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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Dibsy Show LIVE

Ahem. ahem, beautiful people of blogger dot com, we welcome you to...

The Dibsy Show LIVE!!!

4 Very Random, very dibby contestants will compete against each other to see who is the dibbiest one of them all. The Contestants are,

Manga Dork

I, your very dibby host, will spin the wheel of misfortune to determine the topic of today's contestants' random Words of Wisdom, or WOW's.

You, the readers, will have to vote to see who wins, and will be crowned Dibby King/Queen. The game is all up to YOU. You will rate each rate each contestant to see who is crowned, by WoW points:

5 WoWs-you suck
10 WoWs-kind of funny...
15 WoWs-funny
20 WoWs-real funny
25 WoWs-really funny
30 Wows-like omglolrofl!!!

like, for instance, if bob was against ben, and ben was really funny, he would have 25 WoWs, and if bob was kind of funny, he would be 10 WoWs. So thoufore, ben wins. Get it? so you comment:

bob: 10 WoWs
ben: 25 WoWs

OK!!! Here are our contestants!!!

Dibsy (D): OK, our first contestant, vLo!!!
vLo (V): (waves)
D: Next up, Cory!!!
Cory (cor): (waves)
D: Coady!!!
Coady (coa): (waves)
D: Last but not least, Manga Dork!!!
Manga Dork (MD): (waves)

OK!!! (walks over to wheel of misfortune) ((spins))

And it lands on...



V: I love food!! in fact, sometimes, food reminds me of i don't know. anyhow, my mind comes up with bananas/potatoes/pizza/apples/whatever food my mind can think of which i can't think of right now... anyhow, so ta-da we've got the world's weirdest foods on hand. Oh my god! i was just thinking, about this thing i saw on Guinness Records (don't remember the year)! I know this sounds pretty well, off topic but like this guy he was eating a whole freaking bike! and so, we're like in class, and my sci teacher was like, 'ya know it's not true. the guy doesn't really eat the bike. he take teeny pieces of the bike rips it and puts it in his food or something and eats it. and it's for a year and now he's eaten the bike.' i didn't really believe him but hey, it has to do with food right? (shrugs) oh yeah, back to topic, well so pizza/apples/bannanas/potatoes are really random and are used as the worlds most humor words. how escastic. (escatic that's a funny word). anyhow, what i'm thinking currently is like, what've somebody actually ate all of those foods together? i mean like that's possible but most people do with ranch and like it's kinda funny watching them eat with their mouth full dripping all over in ranch. well, i wouldn't say that because that's how i eat with pizza... most of the time. :) and i guess that's all i have to say about food. oh yeah!! i was watching this thing on youtube. type madtv... (this hasn't to do with food)... and type antonia with madtv. and watch any video with antonia in it! hilarous!! ok how did i go from food to antonia?

WOW!!! Next up, Cor!!!

Cor: once upon a time.... on an ordianary day just like any other ordinay day.... cory walked in....and everything changed -dun dun dun!!!- i got my tray of food, and sat down, now u think like a normallll person im gonna eat my food right....? so then out of nowhere i yell "fooooood fight!!!!!!!" and throw some mashed potato's...., but nobody joins in and everyone just stares at me.... so i sloooowly sit back down and go "yeee..." and everything goes back to normal.

Yee! Next, Coa!!!

Coa: "well... one day (yesterday), me and my friend were walking to his house. We had to go past my house so i stopped in to get some food. I didnt have a bag, so i stuffed my coat pockets with some mushrooms, two cheese sticks, a pear, an orange, two plums, and a jos-louis. I then proceded to eat these in seven minutes. When i went home, my dad gave me the same thing (strangey enough) for supper. That night, (dream slightlly edited) i had a dream where i fought off zombies with those food items. it was, a strange day."- true story, no joke.

XD Last but definitely not leats, Manga Dork!!!

MD: One time when I was 3, I thought rabbit poop looked like whoppers. SO I ate one, and it did not taste like whoppers at all. My mom freaked and I had to brush my teeth at least 5 times! So I now know never eat food out of the floor anywhere.

YAY! OK readers, now it's your turn!!! XD Vote in the comment link below, and rate each contestant with their WoWs!!!!


dee name ez vLo said...

hey can i a comment? i'm a contestee

Agent D said...

yaaa cause like you just did right now :P

Cruz said...

My WoW votes:

vLo: 10 WoW
Cory: 25 WoW
Coady: 15 WoW
Manga Dork: 20 WoW

Now my personal comments:
vLo: (o.O) a bike?
Cory: I'm not at all suprised by this story...
Coady: what's jos-louis?... zombies? cool
MD: So funny and so Ewww at the same time!


PS [¬º-°]¬ D that's my zombie! LOL

Agent D said...

k thanks for voting!!! XD

c said...

vLo: 20 WoW
Cory:30 WoW
Coady:20 WoW
Manga Dork:20 WoW

PS: Manga Dork, what do you mean my whoppers? Like the burgers? (sorry if this is really obvious and I just don't understand. lol)

Agent D said...

Hmmm...things are looking good for Cory!! XD Well, we'll just have to stay tuned and find out!

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

vLo: 15 wow
Cory: 25 wow
Mango Dork: 20 wow
Coady: 20 wow

Lol...this is fun ! :)

vLo said...

wow. i must suck at humor...

c said...


WoW 10 points to vLo for changing her name.

(can i award bonus points?? please!!!)

Agent Dibsy said...

BB: lol thanks! XD
vlo: nah, you don't!! XD
c: sure...

Scrappy Girl said...

I give Manga Dork 30 wows because it was totally hilarious to see it in person...gross little kid! Ha ha

Agent Dibsy said...

Lol but wait scrappy!!!! you have to say the others too or it doesn't count. DX

Scrappy Girl said...


Agent Dibsy said...

m'kay thank you!!! XD

vLo said...

so when is the deadline for all votings?

Agent Dibsy said...

When we reach 20 comments. ^^ 4 more!

Nicole:) said...

vlo 10
cory 10
Coady 10
MD 30

Agent Dibsy said...

m'kay, thanks!!! XD

C said...

I tagged you!!!!!
mwa haha
go to my blog to see what i wrote. here are the rules
1.Each blogger must post these rules first.
2.Each blogger starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
3.Blogger s that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their 8 things.
4.At the end of your blog,you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.
5.Don't forget to leave them a comment,telling them that they've been tagged and to read your blog.

C said...

But you don't have to do the tag thing right away because of the Dibsy Show

vLo said...

hey that doesn't count!! becuz, hmm... most of the comments aren't ratings!! and it's very unjust!! arghh!!

Agent Dibsy said...


vLo said...

huh? lol... anyhow it doesn't matter. i'm just saying it doesn't count becuz half of the comments aren't about ratings... well almost. it doesn't matter. ur doing the dibsy show. so, i guess so far... md is winning. my ratings would be:

Agent Dibsy said...

m'kay. XD

griffinrider said...

md and cor were funny.

griffinrider said...

and you mean "whoppers" as in chocolate, right?

Agent Dibsy said...

i dunno what she meant, but i thought she meant something like that hamburger...

vLo said...

hey was reading ona he... when u gonna post?

Agent Dibsy said...

oh i dunno...

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