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Sunday, June 21, 2009


Bleh. I changed my mind about explaining. I'm too lazy. And besides, I don't want to relive all those tears and regret, and such. :(

But anyways, I'm in a random mood after going back to my older posts, just for a trip down memory lane!!!

Oh, and I forgot to wear my shoes at school. ^.^" LUCKILY my friend had an extra pair of shoes!!! w00t!!! But she's like 3 sizes smaller, so it wasn't very comfortable... :(

Oh, and there was some sort of plumbing problem in our upstairs bathroom, so whatever bodily functions you did to the toilet went back into the toilet under us from the vent above the first floor. ^^" (Falling pee, to sum it up. From the sky. It was like yellow raining havoc, or something.)

Oh, and for grad, I tried putting on fake nails, but I put too much and cut my long beautiful nails and ended up ruining them. :(

Oh, and we had a field trip to Knotts Berry Farm, and I went to my first ever rollar coaster!!! *__* I don't know what I was afraid of, it was so great!!!

Also, I won 3 awards!!! Top Banana award, (like valedictorian, except you get a stuffed monkey also!!!) Academic of the Year Award, and this other one which I forgot!!!

Annnnd, the teachers had to serve us breakfast!!! :D Pancakes and sausage and orange juice!!! The only thing that would have made it better was if they were in maid costumes!!!

We had to go to a concert, too. The House of Blues. I was sleepy, so I didn't applaud, so I got in trouble for not showing my appreciation. >.<

We also had a volleyball match against the teachers, which we unfortunately lost. :(

Then the whole six grade went to the park, which is one of those wet parks where you can get wet in!!! It was fun, and my teacher's parents came with !!! :) We also had pizza and popsicles, but my pizza flew off because of the wind. :( -and we couldn't have seconds, so i was pizzaless-

Oh, and then,

I GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It felt great and sad at the same time. I've been at my school for 7 years, and I'm moving away. :( I'm going to miss them and I hope they'll keep in touch. (Myyyyyyspaaaaaace!!!)

I wish I could have relived it, though. I cried more than I laughed, and I still haven't tied the knots in most of my problems there. Instead of the dress I showed C, I wore this white dress like Marilyn Monroe. Hehe. NOW I know what I'm gonna be for Graduation. I have a blond wig.

Anyways, school is great, I'll miss it, grad was depressing, but I won't forget it, either. :(


Rose Mary said...


Dibsy said...


Emerald said...

I PWOMISE!!!!!!!!

Dibsy said...

woo!!!! thank yous i missed you 2!!! :) and i believe your promise!!! >.< -hug-

forever.yours said...

yay yay yay yay yay =]
I don't get any sort of official graduation ceremony until I leave high school =[ waaaaaaaa

Manga Dork said...

Sounds like you had a awesome day!
Would hate to not remember to wear shoes!
Haapy gradulations!!

Dibsy said...

Me either...going to high school n I'm only in 7th grade... :(

Yeah! Thanks MD!!! xD

Cruz said...

Girl how the muff do you forget to wear shoes?! LOL aww lubs and miss you *hugglfies*

Aly K. said...


Yay for graduation! I'm sorry about that sad stuff, but happy for the happy stuff. :) <3 You are wonderfully dibby, Dibs. :)

Dibsy said...

Cruz!!! :D I don't know how the muff I forgot my shoes, but I DO remember crying to my teacher about them. =.=

-hugs back- Awww, thankyous Aly!!! you're dibby too!!! xD

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