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Sunday, August 3, 2008


I have contests for all of you!!! Whoever wins the first award, the SMART award, gets this pic to show off!!!

The insciption on the trophy says, 'SMART!' ^^

OK, here's the contest that is actually kinda lame!!!

Lame, but you will be smart if you can figure it out!!!

Here are the clues to my name if you want to participate:

1. My name starts with 'T'.
2. It has four letters.
3. Spelling counts.

Ok, here is the bigger, and probably cooler award!!! The coolest blog award!!! Whoever wins gets this pic to show off to in their blog!!!

w00t, you know you want it!!! There is a runner-up, too!!!

The less shinier, less awesome award! (but still shiny and awesome!!!

And the third runner up for this award,

It says, 'I Y your blog!!' And the last contest, and probably one of the hardest, the most comments in one post award!!! (currently, Nathaniel's obviously in the lead, with his 257 comments and growing comments, so better start hurrying!!!)

Of course, since 257 is already pretty dang hard, there are four runner-ups in this one!!!

1st place:
Lame, lame, above contest had better trophy pics, WHATEVER. (the star is the trophy)

2nd place: Yes yes, I realize that these are just random pics of trophies with no insciption on them saying anything. Well, just say it. i'm too lazy to put the award thing. (you get the mike thingy)

3rd place: Yeah, yeah, third prize looks pretty darn nice. Well then, whatev, if you're third prize, good for you.

4th prize:

The cheapest looking award, but at least you get one.

5th award: Bragging rights. Couldn't find anymore trophies. Just say, I win fifth prize, and get your own picture.

Ok, if you want to participate for contest number one, here are the rules:

1. Tell me that you are going to partipate in this particular contest in my blog post

2. Up to 20 name submissions for one person per comment and under. (i don't want a hundred guesses) No duplicating answers with somebody else's.

3. Spelling counts. If you get my name right with pronounciation and not spelling, it's still wrong.

4. All submissions must be in THIS blog post, ONLY. Do NOT post your submissions in your blog.

Quite simple, I guess.

Now, for the second contest, the coolest blog award!!

1. Tell me that you are going to participate in this particular contest in THIS BLOG POST.

2. Blogs will be rated by:

  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Posts, templates are ok, but ABSOLUTELY NO changing the template after you finish this sentenc.e There, you finished it. No more changing templates 'cause I don't wanna be the blame if it deletes/messes up your whole blog.
  • It must be open for all. No needs for invites, and must be open for anonymous users as well.

3. If anyone DOES not want to participate in any contests, they are allowed to be a judge in this contest. I will accept up to three, please, I need help because this will be the hardest to judge.

4. Must NOT have ANY mature content in it.

5. Member blogs are allowed. Anyone with a blog or sharing a blog is allowed to participate in any of these contests.

Here are the rules for the third contest:

1. As always, tell me that you are going to partipate in this blog contest in this blog post.

2. No cheating. No duplicating comments, although deleted comments that still say 'deleted comment' are allowed.

3. Spam is not allowed. Spam will not be counted, and it does not apply to the rule above. you must delete it and erase it-it does not count.

NOTE: All these contests are just for fun, and this pictures are not mine.

And, most of all, HAVE FUN!!!

PS: Please, I seriously need a helper/helpers for contest number two. Does anyone want to be a judge?

PSS: The deadline is whenever I care for it to be. I will announce the deadline later.

PSSS: Blogger destroyed this post LIKE A LOT. So the quality of this post kinda sucks.



dibsy said...

Yeah yeah, cheap looking. Still, does anyone wanna participate, please?

c said...

I do! Is your name tori? or tara? or ok i have no other guesses. Plus please chack out my blog cuz it is my last post before i leave for florida so give c a comment! BYE!

dibsy said...

Nope, my name isn't Tori OR Tara. Tori was a bit closer to my name, though. ^^ Now, other commentors, you can't use these answers!

Tara said...

I'll give it a try. The first thing I was actually wondering was if you're name was the same as mine but now I know it isn't and I kind of had my doubts anyway. Could it be Tina, maybe? That's the only name I can think of that matches your description. I can't think of any other names so if that isn't it I think I'm going to give up. Well, in any case, I wanted to tell you that you got another blog award from me. :)

c said...

I have know idea. is it Teri? Is teri even a name? plus chack out my new poll!

little lozer xxx(cute little lozer) said...

Heyyyyy !

thanks for the comment i would love to help you chose !!!! if the job isn't taken !!!

post back !!!!

dibsy said...

Tara: Nope, my name ain't Tina! Thanks for the blog award though, glad you found enough people!!! ^^

C: Nope, sorry, not Teri!!! Sure, I'll check out the new poll!

Little Lozer: The job isn't taken-you're hired!!! ^^

Manga Dork said...

Can I participate in 1 &2.
Here is my guesses for contest #1 Tyra Toni Tira Take Tari

dibsy said...

Nope, nope, nope, nope, and nope. Ahem...TORI AND TONI ARE CURRENTLY THE CLOSET TO MY NAME!!! And yes, you may participate. I just need more contestants for number 2.

little lozer xxx(cute little lozer) said...

Heyyyyy ! thanks for letting me be a judge. i checked out confessions of a manga dork -and is your name tory-well her blog is cool a bit random but OK !!!
i like her blog
and i like

check them out !!!
post back !

little lozer xxx(cute little lozer) said...

Heyyyy! i found this blog wich is dead cool check it out !

post back !

dibsy said...

Nope, Tory isn't my name!!! Its closer to my name than Tori, though. :P

Sure, I'll check em out!!

RAWR! [It's Aren!*] (: said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heart2Dance said...


Blaire said...

hey! that's so kewl!! I would love 2 b a contestant :) thnx

.sienna. said...

Tess? Tora? Tore?

This IS hard....hrmm.....

RAWR! [It's Aren!*] (: said...

It's Toby.

dibsy said...


RAWR! [It's Aren!*] (: said...

I'll compete in number two. But I don't get the rules. O.O

dibsy said...

They're quite simple. You already completed rule one.

For rule number two, basically, we just have to like your blog. -_-

Posts, templates are ok, but ABSOLUTELY NO changing the template after you finish this sentence. There, you finished it. No more changing templates 'cause I don't wanna be the blame if it deletes/messes up your whole blog.

It must be open for all people. No needs for invites, and must be open for anonymous users as well.

And, of course, it must NOT have ANY mature content in it.

That's about all the rules you need to enter. Other than that, anything goes!

jckandy said...

is your name Tess?

dibsy said...

Actually, contest number one has been completed by RAWR! [It's Aren!*] (: already. :) She figued out my name already. Sorry, my name's not Tess. :D