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Saturday, October 31, 2009

But tramps like us, baby we were born to run.

~The highways jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive
Everybody's out on the run tonight but there's no place left to hide~


Friday, October 30, 2009

Dibsy? Who's that? Oh, no one special. She died a long time ago for being stupid.

Hullo. I've been bloggy dead for about two weeks, and seriously...I've missed you guys!!! :(

Crap...I've been so behind...ugghhgghghghghghghhhhhhhhh!!! >.<

-hugs- :(

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My longest first post that actually lives up to the blog's name :]

My blog is called the Utmost Uncensored Life of Dibsy. LIFE. :] So this post will actually be the longest, and possibly FIRST post that actually lives up to its duty.


Heeeereeeee weeeee goooo!!!

Oct. 5

I hate middle school. I miss the nice teachers, my straight 4's, my knowing of people and them vice versa.

I finally met Jose, and not the Filipino Jose or the black Jose (I think? Maybe he's just tan) Bianca used to like. (Bianca is one of my new friends) Mexican Jose, the one from myspace, brother of Mexican Luis, not Salvadoran Luis. Jose and Luis.

Anyways, he seems really nice, even in real life. Like when Filipino Jose scared me, making me drop my pencils, he bent down and helped pick them up. I'm worried that when I said, "You're a butt, Jose" he thought I was calling him that, even though I was talking to Filipino Jose.

FROM NOW ON!!! Mexican Jose is MJ, Filipino Jose is FJ, and black Jose is BJ. I have now made my life easier. (And then I drew a picture of FJ and an arrow pointing to his hair saying he had a bad haircut)

UGH. I hate writing like this. I miss my computer.

OH! Podcasting club today. Jason is treasurer. I didn't vote for him, I voted for Mario, but I don't care because I love Jason more than Mario anyways.

Oct. 7.

Bianca says BJ is actually a Mexican. So I have MJ and MJ and FJ. And FJ doesn't wanna be called FJ. (I drew a picture of him with a thumbs down and a sign saying JOSE PECZON DOES NOT APPROVE) I'd call him JP, but there's already a JP here. (And, you know...) I'd also call MJ JR, for Jose Ruiz, but I know too many JR's already.

It seems everyone is working to make my life difficult.

I won a cookie from Subway. I found it on a mint container. It expires 10/18. Of course, my mo will not drive me to Subway. What if I'm the one millionth winner and obtain $1000? This is my mother's fault.

MJ2 (originally BJ) lets me hug him. Bianca says I'm the only one she's seen him hug, and that it's sort of an accomplishment. I feel special.

Jason wrote Jason XOXO on my binder with my pencil. He drew a big heart around his name and a funny little person, and told Lucha that I liked him, and we started laughing. I wish I did. I know he means nothing by it but it still seems strange and sweet at the same time. Oh vells. Yay.

Ryan still looks like he wears eyeliner and like he's on something. He's probably overdosing on caffeine, he's always vibrating and sleeping. HM. I think he'd be VERY VERY VERY pretty as a girl. Hmmm... (draws picture of Ryan, Ryan trembling, and Ryan as a girl)

Journalism tomorrow. I doubt my appearance. :(

(fast forward, but still on the same page)

Oct. 9

Chastine Insigne wants me to draw her. (insert picture of Chastine here) <----there

Oct. 8

MJ2 turns out to be a MexiAsian. Strange, he doesn't look it. But now I can call him teh MexiAsian...

I am, once again, thoroughly depressed and suicidal, as once again, I got a crap grade. On my journal (apparently I'm not organized enough) and my flow map (F, but I hardly even use flow maps)

I HATE MIDDLE SCHOOL. I miss Steppy D. Yvette. Leah. Julia. Urbandictionary and, even. Shugofa. Levi. EVERYONE.

ALSO! FJ/JP/Peczon is absent today. HUM. Though Narek Kesishyan (or something) and Yra are finally here. Narek has nice eyes when he takes off his glasses, I want them. They're big and brown and he has long eyelashes. It's a weird contrast with his moustache, though it suits his shortness. (draws Narek)

Carmen, or Karmen, but probably Carmen, from my art class and who's in sixth grade, thinks me and Jason are related. Or that we like each other. I'm not into incest.

Oct. 9

I have actually brought this to school. Now I'm imagining myself as that girl from the Princess Diaries, Mia or something. Even though I do not have a Michael in my life, though I do have a JP, but I don't think he's some user who smelled like dry cleaner fluid. I have not seen him use people like tissues yet, and he smells like baby powder, even though he doesn't anymore. (What happened?)

