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Thursday, April 16, 2009


(Above: Me and My Bro)

As said from my VERY OWN PERSONAL GURU, Photobucket!!! v.v

Anyways, I'm getting some results with the working-out thing, hurray. I have a treadmill. :)

Well, actually the treadmill was a pretty good clothing rack until SOMEONE decided to fix it. (ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Cuz my dad was all like, "No next time, next time" and never did it, so while he was getting ready for work I realized that if I wanted something done now, and RIGHT, I'd have to do it on my own!!!

It's harder than you think, you know. ESPECIALLY if you're 12 years old like me. The treadmill is like right next to the TV, so there's a bunch of wires and cords I had to figure out and which belonged to the TV and the treadmill. -.-

But eventually I did it. WOO!!! But then, like I said, my treadmill is pretty much a clothing rack, while the platform is pretty much a table. (Believe me, my brother and I have eaten on top of it countless times before)

OK, there was like this huge box thing that was on it that was supposed to be used for Christmas. Eventually, after using my 12-year-old strength and adrenaline, I dragged it off.

OK, my treadmill isn't pretty. The platform's kind of gross, cuz you know there are these bits of food (...?) and chalk on it. (???) Not to mention Easter Egg chocolates.


Finally, I fixed it up. (As much as I could) I proceeded jogging on it for half an hour. (Five minutes per level increase)

Well, I was pretty shaky on 4mph, but I managed to live through that. 5mph was what I couldn't take. (Well I could, but after that I got a little bored and I could have sworn something had fallen inside my shoe) So basically I can't run 5mph for five minutes. Sigh.

This only means that I'm out of shape. >.>" I'm skinny but I'm weak and have no stamina. Sigh.

Two days ago I had a contest with this 9 year old named Jeremy (Also known as That Guy Over There) to see who could run the longest.

Dang. He can run for a long time. But I prefer the treadmill better, it doesn't have Jeremy's cousins trying to run me over with one of those mini cars the size of a small chair.

Anyways, as you can see above, there is a picture of me and my brother. Please don't stalk us. >.<

...Anyways, what I did that for was to ask you guys a question...:

My elementary graduation is coming soon!!! What sort of dress should I wear??

What color? What size? What style? WHERE?!?!?! >.< Please don't judge me by this question my grad party is EXTREMELY important to me!!!



PS: I'm 5'0. I am slightly tan (due to being filipino) and I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. :)?


Levi said...

The symbol in my profile pic is the hearquatra. It belongs to this band from MySpace called The Blaqk Year, and I thought it was super cool. It had a lot of different meanings to it, and I just liked it. So that's why I have it.

And I can barely run for any amount of time. I'm out of shape, too.

And you definitely don't want to ask me about dresses... I know nothing about that sorta stuff.

Dibsy said...

Oh, mkay. Cool. It looks tight.

Hurray for out-of-shape-ness!!!

Oh, mkay... ^^"

c said...

i'm out of shape too. i can't wait til swim team though! Over Christmas Break i thought i was really flat.
(yes, i am guilty for not liking my body)

i am slim, but kind of short compared to most in my class. (i am like a normal height though) and i wanted for my legs to not look like spaghetti. i jogged on the treadmill every day, 6 miles. for like an hour and a half. i was still not that satisfied with the results, but when school came around, i kind of just thought "whatever" and stopped. but this summer i will try to get a 6 pack back! i don't like being flat. i want to be sculpted!

anyway, is it a formal event, or really fancy?? and do you want it colorful or basic? and i can't really tell you your size, but the important thing is that you have fun!
(okay that was really cheesy, but that's all i could think of to close with. )

Lexi said...

You... should wear a hanbok dress and wings made out of swan feathers.
Also I think that exercising is hard! Thank GOD people can't tell how much you're sweating if you're on the swim team!

