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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In which I muse about myself, my purple spray, hobbies, and my self ritual

I know very, very well that...being only eleven I am immature, and sometimes I am annoying. T_T


You know, I got purple hairspray!!! For the first day of school, I plan on spiking a ponytail and hairspraying that part purple. But that might end up in a disaster, 'specially 'cause I have UBER bad aim.


You know, I found a newfound obsession other than anime-TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND. I don't watch tv much except for that and Spongebob, and other than that I am stuck using the computer.

TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND ROCKS!!! w00t, Duncan and Courtney BELONG TOGETHER!!! comment. Other than Courtney and Duncan, I don't care much about the other characters except for the ones who got them voted off.

(smashes keyboard in a manic manner) HAR...OLD...


I finished the first book of Harry Potter. If I thought it was good before i read it, I would have finished the series by the time I was nine.

But I never bothered. ('It bores me!') Now I find it interesting. (Harry and Hermione shipper, btw)

Still, I would have preferred it to a 101% if it was written in the style of Cirque Du Freak.


Every day, I grab a pen and draw a stick figure on my left hand. (i'm right handed) I write 'THIS' on my four fingers.

Ahem, THIS

Bob, or buddy, or Jo, or whatever person I want.
Bob says

Then, with my left hand, I draw a messed up stick figure that looked like it was mauled to death on my right hand.

Clap for Bob.
(claps hands wildly)
(looks at messed up stick figure on right hand)
Awww...Bob died.

I modify it, though. you won't get it until you see it for real.


You know, I know the cause is because of fast metabolism, but still, I don't think it is fair that some people can't eat a lot and stay skinny, while some get real fat.

I am one of the people who can eat a lot and stay skinny. Even so, I am just glad. If my metabolism was slower, I would be the size of a walrus right now.


HEHEHEHEHEHEHE, have you died of boredom yet? Well, I guess you're not, if you're reading this.

Siiigh... (snaps fingers)

(poof of cotton candy explodes on your face) You are now BLINDED by extreme cotton candy-ness.



Anonymous said...

heyyyy dibsy....oh my god sorry i've been gone so long....please dont think i've forgotten my blog...its just a pain trying to blog on the blackberry! But I'm back and I just had to comment you...didnt get to read your latest posts yet but i will! Once i get settled in and get rid of this jetlag! Have a gooooooddd rest of summer! <3

dibsy said...

Oh my GOSH You're baaaaaaaaack!!! (hugs lieny) It's been like foreeeeevvver!!!

AUD[my dear] said...

Purple hairspray?
Way to make a statement. XD

The name's Aud by the way.

dibsy said...

Hallo, Aud! You are now on my friend's list! I know, purple is awesome, I wanted red, or unnatural white, though. You know, anime fan. XD

c said...

I'm typin from FLorida at the club computer. Is your name tina 9sorry if someone already asked that)

c said...

I meant to do ( not 9 sorry for that.

Jordan said...

Hey friend!!! lol whats up with you? Nothings new with me...

dibsy said...

C: Someone already found out my name, C!!! Sorry! >:O
Jordan: Hiiiiiiii!!!! Summertime is the time I have no life. Nothing new with me either! (hugs!)

AUD[my dear] said...

Hola dibsy!
Mati and I made the wands out of popsicle sticks.
Pretty cool, huh?

dibsy said...

So coolio I think I'm gonna pee. :D

Anonymous said...

awww thanks babe! but how come? LOL...I've been in love with your blog! <3

-Princess Lieny

dibsy said...

Cause your blog's is so colorful and nice!!!