I got an F on my math test. Jason corrected it. 15.5 out of 34...! The only one who got an F... (Jason got a D) Lucha and Jason tried to comfort me, but it just made me more sad.

Anyways, I cried and I sobbed HARD all the way to P.E. Levi did not help, he gathered everyone around and was all like, "Everyone, say goodbye to Toby." (Because I told Lucha and Jason that my parents were thinking of transferring me to an easier school if I kept getting bad grades)

I do not know how he already knew what I said, but I think Jason told him in the locker rooms, which I thought was weird because I always imagined boys in the locker room changing as fast as they can before leaving.

Well, now I know. MY expression was all wrinkled and scrunched up and wet and sweaty and salty with tears of depression and misery, and Levi did not help!!!!! >:(

Anyways, Jason told him that that was mean, and he was just going to make me cry more, which I was VERY thankful for. By the time I had to do my curl ups test in PE, I had pretty much calmed down and wasn't crying anymore. I passed, 21 curl ups. (21 curl ups was when they stopped the radio)

Art was pretty boring, as all we did was make bookmarks for Drug Free Is The KEy. I wish they didn't place the keys there already, because it was very hard to work with them, especially the one where the key took the place.

It limited my creativity. Carmen was in a bad mood, too, so we didn't get to talk much, either.

Science was pretty boring, also. We have a test AND a prompt on Monday. I pray to God-PLEASE LET ME START GETTING GOOD GRADES!!! Amen. v.v

Adv. Eng. was sort of amusin, even though PecPec (Jose Peczon) was absent again. I suspect murder and foul play, but most of all I suspect Chastine. (It's obvious she thinks he's annoying...)

Mrs. Mazur wanted to know why I didn't show up for Journalism, because I was the only one with an idea.

I let Yra write in here, simply because the things I write here are secrets, and they're not really secrets, they're just my life. And I miss Steph D, who's always reading about my life.

But she didn't, and I'm disappointed. :/

Then I walked to Delia's house (my x neighbor) with Nobo and Jazmin and such. Sammy dyed her hair, now it's purplish.

I loitered there for a while before going back to Cerritos (:D) where I was hit with nostalgia, where I was reunited with that fact that I really miss being in elementary school. (Crystal Maravilla was there for a little while too for her nephew)

I loitered there for a while, too, before seeing Jappu. (JP) He and Jessica were selling chocolate. I bought a caramel from Jessica)

Then slowly, everyone else started to come, too-Nobo, Sammy, Chris G. James Sais, I was talking with them until I turned around and I saw...CARLOS!!!

I screamed and hugged him really, really hard. :D (As in hug, threw myself up, he's tall now)

Anyways, I had to leave soon, and then my dad came, and I told him about my F, I cried and I screamed a lot, and the rest of the day consisted of my studying, though me and my brother and my dad played table tennis at Highland Park and ate from Jolibee.

I rate this day a 7 out of 10... :)


Jose is soooosooooo nice!!! (MJ) :D Here's our convo while we were standing in line:

"What do you have after this?" -Jose
" science. :D" Me
" it advanced?" -J
" don't think so..." -M
"Oh, cuz you're really smart..." -J

And that made me really smile, inside and out. I wish I could have said more than a simple, "Thanks." :)

We had school on Friday even though it was Columbus Day. >.> I guess people decided to stop and think,

"Oh, what did Columbus do, anyways?"
"Oh, he discovered America."
"Didn't people already know America? Didn't the Indians knew where they lived? Didn't Columbus capture Indians and brought them back to Europe, like souvenirs?"
"That's right-COLUMBUS DIDN'T DO SHI-"

Excuse me. V.V


And believe me, this week is much more interesting than the last!!! :o Because...ummm...WE'RE REINTRODUCING A FAMILIAR CHARACTER, OF WHOM YOU HAVE PROBABLY FORGOTTEN AND THINK IS NO LONGER A PART OF MY LIFE!!! (Wowz, it's like I'm writing a story...)

Oct. 12

WHEW! Busy, busy day today. First off, Mrs. Van Fleet (Mrs. VF) assigned us all Unit Covers for Islam, and I don't have a printer (you have to print the unit cover) so I stayed most of my snack giving birth to/printing my cover.

Then, I realized I forgot my PE clothes, so I had to run a mile in my regular clothing. Skinny jeans were not made to run with. My time was low-low-low-12:13. Sigh...

