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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Life As I Know It, my Deep Perspectives Toward It

I suddenly had a brain storm of inspiration.

Everytime I meet someone new, (like C or you or that dude at the mcdonalds place) I accept this person as a "character" in my life.

But this scares me. "How can you prove that you exist? Maybe you don't exist..."

I think we were not just set up in this world for no reason, to cry then to laugh, to do reasonless and irrational things, but I think of every job-every errand, everything i do-as a mission.

"Do not take the path that lies ahead of you, but make a new path and lead a trail." It is in our choices and reasonabling what to do with the short amount of time we measure as "life".

Each person's goal is different, and you shouldn't judge someone against it. This is why I don't accept the government as we know it.

If someone steals, they are punished. If someone rapes, they are punished. I know these are bad things. I know they should be punished. But the government's choice of how to deal with this is stupid and unnecessary.

Everyone has a conscious. Thoufore, everyone has a reason to do their things. We are selfish people, and a borderline of age called '18' is unfair.

They second you are 18, do you seriously expect yourself to be mature, to do all the right things, to do no wrong?

An officer would say no, they don't. They may as well tell you it's ok to do bad things while putting you in cuffs.


Um, ok, well, I think I'm done now. (walks away quietly)


dee name ez vLo said...

hmmm... i've thought about something like that. like for example, if u do something that is considered bad (cut wrists?)... is it really bad? and if u do something good for society like lose weight or something... is that really considered good? i was just sitting there one day and i was... this is really intriguing... oh wells.

Dibsy said...

Thanks. There really is nothing 'good' or 'bad', in my opinion. Good and bad are opinion words, so people can say something is good, or someone can say the same thing is bad.

dee name ez vLo said...

i was thinking about this mayan thingy (mayan calander) and it says the world will end in 2012... :(... pretty random this statement...

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Nice post ! So glad that you liked my poem !! Do come back :) Take Care!

griffinrider said...

i'm not 100% sure i understand what you mean about the whole age 18 thing. are you saying that it's strange that you're suddenly responsible for your actions when you're 18? i dunno if this is relevant, but i've heard of cases when kids as young as 8 years old were tried and jailed as if they were adults.

griffinrider said...

dee name, hw is losing weight good for society? it might be good for one's health, but does society as a whole benefit from one individual losing weight?

Dibsy said...

BB: ^^ Thanks.
Griffin: What I meant was that when we turn 18, it's like the "barrier"'s broken. (I know kids can go to jail tried as an adult, but that really wasn't the point, currently)

*::♫♪♥'.victoria.'♥♪♫::* said...

a lot of these things make sense.

"Do not take the path that lies ahead of you, but make a new path and lead a trail."

love that, its so true :)

dee name ez vLo said...

well, I kinda of figured out, what type of person she is. anyhow, thanks 4 commenting

Dibsy said...

Vicky: Xd Thanks. I got that quote from a refridgerator magnet. :O
VLo: Welcome. I'll leave the point alone now.

Coady said...

O.O i had an argument with someone about this, on the internet, 24 hours ago!

Coady said...

O.O i had an argument with someone about this, on the internet, 24 hours ago!

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Hi! How Are You !
Waiting For Your New Post :)

c said...

I got your email!!! I replied!!

Dibsy said...

Cooc:Ay, that makes me feel warm inside, Cooco.
BB: I. Have. Writer BLOC!! DX
C: I know! I replied right back too!