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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


HUZZAH! I got an application for a student government class!!! I have an interview next week! ^^ Happiness!!! Joy! Elation!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, I tested my literature skills anf found out what level I am-12.2. :O That means I am reading at twelth grade level in it's second month!!! OMG!!! I'm smarter than a senior by, uh, TWO MONTHS!!!

I'm happy today, but there's a possibility I didn't get in Math Field Day. My friend says he get mail saying he got in. I don't believe him, because he makes jokes like that a lot. But I'm still not sure, because he didn't say anything about lying.

And SUPER THANG responded to my email. AT LAST!!! (jumps for joy)

If you don't know who SUPER THANG is, then too bad. I wrote about S.T. like on my first posts here and barely anybody read them. :(


You can RAPE a chicken!!!

Like, ah mah gawd. Seriously. Who does this? I told it to my teacher and he was all like, 'A chicken? Why would you do that to a chicken?'

But I can't answer that, because people just do. As disturbing as it is, people have been charged for animal abuse via chicken rape.

How do you do that to a CHICKEN? And WHY?

There is a phobia called Phallophobia, which is the fear, of, ahem, men's ding dongs. (their keys, simply put)

You know, I really wanna be a little kid again.

So I made a song all about it!!!1 :D

Here it is!!! (inspired by If I were a boy by Beyonce)

If I were a kid
Even just for a day
I'd wake up in the morning
And put on random clothing
And roll in the mud all day

And be chased by boys
My cootie sign in the air
And never be called childish
Cuz they were all like it there

If I were a kid
Just a little munchkin
I'd scream and laugh and cry
Without time passing by


As you guys know, there's a poll to the right of my blog as of now. Well, currently, you guys seem to be wanting games and competitions.


Write the rest of the song!!! I'll post up all your lyrics on here in the next post!!!! :D



D I B S Y said...

no ones commenting... :(

Anonymous said...

is this supposed to sound like, i was a boy by ciara? and i can't think of lyrics... i feel lame becuz, i'm somewhat a poet.

Anonymous said...

by the way, it's vLo.

Anonymous said...

ohh! i didn't see that thing that ur wrote about it sounding like beyonce.. never mind.... heres some lyrics that i just thought of...

if i were a kid
I could hang out with boys
in my little old tree house
playing board games every once in a while...

that's all i have ferr now...

D I B S Y said...

oh hey vlo!!! XD (finally, someone commented!) ya dat one is ok! :)