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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I realized...

After reading my first post, I realize some people might be confused with my friends, especially since there were 2 Stephanies.

Anyways, here's my guide to my life to some characters I might talk about:

Stephanie D. (the one that came to the party): One of my BFF. She's really nice and creative.

Yvette: My other BFF. Awesome, in an Yvette-ish way.

Stephanie F.: My other amiga. We sorta had a L&H realitionship, but overall we're good friends. (L&H=love and hate)

Celeste: My friend whom's hair reminds me of orange chicken. She's awesome in her Celeste-ic ways. (like, for instance, she's magical)

Lucia: Me other amiga. Again, awesome in her Lucia-ifying ways.

Ana, Teresa, Sammy, Maria, Christa and Shantel: My classmates and other amigas.

Yra: My ex-best friend. (now we're just friends, due to school seperating us with different classrooms) She's still awesome in an Yra-ish way.

Sam, Bridgette, and Eyna: Yra's best friends. Sam and me seperated when we moved, but she came back to our school in fifth grade. Bridgette is the proclaimed 'prettiest girl in our class', and Eyna is awesome in her Eyna-ish way, too. (along with her sister)

Jordan, Mutti, Vati: Jordan's my younger brother, and Mutti and Vati are what I call me parents.

Jason, Ryan, JP, Kristian Buhl, Jonathan, Allec, Herminio, Raul, Ricardo, ect.: The 'dudes' in my fifth grade class.

Benjamin: a guy at my church. I recently saw this thing that scared me once involving him. I get a little uneasy thinking about it.

Jeremy, James, Billy, Nicole, Paolo, Agnes, Trixie, Jamie, and Jonathan (a different one. you'll know which guy when i talk about the other guys): The other people at my church.

Katherine: A nice librarian at my library.

Jacky, Elizabeth, and Melissa: A group of friends at my fifth grade class. I sometimes see Jacky at my library.

Juan, Judy, Pablo, Gavino, Ramiro, Jose, and others: Guys at my library whom I usually hang out with. (not so much with Jose, Juan, or Judy. i forget their names a lot.)

anyways, this is pretty much it.



Remy Ma said...

Yay I'm in the list