Dibsy said...

c: holy shenenigans SIX MILES??!?! >.< i can barely run one!!! you are fit...and flat is good!!! :( (my goal is just to get a lean flat stomach that is slightly sculpted)

it's pretty formal, it is a grad party. the only thing i can say about my size is that i have 0 boobs. :( (not allowing low dresses, unfortunately)

lexi: omg i am so lame at swimming!!! i swim across once and then i'm out of breath! >.< (is more of a running person)

The hanbok dress seems pretty nice (googled it) but wings??? ^^"

What color?!?!

Aly K. said...

I enjoy your picture! O:


Lol, yeah, I can't run that long either... ^^' It's okay. It's good that you cleaned up your treadmill though, and ran at all. :)

You and your brother look like you were enjoying yourselves. XD

I'm out of shape too. xP

I'm shorter than you, you're younger than me, not surprising. v.v It happens a ton.

I don't think I'm underweight, or even average weight, but if I'm not then... well, I'm probably not too bad.

Go look at my pics on Facebook if you wanna see what I look like.

You should wear a dress that's your school colors if possible. Cuz... yeah. Lolz. And something that looks good on you, in a style you like.

I really like either really pretty, elegant-ish dresses, or really trendy, emo-goth-ish style type stuff that you would find in Hot Topic, however, I don't own anything like that.

I'm weird.

*lends you dresses cuz I have a ton xP*

Dibsy said...

I don't own dresses that can't really be seen outside of stuff like churches and weddings.... >.<

I know what you look like. :)

My school colors are red and khaki. (pukes) I want one sort of like a prom dress... ^^ I don't know what looks good on me except the kind that are slimming, since I hate the puffy kind. :X

jckandy said...

Swicked, my elementary grad is coming up in a few months too. Go High School! Or, middle school. I live in a weeny little town with two schools. It's great.
Don't worry, no one is in shape anymore. I'm definitly not skinny, but my legs are pretty muscular from dance. I want a six-pack too.
For a dress, I'd say maybe a color that looks good on you (sorry I am not too awesome in the fashion department) or else black. You can't go wrong with black. It's slimming, sophisticated, and goes with anything. Don't spend more than sixty bucks (coming from me that's weird cuz I spend like thirty bucks max) cuz in my opinion if its rillyrilly fancy ppl will tell. Leave the rillyrilly fancy stuff for high school grad.
Thoses are my opinions. Good luck!

Dibsy said...

ERm... ^^ Ok...

I kinda don't want to do black, because everyone does black. -.-

I'm actually getting pretty fast results, I sorta have flat abs now. (Well, I did before but now it's more defined)

Cuppy said...

...I don't a ctually know what to say...oh yeah. i read that uncultured person thingy and i must disagree with you about the hamburger thing. I'd say(this coming from a veg dudette XD) that eating anuimal is the highest form of barbarianness. XD

anyways, about the post you just posted...

woohoo!! I lurve da quotey title!!!

and i'm uber distracted right now... see ya!!

Dibsy said...

CUPPY!!! I missed yooou!!! -hughughughughughug-

That's quite a shame, I'm such a neantherfal/carnivore. D:

Lea(h) said...

Dibsy... very few people are actually in shape anymore.

I'm happy for your fast results! I might have to start using my treadmill to get in better shape for soccer. xD

Dresses... um... I don't know. I have zero expertise in the fashion area. xD

Manga Dork said...

You should wear blue I dont know but it seems like its classy but not to classy!:)

Dibsy said...

Lol Leah good luck. xD

That's a good idea doesn't fit me and black is so it is. xD

Manga Dork said...

Yes I am sooo good!
Also sorry for spelling your name wrong...Im such a good friend!LOL!
But sorry again.

Aly K. said...

Yay blue!

That's awesome, for your results, Dibs! :D I need to start doing crunches/curl-ups/whatever they're called again. xP


Dibsy said...

Woo! Lol its ok MD!!! Good luck on your test thingy!!! xD

Thanks Aly!!! xD WEEHOO to you, too!

