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Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm baaack!!!

HI!! I'm back from camp. It seems I teased my brother too much (I was gonna eat lots of junk food at the canteen, I had planned) and instead of Camp Gilmore, I was sent to Sports Camp.

OK, lemme tell you this-I am NOT athletic. For all you athletes out there, you watch me and you'll cry, ok?

So, as I was waiting to be admitted in a soccer field, I saw some people play volleyball like, on the field next to us, and although I hesitated a bit whether of not to go there, I did, and the people gladly let me serve.

And, miracalously, even though I had never, ever, played volleyball in my life, I was pretty good, and I got points.

And, after being admitted into my cabins, I met one of my volleyball mates, Sierra (sorry for exposing you!) and found that she was going to be in my cabin. YAY!

A girl named Leslie was there, too. I had previously talked to her, since my mom's friend's daughter's cousin (technically, my neighbor's cousin), Kimberly, had picked up her earring/bracelet/something.

OK, so my first day started bittersweet. I was sent to camp, but it was sports camp. I had never played volleyball before, but I was good at it. There were 9 people in my cabin, and only 2 could be in one. And guess what? i was the one who had to be alone in my room.

A girl in my cabin cried because she was homesick. I was a bit worried for her. At about the end of the day, we played this huge camp involving the whole camp site. We were in two teams, one red and one yellow.

We had to get to the other side of the camp and get a flag, and run back and stick it into a hole. Plus, people were tagging each other. If you were tagged, you had to get sent into this jail until someone in your team got you out. It was awesome!

My counselor was Louis, and she was really nice. Rumors say she likes this other counselor named Ben. (that was a lie, btw)

OK, I'm feeling really lazy today, (sports camp for someone not sporty like me takes only about half a toll, now)(lie)) so i won't write anything else for now.



Manga Dork said...

That sounds relly fun!! I have not ever been to a camp but I think they would be really fun.

dibsy said...

Yup, it sure is! You should really go to camp!!

BubbLy KwincHie said...

hi there. :) thanks for your comment. ^_^ btw, i just changed the background urls in the edit html link. drop by my bloggie again, thnx. i'm gonna link this page of yours. =)

Ingrid Kael said...

Hey, you were on my blog the other day- your vote didn't go through.

dibsy said...

Thank you all for commenting on my blog. I enjoyed ALL of your blogs. Thank you, Manga Dork, Bubble Kwinchie (love the name, btw), and ingrid kael. Bye, and hope to hear from you guys again sometime!