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Friday, November 28, 2008


OK, my favorite singer right now is Lady Gaga, and my favorite song is Just Dance by Lady Gaga. :D

Her song inspired me to create a dib dance!!! XD I shall create!!



Step 1: fold your hands in front of you and pump them out, while side stepping twice to the right, then the left, while thrusting your pelvis
Step 2: same thing, except first you go twice to the left and then the right instead
Step 3: Pump right hand to the left, while facing the right 3 times
Step 4: Same thing, except left than right

(omg i'm getting serious!! :D)

Step 5: fold you hands in front of you again, flip them over your head until they return to your back, then bob head, go down, return hands to an elbowing position, and elbow the air with your left arm
Step 6: Elbow the air until you're standing again, put your arm in the back of you like you're gonna wave, make a big slow wave with your right arm
Step 7: Swing your right arm in a 360 degree angle, duck and touch the floor, stand up, spin once
Step 8: Repeat
Step 9: Make a super dibby pose, like the peace sign!!

OMG, I just made a dance. w00t!!!

If you do this dance, then kudos to you!!!

If you don't, then only udos. :<

If you decide to make your own dance, then your dance will appear on this blog for the world to see!!

(sorry cuppy, i just noticed in the inventions one some of your invention info was cut off, so i assure you all it won't happen again)



Cuppy said...

lol. that's amazing. i'm so gonna try that. :P dunno when, though. i just had supper so I'm not really up to anythin' at the moment. :)

Dibsy said...

lol thanks! XD

oy, is cuppy your real name??