Cursed♪♫ said...

Hey it's been ages !!
Nice picture :)
You're 12 ?? I thought you were like 14..15 :P

Aly K. said...

Lol! XD Thank you. *sigh* I am soooo unhealthy. o.e I need to get to it.

Anyway, enjoy your graduation!

Dibsy said...

Cursed!!! Hiiiii!!!! What the shenaynay you haven't even posted on my blog ONCE!!!! >.< Daminee you found out my age!!! xD

ALY! Hi! Whaazup? Have you achieved la shoop da woop?

Brianna said...

huh? what's woo? btw, i think u would look good in a short sleeved one sided dress. I think you have a very nice figure. Dark blue might look nice. here's a picture.

except that sleeve shorter and wearing a white tanktop under. and silver stilettos. O my god, i sound like I'm having a fashion moment! Yeah, i know it's real expensive but it might look really good on you. seriously, i'm not even kidding. OHH! And don one of those beaded necklaces.

anyhow another good dress.

this is one long comment.

Brianna said...

opps, brianna is vLo. sry bout that. i didn't know i could do that! awesome!

Dibsy said...

OMGGGGG thank yoooouuuu the 1st dress was naice how much does it cost???

Dibsy said...

vlo ur blog won't let me c ur profile!!!

Anonymous said...

here... it's a different profile. this one works. anyhow, i don't know how much it costs but it think it would look really nice on you.

Anonymous said...

the first is about 419 dollars and the second, idk. but prob really expensive and unaffordable.

Cursed♪♫ said...

Hey! Thxs :)

Dibsy said...

No prob Cursed!!! xD





aHHHHHHHHH.... sadness...i can't afford that... (crycry)

Levi said...

I'm in 8th grade, Dibsy. Austin is in 7th. =P

lydia said...

I feel your pain. lol we had to do "the bleep test" in school yesterday. I droped out after 3.7. How sad am I?

BTW your in elementry school and only two inchs shorter then me! Not fair! Jk jk lolz

Cruz said...

don't ask fashion advice from me, I dress a bit provocative lol =p but love the treadmill story! my aunts treadmill is a clothes rack too! haha

Rose Mary said...

OMG! You're so pretty, dibsy!
what grade does your elementary go to? no clue on the dress thing, sorry.

Dibsy said...

Levi: Oh, ok. ^&^ For a second there, I thought... (nothing in actuality, but i was just ecstastic that someone could possibly be nearly my age on here except c)
lydia: lol don't hate on the tall peoplez.... xD what's the "bleep test"??? :O
cruz: high five!!! -high fives- woo!
rose mary: awww, thank you!!! =D my school goes up to sixth grade. ^^

lydia said...

The bleep test is somthing we have to do inour school. You have to run 10metrest back and forth before the bleep sound from the tape and the gaps between bleeps keep getting shorter. The higher the level you last to the fitter you are. It toture! lolz

Thanks for commenting on my blog btw! Don't forget to follow. jk jk lol! =)

Dibsy said...

I can't follow... ='( Oh, I have that!!! But it's called the PACER. =)

Cursed♪♫ said...

Hey! What's up? How are you?

lydia said...

no probs. Oh its evil isn't it!? We tend to substitute the *bleeb* in the title with something else One of the lads managed to last to 13.9!

Dibsy said...

Fine, Cursed! You? =)

Wait, is that big or small in your school? In my school that's small, we can run up to 80...

lydia said...

hat is big in our school cause it goes 1.1, 1.2 1.3 and on and on. Hate it!! Thanks for the quote btw! V.funny. Love it!

Dibsy said...

No prob. xD

Dx That seems hard... ><

Cursed♪♫ said...

I've awarded you. Check out my blog!

Anonymous said...

lovely, i just brought a lot of bran-new emo backgrounds at my blog

Anonymous said...

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