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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Confessions of a club penguin fanatic.

Yep, I Y Club penguin...and Buildabearville. T_T

Anyways, this is a random post. So random, in fact, the only thing random about it, is this post. And when the only thing random about a post is the random post, then you will have to conclude that...

The writer is stupid.

So...I know this blog is a liar. I mean, it's called The Utmost Uncensored Life of Dibsy. (shakes head) I rarely ever write aobut my life here.

But, I promise, (american flag in background and national anthem) that when school starts, this will be a lot more of my life. As you can see, my life is SO uneventful in summer. And when something eventful happens, I forget. Or get too lazy.

You know, I feel like ranting today. I will.

You know, i like food. Junk food. But then again, who doesn't? I like cookies.

I want people to know I like cookies. You know i do. If you've been with my long enough you would know that i like M&M cookies, particularly.

But that clearly is not enough for someone as dibby as me. Hmm...

Well, I can't just go around, skipping around, singing, "I like cookies, I like cookies, I like cookies" I know.

But I guess i will. I just did, internet wise. I'll give myself a cookie to shut myself up now.

Anyways, I would like to confess something so evil that I had done today at clubpenguin.


I walked toward a penguin. I also did this in Buildabearville. I walked toward a penguin/girl. "GIMME YOUR MONEY/grabs wallet!"

-_- The end.

Then they started chasing my around for their wallet. Hahahahahahahhahahahahhaa!!!

Anyways, review and i'll give you a cookie!!!


dogsrcuties said...

hey there is this other site i found its awsome u should check it outit is its the best u gotta check it out and while your there post a comment do thepoll and enter the contest!! oo by the way i love your site

Skippy said...

I like cookies too! The real question is who dosen't like them?

I like how you have a very light hearted air about your posts. It's refreshing.

thanks 4 the comment, come back soon!

dibsy said...

dogsrcuties: Are you in clubpenguin? My user name if Taffletoe 11. If you're on, come say hi, kaybees?
Skippy: Soooo true. Thanks, too! I like your blog, too! Yup, I'm coming right now!

Princess Lieny said...

Off topic...I used to work at Build-a-Bear. LOL. I love cookies too Dibsy! Want me to tell you a secret? I bake a batch of cookies every other week and by the third day, they mysteriously dissapear!

Anyway how is your Sunday going so far?...

OMG I know this is kinda late but I just realized you're 11. Uhmmm my blog will say some stuff at some times so i urge you if you get offended or if your 'rents dont like you reading that stuff ou should just skip those posts!

<3 =]

dibsy said...

Kaybees! 'Mysertiously disappear', huh? Sounds suspicious... Sunday's going great, thanks!

c said...

i used to have a club peinguin but it was the free kind, not the kind where u pay. My brothers friend had the kind where u pay so I just stole his!(hehe)But i never go on anymore. I think the username was stinkyegg4 or something but that might have been for the one u don't pay.
The weather is horrible in FLorida! I'm supposed to leave tomorrow but there's a hurricane in the keys and on the west side so it is HORRIBLE weather. If i don't write anymore you'lle know what happened...

dibsy said...

:O GASP! HANG IN THERE C!!! DON'T DIE JUST YET!! Whoopy, I'm a non member too. Nice stealing it, I should do that to my friend's peng. :P

jckandy said...

Hey all you club name's soyasausauge. I'm purple! And I'm cheap, so I have the free kind cuz I don't wanna waste my money buying penguin stuff. Maybe i'll see yall on there some time... and by the way, dibsy, are you implying it's weird to skip around singing "i like cookies, i like cookies i like cookies???" Cuz if you are, you're totally dissing me. And my family. And my hamster. (LOL kidding. I don't have a hamster. I have dogs and cats...who sing "i like pigs ears and cheese.")

jckandy said...

hey...where's my cookie??????????????

dibsy said...

(gives cookies) Here you go!!! ^^ I am Taffletoe 11. Say hi! I'm a non member too and I constantly change my color. ^^ I'm soooo sorry for dissing your family!! :O Lolz.

Charlene said...

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