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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I lost the Spelling Bee and humiliated myself on television...



Sure, my 4-Hours-a-day Spelling Bee studying was is over, but now...


It's like the school spelling bee except it's math not spelling...if I win that, I go to this place...

It's not really as big as a deal as the Spelling Bee (I've been in Math Field Day before) but still. I'm getting the next best thing...

Anyways, my birthday it coming, in, like, next week. Woo! (dancez) I was born on Valentine's Day!!! XDXDXD

On Valentine's Day/The whole weekend on Valentine's Day I will be gone. I'ma be in San Francisco. :I

Also, I was at China Town the other day for Chinese New Year (Hey!! I'm Year of the Ox!) and I THINK I saw Blake Lively in one of those Chinese dresses... :O She was, like, ten feet away from me.

Everyone was all looking at her 'cause she was, like, the most gorgeous person in the crowd, and stuff. And she was posing for pictures. Still. It inspired me so much I bought myself a Chinese dress. (Actually my mom did...)

I watched the acrobats. I was all like, ':O'. They're like human pretzels out there, man.




Anonymous said...

hey! u live in california? cuz like china town is like there... oh well... which one do u go to? I got to the one in anheim... sometimes. the one close to disneyland or whatever... or i don't know. possibly. 4got where it was.

door-knob-eating-carpet-licker said...

It stinks that you lost the spelling bee. But atleast you are in the Math Field Day! Oh, and also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Tara said...

I'm sorry you lost the spelling bee, but glad to hear you get to be in the math competition. Good luck with that! The dress you got sounds really cool. Have fun in San Francisco, and Happy Birthday!

dibsy said...

vlo: yaaa i do live in california!! :) i don't really know...
doorknob person: Thank ya's! :)))
Tara: Thanks! It was. I'll try!

(hugs all)

Anonymous said...

its me vLo which you know my email adress and participated in you're dibsy show which we never found out who won/lost! :).. anyhow when is that math field trip again?

dibsy said...

ohhhhhhh. :O it on april! ;P

Anonymous said...

thanks... i guess I lost... :I... oh well.

griffinrider said...

there's lots of other china towns, besides for in california. there's one in NY, and i think one in philidelphia, too.

sorry you lost the spelling be. you were close! closer than i'd ever be, at any rate.

dibsy said...

vlo: dats ok... DX
griffy: thanks. sixth place is sort of good, i guess. ^^"

Anonymous said...

Hey! it's me again! Listen everyone that posting a comment on here... listen to "Guilty Pleasure" by Cobra Starships! Right now... type it up in youtube/any searcher for videos.. and listen to it!! I wanna see how people like this song...

dibsy said...

uh, ok......

Cuppy said...

woohoo!!!!! I hope you do well on that too!!!!! YOU IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO SMART!!!!!!!! oh man, i bet you're probably smarter than me...XD THAT BE AWESOME!!!!!!!! We wuv you Dibsy!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So did u listen??? Was it good or anything??

dibsy said...

thanks cuppy!!! lol probably not... DX

ya i listened vlo it was pretty good... XD

Cruz said...

I wish I was smarticle, but I'm not :( but yay for you! and I love pretzels!! lol

dibsy said...

mwa? a smarticle? >.< (hugz)

Nixx said...

well, i feel like leaving a comment, but i dont know wat to say.

yay math field day! i guess...i dunno. i dont like math, its probably my worst subject. i like stuff tht makes u think and be all creative, but with math u just do boring stuff with stupid boring numbers. yippee.

umm... and happy early birthday. ur lucky. my birthday is 3 days before Christmas, so its not all that special. hooray.

blah. i dont know wat to say.

hey, have u noticed that wen i say "what" and "when" i leave out the "h"? i guess im to lazy to type the h. eh.

hey. we're having a spelling bee at my school too. im pretty goos at spelling, but i didnt enter. why? once again, im lazy. sigh...

well this comment is really long. meh.


Leanne said...

That's so cool, Dibsy! Happy early birthday!

Who's Blake Lively?

dibsy said...

hullo nixman. lol i hate math too. (i get awards, and awards means more expensive awards from my parents :D)

heeey lea!! u havent been on for a looonnnggg time now...blake lively is this chick that plays some other chick in gossip girl. :D

Nixx said...

did u just call me nixman? aha tht sounds cool...


dibsy said...

lol nixman. XP

Rose Mary said...

happy b-day!

Alyce Kullen said...


I've never been to San Fran, but I have been to Lego Land and Disneyland and San Diego cuz a ton of my mom-side relatives liver there.

I'm sowwie for your spelling be. *hug*



*epic huggle*


dibsy said...

thanks rose mary! :)

hi turns out my san fran trip is not gonna happen... DX


or, for de males,


c said...

Happy almost Birthday!

Math Field Day is uber cool!

dibsy said...

no its not... >.<

thx!! XD

Nixx said...

hey dibsy, are u Filipino?


dibsy said...


Nixx said...

because im part filipino too. i thought i saw u say that u were filipino somewhere else, but i wasnt sure. cool.


dibsy said...

oh really?? i always thought you were british. (-.-?) XD (high five!)

Mella said...

Wow. A spelling bee. =DD I'm English so we don't have them but they sound adorable.


dibsy said...

why thank you! :D

Mella said...

LOL. That's because all the people who HAVE valentine dates are out there with them, not on here blogging. Luckily I have an excuse; it's my friends, my aunties and my dads birthday. And yours!


Happy birthday!

Alyce Kullen said...

Dx iSowwie, dibsy. D:

I have a quote similar to the pee one on friendship.

"Friends are like bras. Close to the heart, and always there for support."

Tee hee.


iSowwie, Dibseh.

My school would probably be slightly wasted as well. (if drama was vodka... etc.)

dibsy said...

Okay? Lol. XD

dibsy said...

yay, mella! hurrah im special! Xp

Cursed♪♫ said...

Guess its your bday!! so, happy bday!! have a great day!

Alyce Kullen said...

Sorry. That was like, totally random. I was referencing the quotes on the front of your blog in the little corner column-thingies. Heh.

dibsy said...

Thanks, Cursed! I hopefully will... (^-^)

Lol Aly. I remember now. ^^"

Alyce Kullen said...

Lol. Heheh. :] ^^'

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