I had art next. Because I planned to go to the Spelling Bee (middle school spelling bee, I'm planning on dominating it again this year :D) at lunch, which was the same time I was to go to ABCD (this drug prevention club) I asked for the application in advance (you go to a drug prevention camp thing and make an animation with an animation studio about drug prevention) I probably missed some things, but I think it was worth it.

Spelling bee. I checked room 4202 (where it supposedy was) in advance so I wouldn't get lost. The door was closed and no one was there. "Strange," I thought.

Then I went to the lunch area and started asking people if they were going to the Spelling Bee. I didn't want to go alone. :(

I asked James Capistrano (Jamz/ Peanut Butter /Cappuchino) if he was going, and he said no, though he told me I should ask JP. (whom I call Jappu, because I love nicknames) Jappu didn't know there was a spelling bee thing today, but he agreed, anyways.

We ran to 4202 and by that time I was sweating and breathing heavily. Still, the door was closed and no one was there. "?" was my thought.

Then this teacher, who's room was next to 4202, asked us what we wanted, and I said we were waiting for the Spelling Bee thing.

She told us it was actually in room 3202, 4202 was the room of my podcasting club, which is afterschool.

Jappu laughed at me, and I felt stupid. Cry... (insert sketch of my sulking and Jappu laughing at me with his pizza, because I got him out of lunch while he was eating)

So we ran to 3202, which luckily, Jappu knew.

As we came in, it turns out a few people were already there, and the teacher was this guy named Mr. Watkins.

He seemed pretty straight-forward, saying things like, "If you're not a natural speller, you might as well leave." and other things that miffed me.

When we came in, he asked us what teacher suggested us to come into the Spelling Bee. Jappu and I freeze. WAS a teacher supposed to suggest us? I thought frantically.

"" I murmur, my head down.

"Oh, so you came all by yourself then. Go take a seat. You're late." I felt relieved, and me and Jappu sat next to each other. I noticed that everyone else had papers, and we did not, and Mr. W didn't give us it.

He was, as I said, straight forward. He said we'd be in teams of 4, and only the top 4 would compete in the District. (Erg. I hate teams. What if one of us get it wrong? Then we all lose!) Then he started throwing words at us to spell.


"C-U-B-I-C-L-E." JP spells.

Mr. W doesn't seem impressed. But here's thing thing-

everyone else got it wrong!!! It was weird...but then, it was my turn...


"Hm?" I leaned forward.


"Ohhhh. I-M-P-E-R-A-T-I-V-E."

"...that's correct." NOW he seems impressed

Then the whole class seemed silent, and everyone was looking at me. What? I think. It's not a big deal...but I guess, if everyone else gets it wrong except for me and Jappu it is, but Jappu got it right and everyone was all like blah...

From then on, whenever someone spelled something wrong, the teacher threw the word at me. And let me tell you-I had to spell a lot of words. >.< style="text-decoration: underline; font-style: italic;">2

'What about JP'? I think. Both me and Jappu realized then-he didn't notice.

WTF???? JP whispered to me. I agreed.

Then this eighth grader, coming from ABCD (Ha! He's LATE! And I'M not, because I thought ahead!!!) got them right, too.

"Only 3???? These are easy words, people, easy words. The rest of you guys might as well QUIT."

WTF???????????????????????????? JP's reaction had not changed, because he got the word right and the teacher!!!! did not acknowledge it. >.< style="background: transparent none repeat scroll 0% 0%; cursor: pointer; -moz-background-clip: -moz-initial; -moz-background-origin: -moz-initial; -moz-background-inline-policy: -moz-initial;" class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1255798052_6">Spelling Bee Words List, the paper everyone else got except us. I made sure to say my thanks to JP, of course. (The list was the exact ones we got in the District!!!)

After everyone left, I lingered.

"So, it's every Monday, lunch?"


I turned around to leave before stopping to add something.

"Oh! Um, it was four people."

"Excuse me?"

"4 people spelled it right. The guy next to me..." I gestured to JP's seat. "He got it right. Cubicle."

"Oh. And his name..."

"JP. John Paul. 7th Grade. We were...we were both at the GUSD District Spelling Bee thing. So..."

"OK...I'll be looking out for him too, I guess."

"Thank you." I turned around and left.

I may not like JP anymore, but that doesn't stop me from doing my random acts of kindness. :D It's like my giving random people cookies, except this time, I actually owed JP...I mean, he said it himself as were walking to 3202, "I don't feel like spelling in front of thousands of people..."


