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Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm possibly the most cold-hearted carnivore in the world.

Yes. It's true. I watched Meat Your Meat on Youtube. The whole thing. Didn't chicken out. 13 whole minutes of animal abuse.

And I'm possibly the only person that came out of that video alive and still didn't decide to change my carnivorous ways.

Don't take it hard, I felt sorry for those animals. They didn't DESERVE that kind of abuse. And of course, I going to have nightmares about the last scene where the pig's blood is all spurting out and the man just leaves him.

But still... o.o I'm depressed now. I might be now for the whole day. It wasn't as violent as I expected, though. Not that I wanted it too. When Levi and C watched it I tried watching it but the dark lighting scared me off.

But yesterday I watched it. The whole thing. It scared me a little. :(

Now I'm sad...


Because no one else has actually decided to look by themselves, i'm going to post post secret postcards:



comehome postsecret

iphone postsecret







White Forest said...

wow..... thats

(i came out alive too. everytime i eat bacon i smile first and say "i love you babe/wilbur")

Alexandria said...

wow. I have yet to watch that and i dont think i want to. and those postcards remind me of the ones in the Dirty Little Secret Music Video.

Dibsy said...

White Forest: Lol Babe/Wilbur xD
Alexandria: Dirty Little Secret used post secret postcards in the music video. ^^

Tara said...

I had to watch a bunch of videos like that on PETA's website for a paper I had to write about them last semester. They were really hard to watch. I felt awful for those poor animals. But I still haven't given up meat either, so don't feel too bad. I would never wear real fur though, but I was like that even before I saw those videos.

By the way, I gave you some ideas for decorating your room if you're still interested. It's under the comments of the "Trendy Tribes" post.

Dibsy said...

OOoh, thanks! -goes off-

Ahhh. That's sad. :( People should show some heart. <3

Cuppy said...

I'm pretty sure i would barf if i saw any videos on animal abuse. or burst into tears. even when i wasn't veg i was like that, though. I have such a soft heart...

Anonymous said...

That's just sad. I was reading your postcards and I was thinking... people in this world are just screwed up...

Dibsy said...

-sniff- shame i don' heart is too small, cuppy... (<--heartless carnivore)


c said...

that video is messed up. actually it's very real and truthful. the way they treat those animals is messed up. but i can't help that i like my chicken.

in one of those pictures i saw the name of my dog... i miss her so much.

keep on keeping on

Cursed♪♫ said...

Post your poems :P

Dibsy said...

um thanks, i will. :D but actually that wasn't one of those official mainstream slaughterhouses, they're not that violent. :O

>.< nu i will not! (or maybe lol)

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