lol

Cruz said...

wowza you WERE bored! lol, I guess I never thought about that... and you know your followers box thing, I had a question, are we on some sort of schedule to conquer the world, or is it just if the opportunity comes up kinda thing? lol

and coffee creamer, I think it's flammable on it's own, not sure, I saw some vids on you tube about coffee creamer fire balls! they were cool! lol okayz looonnnggg comment over! *hugs*

Agent Dibsy said...

Welcome Lieny! <3

Lawlz Cruz it's an oppurtunity! XD

Alyce Kullen said...

That was very intriguing. :] I feel much more informed now, dibs! ^^ xD ^^ :)

Agent Dibsy said...

lawlz ur welcome! XD