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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thees liar says he ees a liar. Ees he a liar??

I had nothing to say so I just said that because I am strange and couldn't think for something more interesting. :X

I don't really have much to say. I could do more quizzes and post them on here, but I did that last post, and I don't want it to seem as if I ran out of material. Because believe it or not, dibbiness does too have a limit, like all good, tasty things.

I guess I'll just have to talk about my life, which isn't that dibby, but semi-interesting, none-the-less.

Because I am a nerd and trying to be a red mythological bird which I am *supposedly* pronouncing incorrectly (Phoenix-is that pronounced foh-nixx or is it pronounced fee-nix??) I'm just decided to increase my chance of getting into an Ivy League school, even though I'm 12 and people say I shouldn't worry about my future.

Anyways, I got a book at my library (Latin for Dummies, if you must know. They have those yellow books for dummies everywhere. Other than my goal to have my own Wikipedia page, I also want to have my own Dibby for Dummies book. :P) and am trying to individually learn it on my own.

I'm trying to make room for it at night because people say you remember most of what you study at night. But my hair's falling out, so I'm trying to break that habit of sleeping so late in the night.

Hum. Reading back, I AM pretty boring without my usual spazzes...



Five random things about me:

1. I once joined karate (last year) for the very first time. I had to fight little 6 year olds. I hope BILLY should know that I went easy on him because I didn't wanna look like I was a CHILD ABUSER!!! >:(

2. For most of my fifth grade, my head was covered around my face with a pirate hankerchief from Knotts Berry Farm. (Like what those Indian people do to their faces, except I had two-one blindfolding my eyes and one binding my mouth.)

3. When I was a small, small child (which isn't really that far) I used to make up random words and say they were Spanish. Like, 'huhblehblehbleh' means car. :D I still do this, btw. (Except in Japanese, in which my Latino/El Salvadoran/Hispanic amigo/amigas cannot understand.)

4. Rasvan pupu söi kilpikonnia päivälliselle. <---Finnish. Just went to Google Translate just to say that. xD (I said, "The fat bunny ate turtles for dinner." Instead it says, "Grease bunny ate turtles for dinner.")

5.Quite recently, I've grown a fear of my nice smelling room.

That's all I have to say for now. xD


katie said...

I've always wanted to take up karate, but sports don't ever go well when I'm involved. The only thing I'm not terrible at is windsurfing, but I can only do that under certain weather conditions and it takes an age to set the board up.

Thankyou for your comments! The language (if you are referring to the post titles, my blog title, and the 'murmure' in the sidebar) is French. I've been learning it for four years, but don't speak it fluently.


Dibsy said...

Me either. >.< i'm such a wimp hehe.

You're welcome. :D

Rose Mary said...

so bad at sports. good luck with your book and wiki page.

Dibsy said...


me 2 >.<

katie said...

sorry! i got you confused with someone else when i said about the french thing. i'm so embarassed!

Dibsy said...

Lol. xD I didn't really know who you were so I just went with the flow haha. xD

c said...

karate looks so cool! but i never got the chance to learn anything. i always wanted to say that i had a black belt (if someone tried to mess with me)

Aly K. said...

You are an epic person, Dibsy, no matter what you say. You are always dibby. :) And interesting. And humorous. I always enjoy your writing and blogs. LYLAS! :)