Podcasting. In other words, filming. At 4202, Mr. Wolcott. A jolly, balding man with cherub feautures.

We were to rarely have meetings, but we had one today to get in groups. In our groups, we would design a script, film, and schedule our work time.

Jason was probably in a full group already. (At least 5 people) I didn't even try him.

Halloween Dance coming up. I'm planning on coming, as you knoq. Mr. W2 wants volunteers to paint a backdrop and people to photograph people at the dance.

I signed up to paint the backdrop. The secretary of podcasting is this girl who looks Korean named Erika, who I mostly know from this girl named Vanessa and Sandy. I barely know

Vanessa, but she was in a lot of my classes. Sandy used to sit behind me in World History.

Finding this a chance to make new friends, (isn't that what clubs are for? hanging out with jason all the time can get dull...) I asked if all three of them were joining up and if they were, if they were full. They were, and they had 4 ppl.

I asked them if I could join, and they said sure. :] We don't have any ideas yet, but I'm pretty happy as we are. (Our first filmabob is 10/19, Monday lunch. Unfortunately, I can't attend, which you can probably guess why.)

Also, Carlos called!!! YESNESS!!!

Then when I went home, I studied. That is all. >.>

Oct. 13

If all the planets alligned into one:

  • MONDAY: lunch, Spelling Bee w/Jappu and Podcasting w/Erika, Vanessa, Sandy (???)
  • TUES: Guitar w/Sarah, Renee, Jesse, Jose Ruiz, Yves, etc.
  • WED: Tutoring
  • THURS: Journalism w/Nobo/Chantal, even though they're thinking of quitting (!!!)

Not to mention ABCD, which Ryan and Nobo are going to, also.

Speaking of the Spelling Bee (SB) JP's thinking about quitting. :( I told him the angelic, selfless thing I did, and after more persistence (i.e.-shared my food) he finally agreed.


It was raining today. I love the rain, even though rain is just the sky crying. Think about it-the cloud holds it all in, but when it's too heavy, it cries.

I have officially joined ABCD, btw!! It's like a drug prevention thing where you go to some camp and learn about drugs and go in contact with this animation studio and make a cartoon all about drug prevention.

I already have some ideas for a cartoon from my book makr. :]

I also got my progress report today. I had to go to the office because they sent it to the wrong address, and there was a line of other people with the same predicament.

My was report was ok...I guess... >.>

Afterschool, I noticed something strange. My dad hadn't picked me up. I called him, and he wouldn't answer.

A few minutes later, he called and it turns out he just woke up. My heart sank. It's about a 15min drive from my house to my school, and, as I said before, the weather...wasn't satisfactory...

My first thought was to go to the office. But what about my little bro? Jordan has already been waiting 15 minutes. (CES ends 15min before RMS)

I didn't know the route. Suddenly, FLASHBACK!!!

I was little. It was back in the day before I met you. I was in a bus. The driver was a black, dread locked man in big sunglasses.

We were driving to CES. I was really outspoken back then, having a convo with the bus driver. I was watching the road, yelling out familiar places to my school.

The man joked around, and eventually we went to my school. My mind focused on the road.

A street...where people...lots of companies...sold cars.

By that time, I had walked to the end of my block, and I looked in front of me. Here's the thing-IT WAS THE SAME STREET I WAS IMAGINING.

I told my dad briefly that I was picking up Jordan. And I set off, as if I knew my route all this time. (Along with my huge backpack, that's so big it looks like I'm going to topple over D:)

It was a simple one-just walk straight across. MY backpack was chafing my shoulders.

It was a long, lonely walk (possibly 2 miles) but in about 15 minutes (WOOT) and by the time I was about to cross the street to CES, I saw my dad's car pull up.

I ran across the street and picked up Jordan. As an apology, my dad brought us to Chow Chicken at the mall, where I bought shampoo/conditioner.

After that, I studied and did my homework for practically the whole day. By the time I was able to write this, it was 9pm. I had to beg my dad to finish writing this.

Oct. 14

Tutoring afterschool. It was with Teo, Cesar, and Aleksei.

I'm gonna leave it to you what happened.

This basically sums up two weeks of my life. xD


Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Fall of The Dibsian Empire?

I got a B on my world history class. :(

And because of this, my dad has cut internet from me on weekdays.

So I can only go online on weekends. :(




Anyways, just to keep my comment feed's the game:

  • Comment on this post, using only three words, following the commentor above that one game we once played!!! :D