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Monday, August 18, 2008

A Random Challenge!!!

This post will be long!!! The challenge is that you must read all of it without dropping dead out of boredom!!! w00t!!!

OK...uhm....random flashback!!! On the very first post of Dibsyland, nobody bothered to comment. T_T So it will be here, where people usually comment.

Now please...enjoy this random flashback!!!

Hi... This is Dibsy, genius. (if you didn't know) If you did know, then,

HI THERE!!!! We're rainbows of colors and colors of rainbows...Anyways, being the amazingly awesome people you people are, how many people here like shish kabobs?


SHISH KABOBS! YES, I SAID SHISH KABOBS!! It's a tongue twister!!! Shish kabob, Shi kabah Sh kabah, shish kabob!!

Why? (I can just hear you ask, 'Why are we talking about shish kabobs?')

The answer: We all love food.


Ah...I see my crowd is either dead or sleeping...Dibsy must do something to wake the poor crowd up...

Sushi, anyone?


Yes, the amazing insight of Dibsy!!!

Anyways...I had this dream. O.O

A scaaary dream. A dream so scary, it is no longer a dream. It is a nightmare. (random person screams bloody murder)

It all started one day...a day so ordinary, that you wouldn't even call it a day, you would call it a long moment of BLAH.

I was on Youtube reading comments. And then, (dun dun DUN!!!) I read SPAM. It went something like this:

DON'T READ THIS! blahblahblah, she died in an alleyway and nobody could here her, yaddayadda yah, and if you don't post this in something something somethingsomething times, the same will happen to you in your sleep.

And then...I went to sleep. O.O!!!

It was morning in my dream. I seemed to be awake, and the only way I knew it was a dream was because my vision was that scratchy blurry kind you only see in dreams.

I was on my bed, lying there like I always do. I always lie in bed for like an hour before finally deciding to get out of bed. very suddenly...a hand shot out from my bed and covered my mouth. I tried to scream, but no one heard me...

I was panicking. I could see my brother just a few feet away, sleeping. As hard as I tried to scream, no one could hear me. I practically screamed my lungs out, but the hand was too big, too callous, too thick.

Another hand grabbed my wrist. I started to panic even more, if possible. I felt the sharp edge of a knife on my wrist and I screamed as loud as I could. No sound.

The hand was about to swipe my wrist with the knife when poof.

The end!!! (does happy dance) And ever since then, I never read spam. ^^

Anyways...uhhhh...pplease enjoy this clip from Live Free or Die Hard!!!

No, it's not Spongebob!!! Ignore the little floatie thingy saying The Spongebob Movie!!! Is it Live Free or die Hard!!!
Anyways, yesterday me, my dad and my brother were playing tennis.
My dad was in the basketball court and me and Jordan were cleaning up. There was this elastic thingy and I threw it at the ground.
My brother was all, "You suck." He grabbed it, got closer to me, and was all, "This is how you do it."
And then he hit my shoulder with it!!!
I was all, "Omigosh it huuuurts!!!" I swear, I know how it feels to be hit with a belt.
If my bro was eighteen I would report him for child abuse!!! But then I would be 23 years old. T_T
Hey hey hey!!! I'm now braind dead. Bye. I know it isn't long but TOO BAD!!!


Jen M said...

Hi Dibsy

Thanks for contacting me through my blog. I appreciate that you were respectful enough to ask about using the orange picture. Unfortunately, since it's a picture of my son I don't feel comfortable granting permission. I hope you find a picture you can use elsewhere, I'm sure there are plenty of cute ones out there!

Take care,

Princess Lieny said...

yes it certainly is a chick i read alot of those...sucker for romance novels. lol...scary nightmare i might get nightmares...I finally finished school paperwork! *yippie* (right about now dibsy jumps up and applaudes me) well I need to send one more letter and i'm freeee!!! <3 hows your day goin dear?

dibsy said...

Jen M: Ok, I understand! Cute son, by the way! :D
Princess Lieny: My day's goin' fine, thanks! (chick flicks rock) You should try the Georgia Nicholson series, it's awesome. :D You have school work already? That sucks. :(

Skippy said...

Were you on something when you wrote this? Haha just kidding, but seriously that is really random. Like the-men-in-white-coats-are coming-to-get-you random. Love it! I'm the same way at times so don't feel bad.

That's a very interseting dream you uh had there.

dibsy said...

Why thank you Skippy! (beams) (starts to hyperventilate) OMG THE MEN IN THE WHITE COATS WITH THOSE HUGE NEEDLES ARE OUT FOR ME!!! OMG I GOTSTA HIDE!

Princess Lieny said...

haha it's not like homework...its just registration and crap...i should've done it sooner I just didn't think about it...still getting used to college...i miss those high schoold ays where things just carry on year from year so you never have to do paperwork or anything...hrmmm Georgia Nicholson? Don't own any of her books...i will check it out though...I'll post a blog with my favorite books! My friend has also been nagging me to tell her all the books I read...apparently i pick very good books to read! <3 tell me if ur interested and i'll post it! ttyl

Rien said...

WHOOP-EEEEE!!!!!! I read the WHOLE thing and I didn't even drop dead out of boredom once!!! I'm so proud of myself.

That dream you had was scary. I can't remember most of my dreams and i never have scary dreams. but when I do I usually wake up and start laughing because the dream was a stupid kinda of scary. DO you know what I mean? Guess not my head is a LITTLE weird.


p.s. I'M BACK!!! hehe (in case you didn't already figure that out)

dibsy said...

Princess Lieny: Sure I'll tell you!
Rien: you're baaaack!! I've had a stupid scary dream, too. My life is on the balance but the reason is stupid.-_-

Princess Lieny said...

no i haven't but i really want to...have you? how was it was it good?
i"ll post the books today

dibsy said...

Ehh, it dragged the plot and made a new one and was a bit...draggy? Well, out of a scale to one to ten I'd rate it a 6.5. ^^

Krosemarie said...

Yay!! I made it through the whole thing without dying of boredom!!! ;) Very interesting post!! I love the blog too...


Princess Lieny said...

hrmm i figured since it was a will smith movie it would be GOOD! have you seen i am legend? my sister is like IN LOVE with that movie...hey do u have aim or anything? it'll be easier to talk rather then blogspot

dibsy said...

krosemarie: Why...congrats! Here's a prize! (and here's one for Rien, too)
Princess Lieny: nope, haven't seen either. >.< Want to see I Am Legend, though.

Princess Lieny said...

i am legend is really good!
i put up the list of books on my blog go check it out when you have timeee!

dibsy said...


Princess Lieny said...

u should! they are really honestly really terriffic books!

dibsy said...

I know, I'll try!!! ^^